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New prints in the SoftBums range - and now mix and match your inserts!

Added on 28 December 2013 in New arrivals, SoftBums

SoftBums nappies are the only nappies with Slide2Size adjustable leg elastic, making it possible for their nappies to fit any size baby - including newborns with skinny legs. A tiny unobtrusive toggle means you can adjust the leg elastic - even when the baby is wearing it! SoftBums shells are available in velcro or snap closure - so choose your favourite!

We now have both the the Echo (a pure All-in-2 style) and the Omni (can be used as a pocket, All-in-2 or a cover) shells available individually, so you can choose which insert is right for you and not be restricted by a set shell/insert combo. While otherwise similarly designed, the Omni is wider in the crotch, so is better for night boosting.

Echo ->

Omni below:

There are two styles of inserts (or 'pods') - Bamboo, or 'Dry Touch' (microfibre with a stay dry fleece top) - and they are available in a newborn 'Mini' size up to a 'Super' size for heavier wetting older babies and overnight.

SoftBums regularly bring out highly sought after limited edition prints and we have the latest now in stock - the Omni velcro shell in 'Gnomes' and the Echo velcro shell in 'Fluffy Saurus Rex'.

We also have some great packages to get you going with SoftBums.


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