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New Bubblebubs Pebbles Newborn Nappy Giveaway!

Added on 07 August 2017 in Bubblebubs, Giveaways & competitions

The adorable little Pebbles cloth nappies arrived at Darlings Downunder from Bubblebubs recently, and we have two of them to give away!

The Bubblebubs Pebbles Newborn Nappy is the sister nappy to the oh-so-popular Bubblebubs BamBam Newborn Nappy (who remembers Pebbles & BamBam from the Flintstones?), but it's an easy to use All-in-One style and fastens with super adjustable velcro, so it doesn't need a separate cover or a Snappi.

The Bubblebubs Pebbles nappies fit from a teeny 2kg up to 5.5kg, so perfect for little bubs, and comes in 3 convenient colour-coordinated 4 packs:

Bedrock Bundle


Rise n Shine Bundle


Roxy n Chip Bundle

As with all new products, we love to get feedback from real parents, and since we don't have a newborn in the house anymore (though the above pictures make us VERY clucky!), we're giving away two individual Bubblebubs Pebbles nappies (both in a limited edition minky print!) in exchange for reviews for our website. Yes, the winners can put these nappies through their paces and let other people know their thoughts by providing a review for our blog.

To decide who we'll be sending free nappies to, we need to see an example of how you would review a cloth nappy, so...

To enter to win a Bubblebubs Pebbles Nappy, we'll need you to either write a short review of a nappy we currently stock, or (if you've never used a nappy we stock or don't have a baby to trial one on yet) leave a comment below describing your dream nappy.

Don't have a newborn or not expecting anytime soon? We also have an awesome Bubblebubs Candies One Size Nappy to give away, thanks to Bubblebubs! This is the classic, All-in-2 Bubblebubs Candy that fits all the way to toilet training. You can enter to win this instead of a Pebbles nappy if that suits you better!

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: And the winners are:

  • Alisha Hubble
  • Galit
  • Rachael Ryan

We will be contacting you soon!


To review a nappy we stock:

  • Login to your account (or create one here if you don't have one)
  • Go to the product we stock you want to review
  • Click on the 'Add a review' tab
  • Write your review (honesty is a must)
  • Come back here and leave a comment below letting us know what product you reviewed, and if you'd like to win a Bubblebubs One Size Candy Nappy rather than a Pebbles Newborn nappy. The Pebbles nappy fits from 2-5.5kg, so if your baby is at the upper range already or is larger than this, enter to win the Candies nappy instead.

A couple of things if you end up being the winner:

  • Your review of the Bubblebubs reusable nappy you win must be honest and fair - pros and cons
  • We'd love to have the reviews by the end of September 2017, so you can still enter if your baby hasn't arrived yet but you think you'll be able to meet this timeframe
  • We will need photos of the nappy being demonstrated/used but privacy of the baby must be maintained
  • You can do a video review instead of a written review if you prefer.

Some conditions of entry:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entry must be made between 7 to 13 August 2017
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here 14 August 2017 - update: we're still deciding, so will announce soon!


Posted by Courtney Carson on 08 August 2017

I reviewed the designer bums OSFM nappy and would like to be in the draw to win the Bubblebubs One Size Candy Nappy

Posted by Jemima White on 08 August 2017

I left my reveiw on the grovia all in one newborn I would love to go in the draw to win the onesize please

Posted by Aoife on 08 August 2017

I reviewed the bumgenius elementals and would love to win a candy

Posted by Carlie on 08 August 2017

First time mum, expecting in late October. I've thought long and hard about whether I would want disposable or MCN's. My dream MCN would be simple to use (some I've seen look like I would need a manual), easy to get on and off the baby, would minimise even the worst poosplosions, would minimise moisture against the babies skin, is easy to clean and wash, and of course I couldn't go past some cute prints and colours.

Posted by Julia Burford on 08 August 2017

I reviewed the Grovia No-Prep Soaker Pads and would like to enter to win the Candies, please :-)

Posted by Erin Dawe on 08 August 2017

My dream nappy is one that makes poo smell like chocolate!

Posted by Rachael on 09 August 2017

I reviewed the BBH night nappy. I have a 9 week old so the newborn nappies might not fit for long if we were lucky enough to win so maybe the one size please.

Posted by Alisha on 09 August 2017

I reviewed the Grovia All-in-2 Hybrid Shell. I have my second baby due any day now and would love the opportunity to win and trial the Pebbles Newborn Nappy. Thankyou

Posted by Michelle Schmidt on 10 August 2017

Our little one is due on the 7th of September so I have not yet had the chance to try any reusable nappies yet! However I have bought a few different nappies (baby behinds and pea pods so far) to try to get a feel for what ones suit us best when Bub arrives and these bubblebubs pebbles nappies where the next on my list to buy!! ?? My perfect nappy would be easy and quick to put on squirmy little bottoms, gentle on bubs skin, easily washed and preferably quick drying. The ideal nappy would also have to be Houdini proof and be tuff enough to survive the biggest poonarmi Bub can throw at it!

Posted by Galit on 10 August 2017

I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my first bub. I'm really excited to try cloth nappies mostly for environmental reasons (but also because they look so cute on a baby’s tiny tush!) My ideal nappy is easy to use so my husband is willing to give it a try. Of course it would also need to be leak proof and confine poonamies! Other qualities that I look for is well fitting for a range of ages, easy to clean and quick to dry.

Posted by Alison on 10 August 2017

I'm a first time mumma, due in November. The idea of cloth nappies has always appealed to me as to be gentle on bub's skin, cost effective and better for the environment. My dream nappy would been comfortable and secure and limit poo-namis, easy to wash and not excessive in drying time.

Posted by Therese on 11 August 2017

I reviewed the BBH swim nappy and would love a osfm candie

Posted by Sarah Darragh on 11 August 2017

I reviewed the Bubblebubs PUL nappy cover and wouldlove to win a OSFM Candie!

Posted by Lori Pavic on 11 August 2017

I reviewed the GroVia hybrid shells and no-prep soaker. I would love to enter for the Bubblebubs OS Candy please

Posted by Karrie Bourke on 12 August 2017

Reviewed the rumparooz osfm pocket nappie - would love a bubblebubs candies one size fits most :)

Posted by Alison on 15 August 2017

Bubblebubs Candies review done. But too early for me to review the Pebbles, though would love the chance to try it.

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