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Monkey Doodlez Brand Profile

Added on 21 March 2011 in Monkey Doodlez

We know you love Monkey Doodlez nappies & swimmers.Here’s a little bit about the business behind the brand.

Monkey Doodlez was started by Cheryl Yakem, a Canadian mum,when she was looking for a functional, high quality, good fitting nappy madewith comfortable, natural fibres. The name Monkey Doodlez was Cheryl's oldestdaughter's nick name as a tot, so seemed only a natural fit for the productline.

Started by Cheryl at her dining room table, Monkey Doodlezproducts are now sold by nearly 500 retailers around the world.

Monkey Doodlez products have always been made in Canada,sourcing as many materials as possible from local suppliers. Cheryl opted outof a factory environment, choosing instead to employ home sewers, to providethem with flexible hours, competitive wages and the opportunity to spend moretime with their families.  The endresult is excellent workmanship.

Over the years, the Monkey Doodlez line has grown to includeAll-in-Ones, Swim Nappies, Wet Bags, Pail Liners, Pail Pals, Wipes Cubes and theTuck and Go (TAG) System. 

Keep an eye out for new releases from Monkey Doodlez soon!

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