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New Tots Bots EasyFit v4 Nappy

Added on 19 June 2014 in New arrivals, Tots Bots

The brand new release from Tots Bots - the Tots Bots EasyFit v4 'Binky' Nappy - has just arrived at Darlings Downunder!

There are some changes between the discontinued v3 and we'll run through them for you.

First, though, here's a closer look at the brand new, All-in-One style Tots Bots EasyFit v4 Nappy:

OK, so what's changed?


It's still the same great design and fit. It remains one of the easiest nappies for people unfamiliar with reusable nappies to use (perfect to babysitters and daycare). It still has an attached 'tail' of absorbency that can be tucked into the pocket, and wrap-around stretch for ultimate comfort and fit. A new addition is a snap in booster that snaps on to the 'tail' (or can just be tucked in the pocket) for additional absorbency. This is great news for those who have heavier wetters. It does mean the nappy is not quite as trim as the previous version when you use the booster.


While the EasyFit v3 was available in both snaps and hook & loop, the v4 or 'Binky' is currently only available in hook & loop for ultimate ease of use and adjustability.


This is where the 'Binky' comes from and is the major change! The v3 had a soft minky/microfibre fabric for the absorbency. This has been replaced with a new fabric blend 'Binky' that strikes the perfect balance between absorbency rate, absorbent capacity and drying time. There are two sides to both the built in absorbency and the snap on booster: one side is made of a lush 50/50 cotton/bamboo terry, and the other made up of 100% micro polyester with a minky finish. This fabric is thicker, as well as more absorbent than the v3 minky, so it's not quite a trim (especially when you add the snap in bosster).


The popular solid colours (red, blue, orange, purple, green & white) remain, but there is also a NEW RANGE of Rhyme Time prints! Here's a closer look:

Try one of these new EasyFit v4 'Binky' nappies today.


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