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Moving Day Giveaway!

Added on 28 March 2011 in Giveaways & competitions

So…Catherine is moving house next week (2/3rds packed up!)and wants to know any tips you have to prepare young children for the big moveand how to manage the transition between the old and new house to make it ascalm as possible. They say moving house is one of the most stressful things wecan do – what did you do (or wish you had done) to reduce the stress?

Just to make it fun, we’re offering the person with the besttip (as judged by Catherine!) a FREE Happy Heinys Pocket Nappy. You can choosefrom Snap or Hook & Loop (velcro) closure of any Happy Heinys nappy we have in stock!

Leave a comment with your best tips below by the end ofSunday 3 April and we’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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Posted by Krista on 28 March 2011

I found that letting them put aside a few special items from their room that you don't pack, but let them take them in the car next to them, then you can let them put the special items in their new room and help unpack it so they don't feel so insecure as they have their teddy etc by their side. Helps them realise that not much has really changed, everything that they know and love will still be by their side in the new house.

Posted by olivia flanagan on 28 March 2011

have plenty of snacks on hand, take them (if possible) to the new place before you move in and leave some toys (so that there's something familiar there), and get them involved as much as possible. last time we moved our DS 'helped' the removalists as much as possible. it isn't easy, but it can be done (i've moved with a 15 month old/ a 5 week old and a 25 month old/a 15 month old and a 3.5 year old/and a 20 month old and a 3.8 y/o, so have had some experience)

Posted by bec on 28 March 2011

If they are young all you need is a baby carrier an ergo works well then you can put them on your back and unpack while things are being brought into the house that way they can't escape while you are doing something else.
if you have few days spare before moving day let them come have a look at their new room and they can help choose where their bed and stuff will go

if I win this nappy will be for my sister

Posted by Naomi Heckendorf on 28 March 2011

Keep the kids involved. Let them pack a bag or box of things that are special to them to go in the car with them to the new house. Let them help pack up there room. Help set up and unpack their room shortly after moving. Also as soon as possible get out of the house and explore the surrounds with them.

Posted by Jessica on 28 March 2011

We moved with a 6 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. They were fine - no issues in packing or settling in to new place. The biggest help was having grandparents and family friends around to help pack or babysit - depending on the needs of the kids (feeding, mummy/daddy time etc). We also didn't make it too big a deal - it was just what we were doing today.

Posted by Narelle on 28 March 2011

I moved a couple of years ago with a 3 year old and 3 month old. It was easy as the baby stayed with me so I could feed him as needed, whilst his older brother had a day playing at a friends nearby. When we moved again 2 years later we were lucky enough that they could stay with Grandparents for a few hours whilst we moved and sorted stuff at the new house. Good luck!!

Posted by Bree scott on 28 March 2011

We had a special "camp over" in the new house about a week before moving in. We got tents and set them up in the living room and had a great party with the three kids (10' 5, and 3) they were so excited to move to the camping /party house we had to count down the sleeps in excitement to moving day :)

Posted by shellie on 28 March 2011

let them be involved as much as possible. allow them to decide where some things can go in the house and how they want to decorate/arrange their room.

Posted by Jess Bernard on 28 March 2011

The best thing we did on moving day was spend the morning with friends as we would usually have done on any other thursday morning. We had no chance to see the new house (6hrs away) but we talked a lot about the move. I had packed with the kids around and organised everything up until the day, and my husband organised everything on the day of move. I found i was actually to tired and emotionally stressed at saying goodbye that being away from the house was best on the day and i got to hang out with my two girls, then 18months and 2yrs, and say goodbye to friends.
Family greeted us at the other end which also helped the girls knowing we were moving closer to Grandparents.

Posted by kate robson on 28 March 2011

we moved with a 10 month old. We made sure we packed her room last and unpacked it first. That way for her last/first nights nothing was different and we had no troubles.

Posted by Katrina McFarlane on 28 March 2011

Have a backpack for food and a backpack for toys for the big day. If possible make it one persons job just to be with and play with the kids. Outside toys are good so you can be out from underneath the feet of people carrying boxes. We had a little moving day present to "celebrate" the new house (make it something to help occupy them). Expect that they will probably be a bit a bit ratty at some point in the day and be very forgiving of any acting up.

Posted by Donna Hinkley on 28 March 2011

We had to move every 12 months for the last 5 years (from the time my 2nd child was a baby). My oldest (and now also my youngest) have autism, so any change can cause quite a lot of upset. We found the best thing was to make a story about the move, including photos of the new house (one time we were unable to get in and take photos, so I used the ones from the internet, advertising the house). I included things like photos of where they would sleep, where they would play, bathroom etc. Also included the packing up side of it, and took photos of them "helping" to put in the story too.

Posted by Jessie S on 28 March 2011

Act like the whole thing is a big adventure. Make a little map of the house and put an "x" where your children can find a special treat. Ask them where they would like to put there things in the room. If you have a very little one, perhaps get a family member or parent to be there to help/babysit (if that is possible). Don't make it stressful, make it a game!

Posted by Sara on 28 March 2011

Last time we moved we had my daughter, almost 2 and my brother, almost 10 with us. We were lucky that we had an overlap of about 3 weeks where we had access to both our old and new houses. So in that time we got the kids helping with cleaning the new house, and cleaning up the yard. This gave them plenty of time to get used to the new place.
They also helped us pack up the old house, including dismantling furniture, and packing boxes. We tried to make it fun, with games and songs.
We let our daughter pick her room, and plan where she wanted her bed, and where she would put her toys. We moved some of her things over before moving day so she had familiar items at the new house.
On moving day, the kids helped the removalists, by taking small items out to the truck ready to be packed in, and by directing the removalists with what rooms things had to go to in the new house. We let them get as involved in the move as they wanted to be.
We then unpacked and set up my daughters' room first, along with my brother's things (he doesn't live with us permanently). So they had everything they wanted and needed, including their own linen, toys, night light, special blanket, clothes, and dishes/cups/cutlery.
We finished the day with a picnic dinner, take out that the kids had chosen, on a rug on the loungeroom floor.
The best thing is getting the kids involved, they loved having a say in where things went, and they loved helping us with the move.

Posted by Nikki P on 28 March 2011

We moved when i was 36 weeks pregnant and had a 2 year old as well. I made one special box of his favourite games and activities , his fold up couch and some non-perishable snacks and kept that aside.I packed while he was asleep and first thing we did at the new house was put a safety gate across his room door so he could still see us but not get squished by big men with heavy boxes. I set up his toys and activities and he was quite happy for most of the time. Every hour or so we would go for a little walk. Having extra pairs of hands (grandparents) really helps also a portable dvd player may come in handy.

Posted by Charndra from My Green Nappy on 28 March 2011

I have moved sooo many times it is ridiculous. Food, Friends and Home is where Mum and Dad are..

Food is a great way to keep littlies busy, and having friends, rellies along to help play with them is great.

Wearing bubbo on your back is great for naps, and best of all, get an expert in afterwards to do the cleaning! ALWAYS worth the money.

Naming boxes with the room they are to go in is really helpful, as is naming more or less what is in them.

When we moved house in Canberra (three times) we always had a pizza the day we moved in and out. One box, easy.

In terms of helping them to adjust, as long as mum and dad are there, kids are happy. Lots of cuddles, saying good-bye to the house and thanks etc are nice little traditions too.

Speedy moving to you!

- Charndra

Posted by Victoria on 28 March 2011

Good Luck!
Pack something of theirs in each box so they get a little surprise when unpacking.
Have someone else take care of them on the day the truck comes.
Make a book with photos of your current place, talking about all the little things that happen when you move. Then finish it off with photos of the new house.

Posted by Kelly on 28 March 2011

When we move we take a little essentials kit in the front of the car.. Includes things like: Keys (for new place), tissues/wipes, bandaids, string, a light globe, lighter/candle, bottle of water or two, a snack for you and bubs (fruit and a pouch of babyfood in our case) and a blankie. That way when you arrive you can go straight in and can a) get in the door b) with the light globe/candle you can see even if the worst happens c) you have something to eat even without a fridge.. and ) you can put baby down on the floor (even if its a bit messy!)

Posted by Janice on 28 March 2011

Make sure to allow extra time for everything! Make a point to say goodbye to all the rooms in your old place and get excited to say hello to the new place on the way over. Set up the kids' room first so they have a place to feel more settled.

Posted by Sabrina on 28 March 2011

We moved in November with a 7wk old and a 4.5yo. the 7wk old was blissfully unaware of any changes apart from the ridiculous amount of driving we had to do (which led to an aversion of the car - which is now passing at 6m old! Thankfully!) The Ergo and Hug a Bub helped a lot with her.
With the older one, I gave her boxes and she packed up her own room. Yes it was messy, yep unpacking was harder, but she had a BALL and felt as though she was "helping". We kept out her favourite toys and a few books. They fit nicely into a green bag that could sit in the car with her and it didn't take up too much room but kept her happy :)
Once moved, we set up her room first and she felt at home. It was pretty hard on her as we moved from the only friends she had ever had and we are now away from all her family that she could see whenever she wanted.. Now what we do instead is pick one family member a week to call and have a chat to. ALso she enjoys drawing/painting pictures and writing letters to her old friends and also her family and she ADORES the replies she gets! That is the highlight of her moving :)
4.5m later and we have unpacked the bare minimum. Every week or so we grab a box and put it away. We would rather spend the time with our kids than unpack! I think that's my tip. Don't sweat the small things, if the box doesn't get unpacked today.. so what? Unpack what you *need* the other stuff can wait! Try to make it a fun experience rather than a stressful one as much as you can! Enjoy!

Posted by Kate currin on 28 March 2011

The biggest tip I can give is don't pack all the cot sheets/single bed sheets too early. I had 60 something boxes packed and stacked on top of each other a few days before we were due to move nag my 20 month old got gastro! I couldn't find the right box, nor did I have the time to hunt through them, and she was going through a set of sheets every nap, and had to end up buying more cot sheets 3 days before the move. Keep a few sets out to save yourself the stress, time shopping and money, just incase! Hope for your sake you don't need my tip! Good luck.

Posted by Amanda Driver on 28 March 2011

My tip would be a simple one - talk to them about the move before it happens! If you can, take them to the house to explore before moving, tell them what room will be theirs, make it seem exciting not scary :) and maybe pack a box of toys or books that they can unpack while your busy unpacking your room. Good luck with the move!

Posted by Loz on 28 March 2011

If at all possible, unpack the kitchen and bathroom first, at least the necessities of each. That way you've got the operational stuff in order and you can manage disasters of any kind!

If you've still got nappers, move their cots last but set them up first. Or if it's a big move, we would always pack the kids in the car at naptime so they could sleep while we drove, which is a no-brainer. But getting the cot set up and showing them where it is is a useful adjustment tool, especially as realistically with everything else to do you are probably not going to get the kid's whole room done at once, nor should you as bathroom and kitchen are more critical.

If you've got an older baby or toddler, talk about it aaaaaaaaaaaaaat leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeength, of course. It helped us to focus on what we were moving to (family, beaches, etc) rather than away from (friends, school).

Babies won't care. It can be helpful to keep the same bedding on their bed post-move to keep some similar smells around.

Although my best tip of all, based on our last move with an almost 3yo and 3 month old twins right before Christmas to A DIFFERENT CITY the week they all GOT ROSEOLA is - go on ahead with the kids and stay with your mum. Leave your husband to pack a a house and unpack it at the other end. it was a week apart but it was much less stressful for the kids, at least the big one - she got a holiday, and then went on to a set up house.

I have moved with a single 3 month old, single 9 month old, single 14 month old, then with the almost 3 year old and 3 mnth old twins. we have moved a lot lately and half our stuff is still in boxes 4 months after the last move :)

I've moved

Posted by Kym Teale on 28 March 2011

My tip for moving is have special box just for all the special things for the kids so nothing that is very sentimental gets broken or missing and take this in the car with you so the kids have their special things with them and can easily get to them. This also goes for all your special photo frames and breakables so they don't get broken.
Also I pack when my eldest (2) is not looking as she wants to get everything out again.
Lastly make sure where you are moving to you know where the local takeaway shop is as you will just want to order dinner for the moving night.

Posted by Alex Grove on 28 March 2011

Make sure the kids rooms are the last things you pack up and the first things you unpack. They will feel much better with familiar stuff around them.
Also remember that you and the kids may have some feelings of grief/loss about leaving your old house, no matter how much you love the new one, and that this is perfectly normal.

Posted by Sue Learmonth on 28 March 2011

Moving was really hard on our 5-year-old son. He was really sad and said that he was going to miss our old house, his old room, neighborhood... What we felt helped a lot was to have him go through the whole house before it was all packed up, room by room, with a video camera and had him say a little goodbye. Like goodbye room, thanks for helping me sleep everyday... goodbye kitchen, thanks for keeping food to feed me... Now he can look at the video whenever he wants to. The best thing for us though was to not have him there on actual moving day. Some family took him overnight and brought him to the new house once everything was out of the old house. Then it was like an adventure for him to go exploring the new house, new room, new backyard... his room was the first we unpacked and set up in the new house so that he felt a little more at ease. Hope everything goes smoothly :)

Posted by Belinda Drane on 28 March 2011

I don't really have any tips, as the last time we moved our 1st daughter was just a baby (7 weeks). I will be reading up on these though because we're moving again in the next month (already packing) and our daughter is now 3, and her baby sister is 3 months. I think the tip about letting her help pack her room is good, and doing it last too. :)

Posted by Alison Foster on 28 March 2011

I wish I had starting packing earlier (hindsight is a beautiful thing!) and I also wish that I hadn't brought as much stuff with us to the new house.

Moving house is a fabulous chance to declutter the house. Freecycle and Op Shops can be utitlised to try and reduce the amount going to landfill, but I think moving house is the perfect chance to reduce the amount of "stuff" in our lives.

Engaging family and friends to help is great - if you ask (and if you offer the blokes pizza and a slab) people are usually very willing to help!

Posted by Elizabeth on 28 March 2011

If it's at all possible, have someone else look after the kids while you move - it makes it so much easier and less stressful for everyone! My kids had a lovely day playing with Nan and Grandfather, and we got so much more done.

At the new house, once you've unpacked the kettle and coffee, completely set up the kids' rooms. Then, when the children get 'home' to the new house, they have their own space with their own things ready and waiting for them.

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