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12 Fluffy Days of Christmas Giveaway - Pea Pods Trial Pack

Added on 02 December 2015 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions, Pea Pods   |   35 comments

It's the second day of our 12 Fluffy Days of Christmas celebration! And today's prize is a Pea Pods Trial Pack containing a Pea Pods One Size Nappy, a Night Booster, a roll of biodegradable Liners, and a Wetbag. Pea Pods One Size Cloth Nappies adjust to fit from birth to toilet training in a way you may not have seen before - adjustable elastic. Here's a closer look: To enter our giveaway, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven’t already), then leave a comment below letting ... READ MORE

Award Winning Pea Pods One Size Nappy

Added on 12 August 2014 in Pea Pods   |   0 comments

Pea Pods' One Size Nappy recently won the Favourite Reusable Nappy Category in the My Child 2014 Excellence Awards! This is a really adaptable nappy at a budget price point, so we can see why they've become so popular since they launched in 2012. The coolest thing about this nappy is how it adapts to fit from birth to toilet training. These nappies are so simple to use‚ you'd never guess there is an ingenious adjustment system hidden neatly inside the nappy. You adjust the leg elastic JUST... READ MORE

Pea Pods Onesize Nappy - New Prints

Added on 18 December 2013 in Pea Pods   |   0 comments

Pea Pods have released five new colours/prints in their Onesize Nappy! The really cool thing about this nappy is how it adjusts to fit from birth to toilet training. Have a look inside the pocket and you'll see that you can access the leg elastic and that it adjusts JUST LIKE A BRA STRAP! This means you can make the leg elastic as long or short as you need to fit your baby's legs. There are handy markings on the elastic too, to help you set them evenly (or not, depending on your little one's le... READ MORE

Biodegradable Wet Wipes from Pea Pods

Added on 26 September 2013 in Cloth nappy accessories, New arrivals, Pea Pods   |   0 comments

100% biodegradable and flushable Wet Wipes from Pea Pods have arrived at Darlings Downunder. Pea Pods Wet Wipes are made from 100% bamboo fibres and are free from alcohol, parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates. They are also compostable and flushable - this has been tested and confirmed by CSIRO laboratory tests. Now we definitely think that cloth wipes are the most sustainable and effective way to clean little bottoms/hands/everything (with Pea Bods Bamboo Reusable Wipes one of the options we ... READ MORE