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Pea Pods Onesize Nappy - New Prints

Added on 18 December 2013 in Pea Pods

Pea Pods have released five new colours/prints in their Onesize Nappy!

The really cool thing about this nappy is how it adjusts to fit from birth to toilet training.

Have a look inside the pocket and you'll see that you can access the leg elastic and that it adjusts JUST LIKE A BRA STRAP! This means you can make the leg elastic as long or short as you need to fit your baby's legs. There are handy markings on the elastic too, to help you set them evenly (or not, depending on your little one's legs!).

Once the leg elastic is set, you only need to adjust the leg elastic as your baby grows - it doesn't come undone in the wash. Very cool!

The Pea Pods One Size Nappy is versatile in other ways - it can be used as either a pocket nappy (if you slide the bamboo insert into the sleeve pocket), or as an All-in-2 snapped into the back. The trifold bamboo insert has a stay dry fleece layer on one side, so you can have bamboo fabric or stay dry fabric against your babies skin.

 All in all, a great flexible nappy system for the budget conscious at $19.95 (or buy a package and save)


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