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New: Close Pop-In Newborn Nappy Pack

Added on 28 March 2014 in Close, New arrivals

Have you seen the Close Pop-In Newborn Nappy Pack?

Yep, it's a pint sized Pop-In nappy!

It's still an All-in-2 style, but there are some other differences (apart from the size) that make this a great newborn nappy.
- The inner of the shell of the Close Newborn Nappy can be wiped clean and reused easily - just replace the soaker.
- A double sided soaker means you can choose which fabric you'd prefer against your baby's skin: 100% soya, known as vegetable cashmere and SO soft, or stay dry suede cloth.
- The front sits below the umbilical cord rather than over it.
- Designed for the lower wetting, high frequency changing those first few weeks bring… with 10 or more changes a day.

These nappies fit 2 to 5.5kg so are perfect for premmies or those of us who have smaller babies. They come in an economical pack which provide 10 nappy changes for $120 so are very good value.

Have a closer look in our demo video:


Posted by New Age Nappies on 18 April 2014

How small is that nappy ! Its just so darn cute !

Posted by Claire Marchland-Johns on 17 May 2014

Pop in nappies are adorable - I definitely want to give them a go. Thank you for sharing!

Posted by Cheeky Bug on 20 May 2014

Pop-in nappies are the new rage. They are great,. Easy to use and easy to clean what more would you want when you have a newborn.

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