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2012 Cloth Nappy Awards

Added on 13 February 2013 in Baby Beehinds, Bumboo, BumCheeks, BumGenius, Bummis, Close, Cloth Nappy Awards, Cushie Tushies, Green Kids, GroVia, Monkey Doodlez, Rarpz, Sweet Pea, Thirsties, Tots Bots   |   0 comments

The 2012 Australian  Cloth Nappy Awards have just finished, the results have been announced and we are very proud that so many of the brands we stock have done so well. The Australian cloth nappy industry is booming and the Cloth Nappy Awards have showcased just what is available in cloth nappies nowadays. Over 3,000 votes were cast in these awards, which is a huge number of people letting others know their favourite nappies.We are thrilled that so many of our brands have done well in the A... READ MORE

Rarpz Characters 'Star Gazer' Giveaway!

Added on 05 December 2012 in Giveaways & competitions, Rarpz   |   34 comments

Would you like to win a Glow in the Dark nappy? It would certainly brighten up those nighttime changes!Thanks to Rarpz Designs we have a Rarpz Design 'Star Gazer' nappy here to give away!The Rarpz Designs Characters nappies are gorgeous nappies with bright prints and luscious minky combining to made truly special nappies. The designs are limited and are never available for long. A pocket nappy with a thirsty bamboo/microfibre trifold insert, this has become a firm favourite around here.To enter,... READ MORE

NEW: Rarpz Designs Characters Nappies

Added on 31 August 2012 in New arrivals, Rarpz   |   0 comments

Introducing Rarpz Characters nappies from Rarpz Designs!Rarpz Designs is a business run by Emma in Tauranga, New Zealand and she's been making nappies since 2005. The Limited Edition 'Characters' nappies are her most recent release and they're proving very popular. I mean, just LOOK at them!        We've tested the Rarpz nappies ourselves and have been very impressed. Soft, absorbent with a great fit.Having the designer cotton print only on the top half of the nappies (i... READ MORE