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Nappylicious All-in-One OSFM Nappies are back!

Added on 09 May 2011 in New arrivals

We are thrilled to welcome Nappylicious All-in-One One Size Fits Most nappies back to Darlings Downunder. Some of you may not be familiar with this great Australian made brand, so we had a chat to Trudy, the mum behind Nappylicious (she's due to have a new baby any day now!), and asked her some questions about her nappies and her business. Trudy is a very brave and courageous mum, and she deserves every success with Nappylicious's comeback.

How and when did Nappylicious start?

Whilst expecting my first child in 2005, and choosingreusable nappies to save money, I started to look at products that wereavailable and found them wanting in either looks or function, in many cases,both.  So I set about trying tomake my own.  Once I came up with aprototype that I was happy with for my child, after many months of refining,the product is as you see it today. Positive comments from friends and family encouraged me to make more andset up a home business selling my nappies.

Nappylicious nappies haven’t been available for awhile.  What happened?

Unfortunately in August 2010, we tragically lost our 4yr oldson, Thomas.  It has taken sometime to recover to try to put life back into some sense of normality.  Our son, Tom Olive, died as a result ofwhat experts are calling a rare genetic disorder of the LPIN1 gene.  You may be able to help saves lives ofyour own loved ones – we encourage people to view the LPIN1 awareness and support group Facebook page. You do not have to be a Facebookmember to view this information. Please help us spread awareness about the symptoms.

Who makes Nappyliciousnappies and how/where are they made?

Between myself and otherworking mothers in South East Queensland, our nappies are all handmadeindividually, which ensures the quality of the nappy is nearly always perfect.

What’s so great aboutNappylicious nappies?

Nappylicious nappies are onesized fits all.  They have gussetsto help prevent any leaks and they come in bright and funky colours andpatterns.

What’s your most importantbusiness principle?

At Nappylicious, one of ourprimary focuses for our product is that is must deliver what it promises –saving money, functionality, no leaks and fantastic looks.

What do you love most aboutyour work?

One of the really satisfyingthings is seeing designs/patterns of fabric selected and seeing the finishedproduct, when the pattern and the nappy come together combining style andfunctionality.

What is the future ofNappylicious?

The future for Nappyliciousis to grow my home-based business, whilst taking care of my two children, onedue to be born on 10/5/2011, finding a balance between business woman, wife andmum.

Thanks, Trudy! And all the best for the birth - we look forward to hearing about your new arrival - and finding that balance (let us know if you find the magic formula, will you?)

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