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New Releases from GroVia!

Added on 31 October 2014 in GroVia, New arrivals

Some exciting new releases from GroVia have just arrived at Darlings HQ: NEW colours and a NEW Soaker Pad!

We love these new colours that have been added to the GroVia range. Topaz and Lotus are great bright colours - perfect for summer!



A NEW Soaker Pad

GroVia aren't getting rid of the popular Organic Soaker Pad (5 layers of certified organic cotton) or Stay Dry Soaker Pad (4 layers hemp/cotton topped with microfleece), but this new addition - the No Prep Soaker Pad - meets the demands of customers who are looking for a faster drying option. 

It has the same great design, with encasing elastic along the side and an hourglass shape, but it is made of four layers of thirsty microfibre terry topped with microfleece. They're a little bit cheaper too, with a pack of 2 retailing for $23.50.



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