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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day

Added on 29 February 2012 in Darlings Downunder, Nappy charity

Today is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day - or Teal Ribbon Day. In remembrance of our Grandma Anna and Fiona's mother-in-law, Helen, Darlings Downunder will be making a donation on behalf of every person who places an order today to Ovarian Cancer Australia of 10% of their purchase.

Ovarian cancer has been called a silent killer as many woman are unaware they have it until it's spread. But there ARE signs and symptoms and we all need to be aware of them, so they are not ignored or dismissed.
The four most common symptoms of ovarian cancer are:
- Abdominal or pelvic pain.
- Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating.
- Needing to urinate often or urgently.
- Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly.

Listen to your body and don't be tempted to put worrying symptoms down to menopause, age, stress or a busy life. Have any symptoms that are new, persistent or not quite right for you checked out by your doctor. For more information: Ovarian Cancer Symptoms 

Ovarian Cancer Australia’s vision is to ensure that every Australian woman knows the symptoms of ovarian cancer and everyone affected by ovarian cancer feels personally supported and has access to and information about the best treatment and research.
Ovarian Cancer Australia’s mission is to:
- Support women with ovarian cancer, their families, friends and carers with compassionate support programs and practical resources.
- Educate communities and individuals about the disease and increase their awareness of symptoms and the latest treatment, research and clinical trials from across Australia.
- Advocate to improve outcomes, treatment and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer.
- Fund innovative and world leading ovarian cancer research.

You can add a teal ribbon to your Facebook profile picture.
Make a donation to Ovarian Cancer Australia.


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