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NEW: BumGenius Big Reusable Nappy for Older Children

Added on 05 January 2018 in BumGenius, New arrivals, Toilet training

What do you do if you need a reusable nappy for older children?

January 2021 Update! You can find the Grovia Big ONE Nappy here. This is a great option for older kids now available!!

There aren't a great number of options. Most modern cloth nappies have a weight range up to about 16-18kg depending on the brand. This means while there are some 5 year olds (depending on their size/build) that will fit these, most children will grow out of them some time between 3-4 years, and some children even earlier.


But many children struggle to be dry, often due to special needs or just because they're not developmental ready, and while most parents will use disposable nappies (which are available in increasingly larger sizes as the average age of toilet training also increases), many start investigating reusable options, either to save money or perhaps encourage toilet learning. Reusable toilet training pants will work for many children, but options are limited if you still need a nappy-amount of absorbency.

There are night nappying options for older children - nighttime bedwetting pants are popular for this - but what if your child's situation means you don't want a reusable pullup, but an actual nappy, just... bigger?

If you're familiar with the BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Nappy, the Big is pretty much the same - just bigger! It is a pocket nappy shell - a waterproof outer and super soft staydry inner that wicks moisture away from the skin - designed to fit from 16kg to 32kg. It does NOT come with any inserts. This means that you can use inserts you already have (if you've used cloth nappies), or purchase inserts that will work best for your child's situation. You can put any insert inside the pocket to customise absorbency.

Here are some photos comparing a BumGenius Big (green) with a regular BumGenius 5.0 pocket nappy (rainbow print):

Smallest (snapped down) size:


Medium size:

Largest size:



We now stock the Grovia Big ONE Nappy older children. You can find it here


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