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RAWr Night Nappy Pack Demonstration

Added on 08 July 2016 in Darlings Downunder, RAWr Nappies

We've been stocking the RAWr Night Nappy Pack for over three years now. It's an important part of the range we offer customers. And we love that RAWr Nappies is an awesome Tasmanian business with passion for ethical and sustainable manufacture.


When we chose to add this cloth nappy at Darlings Downunder, we were looking for something very specific to meet requests we had from our customers:

A built-in waterproof layer

While we love fitted cloth nappies and covers for nights, plenty of you told us you'd prefer a reusable night nappy with a built in waterproof layer. You didn't want extra covers or have to buy anything else at the same time.

Fits larger sizes

You kept telling us that there was a gap for older or larger kids who had grown out of regular sized cloth nappies (most of which fit up to about 16-18kg), but were not ready for a toilet training/bedwetting option. The XL size of the RAWr Night Nappy fits well over 20kg, fitting many preschoolers.

Medium (Crawler/Toddler): approximately 6kg – 14kg
Large (Toddler/Walker): approximately 11kg – 20kg
Extra Large (Junior/Pre-schooler): approximately 15kg+


RAWr nappies aren't just night nappies. The RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack is a nappy that can be used during the day, with nighttime boosting that turns a great day nappy into a super absorbent night nappy. It comes with some built in absorbency, a trifold bamboo insert, and an additional bamboo booster. While all of these work well as night, remove the trifold or the booster, and you have a trim, easy to use nappy for day time too!

The separate booster also makes it easy to add extra absorbency right where you need it - including at the front for boys or tummy sleepers.

A natural fibre inner

There's two main reasons for preferring a natural fibre inner for a night nappy. First of all, night wees can be really large and very fast, and a stay dry layer can sometimes slow down absorption leading to leaks as the wee forces itself out. Secondly, for those children who have sensitivities to synthetic fabrics or eczema (especially when the one nappy is worn overnight) a natural fabric is gentler on their skin.

The fact the RAWr Night Nappies have bamboo/cotton velour as the inner layer rather than a synthetic staydry fabric can concern some parents as it seems like it would feel wet against the skin. But because the bamboo velour absorbs quickly and has a soft nap, it doesn't tend to hold the moisture against baby’s skin like cotton or bamboo fleece would. In fact the moisture is drawn quickly through the velour to the absorbent layers underneath.


If any of these reasons resonate with you, take a closer look at this fabulous night nappy:



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