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Night Nappy Specials!

Added on 20 September 2011 in Baby Beehinds, Sales & Promotions

We're focussing on cloth nappying at night this week, and to start us off, today we have 15% OFF some of our most popular night nappies, plus one of our new brands.
Baby Beehinds Night Nappies come in three sizes for a precise fit. They're made from bamboo fleece, (with up to 23 layers of bamboo fleece in the wetzone) with an outer layer of organic cotton velour and an inner staydry layer of microfleece. They are side snapping nappies, and the waist and leg settings can be fastened independantly for a great fit. It's a fitted nappy, so needs a cover to be waterproof.

Mandy Mac Purple Nights is a very popular night nappy. Its made from 60% Bamboo 40% Cotton so it is the perfect balance between absorbency and durability. When all the included boosters are used, there are 22 layers of bamboo in this nappy. As a onesize nappy, it's designed to fit from 5 - 25kg. It fastens with a Snappi for super adjustability and requires a cover. Here's a video of Amanda from Mandy Mac demonstrating the Mandy Mac Purple Nights nappy.
Lollidoo's Lolliduo Eco-Fleece can be used as a cover over a fitted nappy or a pocket nappy (inserts sold separately or use what you have). The adjustable leg elastic makes this nappy one size fitting from 4kg up. The high performance fleece is a great fabric for overnight due to its breathability, and is actually manufactured from recycled PET water bottles. Not that you'd know it, because this fleece is beautifully soft, wicking moisture away from the baby and evaporating it, while remaining water resistant. You can choose hook & look (velcro) or stainless steel snap fastening.

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