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New to Darlings: Monk n Bears One Size Nappy

Added on 09 July 2010 in Monk n Bear, New arrivals

Introducing the Monk n Bear Nappy, new to Darlings Downunder.
An affordable Aussie owned brand! Tried, tested and approved by us here at Team Darlings, on our own bubs. This is an All-in-two nappy, with two super absorbent bamboo snap in inserts. We have found this nappy to be really dependable and leak resistant. We really like the clever way you can arrange the inserts to match the size adjustments.
Because it's a All-in-two nappy, if the cover isn't soiled, you can just snap in an extra insert and away you go, saving on cost and washing!! We have extra inserts available for those who want to take advantage of this option. It also comes in a stack of fantastic colours.
We've found it to be a really reliable nappy....let us know what you think!


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