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Newborn Nappies - Giveaway!

Added on 09 September 2011 in Giveaways & competitions

We're going to be looking at cloth nappying a newborn overthe next few day, and to start our week of Nappying Newborn information andspecials, we've got 15% off Kissaluvs Newborn nappies, both the scrummy littleSize 0 Fleece fitted nappy and the brand new Newborn All-in-One.

We're also going to give one of each of these nappies awayover this weekend!


The Kissaluvs newborn nappy design is well known andrecommended by many parents. Both the Size 0 Fitted and the Newborn AIO havethe same design - low in front which also snaps down to make room for theunbilical cord, but roomy in the seat to catch those explosive runny newbornpoos. They fit from 2.25kg to 6.8kg, so will fit most babies for around 3 months and many will get several more months wear out of them.

The Size 0 Fitted is made of the softest cotton fleece, witha hidden layer of microfibre to boost absorbency. It needs a cover over the topto make it waterproof, but the combination of fitted nappy and cover makes thisalmost bombproof against leaks (especially of the runny poo variety!)

The recently release Newborn AIO from Kissaluvs has supersoft stay dry fleece inside, hidden microfibre absorbency and waterproof breathable PULoutside. It is an easy as cloth nappying a newborn gets.

Comment below letting us know why you'd like to win either aSize 0 Fitted or a Newborn AIO from Kissluvs (letting us know which one you'dchoose!) and we'll announce the winner on Monday 12 September.

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Posted by Jana Howrie on 09 September 2011

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Newborn All-In-One. My 3rd bub is due in 6 weeks and I would love to be able to cloth nappy from day 1. Plus my toddler is still using my one-size AIOs. This nappy looks AWESOME!
Plus being an AIO will make sleepy midnight changes A LOT easier! ;D
Fingers crossed!!!

Posted by Christie Venegas on 09 September 2011

I would love the newborn All-In-One!! Looks like a gorgeous little nappy! My 6 week old will love this :)

Posted by Lisa Theron on 09 September 2011

I would love to give theses a go. I have a daughter who is 13 months and i have just started using cloth nappys. I have a baby due in a few months and would love this prize to be the start of my newborn nappy collection. =)

Posted by petrina chantler on 09 September 2011

I love Kissaluvs newborn fitted nappies and would love another to add to my small stash for the next bub. I'd also love to try the new all-in-one, it looks super simple for the sleep deprived mother!

Posted by Bree on 09 September 2011

I would love to give the aio to my friend who is having a baby. She would love to try mcn!

Posted by Phuong Cooke on 09 September 2011

I would love the Size 0 Fitted. I've just started to use cloth nappies as my darling daughter got a very bad nappy rash. Since using the cloth nappies, everything has been great, but she's due for a growth spurt so I'm sure I'll be needing to buy more soon.

Posted by Shirley Taylor on 09 September 2011

Gosh this is good timing. I am just trying to figure out cloth on a newborn (due dec/jan) and am really excited about starting at once. I just didn't get it with DD till about 4 months. Too much to worry about with a firstborn :). I would love either to add to my fledgling newborn stash


Posted by Janice Smith Gisler on 09 September 2011

i would love to win the newborn fitted to add to my stash for this december baby!! i'm a cloth addict.

Posted by Kate Robson on 09 September 2011

Would love to try the AIO. It would be much handier wih such frequent changes to have an AIO rather than a nappy and a cover.

Posted by Jodie Whillas on 09 September 2011

Would LOVE the Newborn All-in-one. I have used the size 0 fitted and they are wonderful and the only thing I found that contained newborn poop-splotions so would love to try out an AIO version of such a great nappy.

Posted by Bronwen on 09 September 2011

I'd love to try a Newborn AIO. I have a 20 month old daughter and we are trying for a second bubba at the moment. We used terry flats with my daughter when she was a newborn but I'd love to be able the use MCN's right from the start with our second! The newborn nappy looks lovely - nice and soft...and easy to use! Fingers crossed - I love your giveaways!!

Posted by Natalie B on 09 September 2011

I'd love to win the newborn AIO :) We had a couple of sized nappies which were fantastic with a little newborn. Sadly they grow into the one-size-fits all pretty quick though!

chicchick_02 {at} hotmail {dot} com

Posted by Elizabeth on 09 September 2011

My last child (tiny prem) started off in face washers folded in half! I'd love to be able to put this one in a 'proper' newborn nappy.

Posted by rebecca cooper on 09 September 2011

i would really love to win because my 9th child is due any day & would love my daughter to have the comfort of a well styled diaper!!

Posted by Kim on 09 September 2011

I'd love to win a size 0 fitted.
When my second son was born I was told not to have any more and gave away all his baby things in anger (don't worry after he'd finished with them ;))
Well I got a second opinion, and am nearly halfway with my third child. Needless to say after it's sibling were cloth bummed I'm not going to sposies for this one so am slowly building up my NB stash again.

Posted by Bianca on 09 September 2011

I would really love to try one of these (newborn AIO) my daughter is 4 weeks old and I didn't know about newborn size's before she was born. So looking for some to try out and then purchase more! She was born 2.9kg with tiny legs and has been wearing facecloths as the towling are two big :)

Posted by Ellen on 09 September 2011

I would love a newborn AIO. I bought OSFM nappies when I was pregnant as I was told to expect a 10 pound baby however when my daughter was born she was only 7 pound and has really skinny legs- so all the nappies I already bought leak!! I would love to try a newborn to see if they fit her better. It would be much nicer than keeping her in disposables

Posted by Annaliese on 09 September 2011

I would love to try the Kissaluvs fitted! I just found out today that I am pregnant with bub #2 and all my daughter's MCNs only really fit well from 3 months. I'd love to use cloth right from the start this time and I love the idea of soft cotton against bub's skin. Mind you, the features of the AIO make the newborn AIO very, very tempting to try for the convenience factor! Either way, I'd be chuffed! ;)

Posted by Karen Chrostowski on 09 September 2011

I'd love a Kissaluvs Newborn fitted nappy,
Because using cloth just makes me so happy!
With baby number 2 due in 5 weeks time,
A Kissaluvs would be great with it's winning design!
I love the unique snap down front, for umbilical cord,
And it's absorbent and leak-proof - the design can't be flawed,
With adjustable wing snaps to fit from skinny to chubby,
I really hope I get to try one on my newborn bubby!

Posted by Alison on 09 September 2011

I would love to try the newborn AIO. I think the convenience of not having to fiddle around with covers, liners etc. can't be beat when you are a tired mum!

alison.jansen {at} gmail {dot} com

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