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Mandy MacTropic Giveaway!

Added on 04 January 2011

It's surprising how often we get asked about which cloth nappies are the best to use in a tropical climate.

The problem with a tropical climate is the wet season where moist northwesterly winds bring humid conditions with showers and thunderstorms. Add occasional tropical cyclones and the rainfalls they bring, and you can have a serious problems getting nappies dry. Not only that, but conventional PUL outers of many nappies, while more breathable than the old plastic pants, can still lead to sweaty little bottoms and rashes in susceptible babies.

Mandy Mac - a brand with a great reputation who has provided cloth nappies for thousands of babies - has addressed the problems experienced by parents cloth nappying in the tropics and has released the one size Mandy MacTropic nappy!

Mandy Mac has not only managed to solve the 'tropical' issues of drying time and sweaty bottoms but has come up with an innovative nappy design to make adjusting the One Size nappy a breeze.

The Mandy MacTropic adjusts sizing to fit from newborn to toddler by having button hole elastic in both the legs and the back of the nappy. The nappy arrives set to the small setting, all you need to do is turn the nappy inside out, let out the elastic as much as you need, and leave it. When your child has a growth spurt you can adjust the elastic as required.

The size of the legs holes is totally independent of the waist measurement, so is great for those babies that have trouble fitting conventional sizings. Having the elastic so accessible also means that if the elastic ever fails, it can be replaced easily at home.
The only downside to having set and forget sizing (that you only adjust when needed) is that you can't really have a baby and a toddler using the same nappy - it would be too fiddly adjusting the elastic every change.

Quick Drying
The Mandy MacTropic has microfibre as its primary absorbent core - a layer through the whole body of the nappy, another through the wet zone and in a snapped on insert as well. Microfibre is not only super absorbent, but is much faster drying than hemp or bamboo. As this nappy is constructed with a pocket opening, you can also turn it inside out to speed up drying time. The nappy also comes with two terry cotton trifolds which can be tucked in the pocket for additional absorbency and are also very quick drying.

One of the common recommendations to parents whose babies experience sweaty bottoms, is to put them in a fitted nappy with no cover - this being the most breathable option (apart from going naked!). The Mandy MacTropic, like fitted nappies, doesn't have a layer of waterproof PUL. It does, however, have a layer of shortnapped minky designed to produce a water resistant nappy.
This means that the nappy will feel wet on the outside when there is sufficient wee in the nappy - so it's not waterproof. For those who have light wetting babies/toddlers, or change after every wee, this shouldn't be a problem. For others, we recommend adding one or both of the terry cotton trifolds that come with the nappy. Alternatively, this nappy can be treated just like a fitted nappy and a breathable cover (wool is a fantastic option!) popped over the top.

You can read more about the Mandy Mac business and its owner, Amanda McCracken here.

Giveaway Time!
We have six (yes, SIX!) Mandy MacTropics (one in each of the great colour combos) to give away. Just comment below letting us know why you'd like a chance to try this brand new nappy. The winner will be chosen at midday EDST Monday 17 January.

Note for those who aren't tropics dwellers:
Geographically speaking, anywhere in Australia above that imaginary line on the globe running through WA, the NT and Queensland and called the Tropic of Capricorn is referred to as 'The Tropics'. If you don't live in this region, don't worry - YOU CAN STILL ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY! We think that the adjustable elastic on this nappy should be experienced Australia wide, and sweaty bottoms are not necessarily confined to Northern Australia. And you don't need to tell us in Melbourne how hard it can be to get nappies dry! However, as this nappy has been created for the tropics, at least four of these nappies will be going to people who live in the tropics - so if that applies to you, make sure you mention it in your comment.
Good luck!

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Posted by Louise C on 04 January 2011

Well I'm in Vic so not tropic - but am going nuts trying to dry nappies in this stupid weather. It was easier in winter when the heater was on. Would love to try a quick dry nappy :)

Posted by Tracey on 04 January 2011

Hope this is where I go to enter!! not in the tropics, but we are about to move to the beach, so could be classed in my eyes!!.

Posted by Dani on 04 January 2011

This looks like a great OSFM nappy. Love that it doesn't have the rows of snaps down the front. Would love to try one

Posted by Louise Dowling on 04 January 2011

In our extended family (my husband has 9 brothers & sisters!), we pass everything on for our children to the "next in line". One of these nappies would be fantastic, as it would fit any one of the kids at any stage!

Posted by Rosalyn on 04 January 2011

We are from Melbourne and expecting to have our first in nappies for the Melbourne winter with drying over an air vent. Slightly overwhelmed by nappy choices but I am going to stay commited to using cloth from a newborn.

Posted by Shannon D on 04 January 2011

I'm having a little boy this year, I'm excited to try cloth nappies.

Posted by Candice on 04 January 2011

Im not in the Tropics either but I love the name of this nappy :) We would love to try one as I like the sound of the adjustable elastic so it can give a proper fit around the legs and waist of my little boy and not gape like some OSFM nappies. And a quick drying nappy makes it even better!!

Posted by Kyra on 04 January 2011

This nappy sounds fantastic - love the adjustable elastic! I would love to win one for my 22 month old son, and hopefully I will have another bub by the end of the year to test out the smaller setting :) we live in Brisbane, so I guess it's a subtropical climate..

Posted by Michelle on 04 January 2011

I am expecting my first child in April and would love to try out this nappy - there are so many choices available and it is hard to decide on which ones to invest in. I like the idea of OSFM nappies and so does my hubbie. We live in W.A. south of Perth and experience 40 degree weather in summer so we'd love to try out a nappie that is made for hot weather conditions.

Posted by Natalie on 04 January 2011

These would be great for our Victorian winters, when it's hard to get anything dry!

Posted by Renee on 04 January 2011

I live in Brissy and my little man is suffering from nappy rash in the hot humid conditions we are having at the moment. We currently use cloth [bamboo and hemp fitteds for breathability] but they don't draw the moisture away from his sensitive skin. This nappy sounds like it may be the answer to our problems so would love love love one :) Well donr Mandy Mac !!!

Posted by Annaliese Keipert on 04 January 2011

I love the idea of the elastic to adjust the size of the nappy. My 8 month old daughter always has trouble fitting nappies as her weight and proportions change through the big tummy/skinny legs to slim tummy/chunky thighs spectrum. Also, living in a unit without a dryer in the often very wet and humid Northern Beaches makes drying nappies a long process so it would be fantastic to try a truly quick dry option.

Posted by Carey on 04 January 2011

I'm not in the tropics, but going crazy trying to dry our nappies in this wet weather! To add to our trouble, our boy has just been diagnosed with a dust allergy, so we aren't supposed to dry clothes indoors any more. I'm not looking forward to winter! A quick drying nappy would be fantastic.

On a positive, I love the idea of the adjustable elastic and I also just love Mandy Macs! They are my husband's favourite nappies!

Posted by shellie jayne on 04 January 2011

i would love very much to win these for my friend who is having her first baby this year. she recently asked my advice about cloth nappies, so i know she is keen to use them.

Posted by Jessica on 04 January 2011

We're moving this week and in the rain its been a nightmare to dry 2 bubs worth of nappies and their numerous liners. I'd love to try the Mandy Mactropics as we are going to be moving around a bit and plan to end up in Darwin.
Happy New Year to everyone, by the way!

Posted by Susan M on 04 January 2011

I live in "The Land of Perpetual Summer" - that is North Queensland.
I feel sorry for my poor bub wrapped up in a nappy (and sometimes he just HAS to have SOMETHING on his bottom!) when we are all dripping with sweat.
I'd love to give this nappy a go.

Posted by tamara McMaster on 04 January 2011

In Brisbane humidity my bub often gets heat rash during her dy naps from some pul nappies :(

Posted by Kim on 04 January 2011

I remember asking you about tropical nappies at your nappy info session. We are most likely moving to NT this year and would love to use cloth nappies up there too.

Posted by Elisa Lindsay on 04 January 2011

Just moved to North West WA - hot and wet at the moment. Breathable, adjustable and quick drying - sounds great, would love to try them.

Posted by Christine on 04 January 2011

I would love to win because...
.... I live in Darwin!
.... we're in the middle of the wet season!
.... I live in an apartment, and the body corp. frown on laundry on our balconies. my nappies take forever to dry under the fan in the humid weather!
... The colours are beatiful.
... I love the idea of adjusting the elastic, rather then snaps at the front. I like the idea of OSFA, but I hate front snaps. My daughter has ripped the snaps out of so many osfa nappies wriggling around on her belly... Living in the tropics, our house has floor tiles, and I think it's the gap between tiles that contributes to the damage. I've been putting her in terry flats, rather then have her rip out all the snaps. Surely she isn't the only bub to do this? Surely "modern" cloth nappies should have evolved around this?
... The colours are lovely. I like the red... except what are the colour contrasts???

Posted by Carla on 04 January 2011

These look great! We live in Perth WA and with the hot weather my 8 month baby girl has a really hard time with her skin and heat rashes..... i would love to try this nappy because of how breathable these look.

Posted by LarissaL on 04 January 2011

We are in East Gippsland so not tropical but with going back to work this year my biggest fear is trying to get nappies dry.. we get cold wet weather from Spring through to Summer and there is nothing worse than the heater in the loungeroom having clothes horses adorned with nappies for most of the year.. despite the rainbow colours! Would love to see how faster drying nappies would go.

Posted by Joanne M on 04 January 2011

these sound so great with the elastic and how breathable they are, would love to try them on my little man with chubby legs :)

Posted by Melanie W on 04 January 2011

We live in North Queensland and most of my current stash is four years old and has looked after two kids already! We have a newborn who would love a new nappy of his very own, and a mama who would love to add some nappies to her stash especially made for our weather up here! (We only got a couple of hours of sunshine today before the first summer storm blew over and drenched my almost-dry washing!) We'd like to put our hands (and bum!) up to try a Mandy MacTropics! They look great!

Posted by R Condon on 04 January 2011

There is currently mould growing on all my doors and windows. And walls. And cloth nappies....... We're in Brisbane so no other ill effects. But gross!

It hasn't stopped raining here for a month. We'd love to try out the new tropic-friendly nappies in our house. 1 in nappies and one one the way :)

Posted by Helen Duyster on 04 January 2011

I am on the North Coast of NSW and usually we have the same kind of weather as Qld.
We've had a few weeks of continuous rain here and normally I get my nappies dry on the clothes horse inside the livingroom and dry them off in the dryer.
But DS has taken to doing 3 big poo's a day and I am running out of space on the clothing horse.
I am now forced to dry half of my nappies in the dryer.

I only rent a small unit as its just me and bubs, so its a struggle getting around in this place without tripping over the clothes horse lol!

So to save myself and DS from tripping and breaking a leg, I would love to try a tropic nappy. If they're really that good, I'll swap my old stash for all Mandy macTropics. No more clotheshorse in the livingroom :oD

Posted by Nicole N on 04 January 2011

Looks like a cute nappy. I'm excited about having my first this year.

Posted by Kathryn H on 04 January 2011

Great colour range!

Posted by Sky on 04 January 2011

I'm in Vic but would love to try one on my little guy coz he gets heat rashes in the downstairs region :(
The breathability sounds like it would really help!


Posted by Alice on 04 January 2011

I would love to win, living in perth and experiencing tropical consitions today! White terry squares are dry already under patio, but PUL covers still damp...reading this answered my questions WHY?!?!? Please send me one to try on my gorgeous new baby girl :)

Posted by Bron on 04 January 2011

We are sweating it out in Darwin's wet season at the moment and pretty much full time cloth nappy users!! It's tough trying to get nappies dry and I have noticed my little girl is getting heat rashes under her nappy - it also can't be too comfy wrapped in a nappy when it's sooo hot! We'd love to try a Mandy Mactropic nappy - they look fantastic and we are big one size nappy fans here! Pleeeeaaase send us a breath of cool air - we need it!! :)

Posted by SharryG on 04 January 2011

Well, I live in hot Brissie! So sweaty bums are a problem here too... plus we have been getting so much rain, it is a struggle to get nappies dry. I only have BBH bamboo fitted, and would love some coloured nappies too!

Posted by Kelly Kirkpatrick on 04 January 2011

I live in Brisbane and am finding the humidity hard as we've only just recently switched to cloth, would love to try the new mandy mac tropic nappy!!

Posted by Krista on 04 January 2011

I would love to give one of these a shot! I refuse to buy a dryer (for environmental reasons as well as the fact that I don't quite trust my husband with it! Haha.) and this rain is driving me MENTAL! I am really struggling but refuse to give in to the electricity guzzler. I shall persevere! :)

Posted by Amanda on 04 January 2011

I live in the tropics! I live ON a tropic LOL :)
The tropic of Capricorn runs right through here!!
I would so love to give a Mandy Macs Tropic's a run for its money in the weather we get here!

Posted by Katrina on 04 January 2011

I would love to try out a MandyMacTropic Nappy on my sweaty-bummed toddler. I live on the Gold Coast and am about to move to Mackay.


Posted by Natalie on 04 January 2011

I'm in southern queensland and the constant rain with the floods at the moment is making drying nappies very difficult! On the days when we get a brief spell of sunshine, I would still be able to dry this nappy on the clothesline, whereas most of my current nappies only get halfway dry before it rains again.. I would love to try one of these!

Posted by Sandra M on 04 January 2011

Logan (south of Brisbane) might not technically be in the tropics but lately it sure feels like it! My poor toddler is suffering with nappy rash and fungal nasties on and off through the horrid humidity and oppressive heat.

Not to mention the constant rain for weeks on end that makes drying nappies an exercise in patience.... It's been a truly awful summer! I'd love one of these. My youngest is my last and she'll toilet train in the next year (I hope!) so I am undecided whether I should try any other nappies on her. All the nappies she's grown out of have been passed to my little nephew (9 months old) so you know one of these will find a great home for a long time to come.

Posted by Sabrina on 04 January 2011

I LOVE the look of these! I would definately LOVE to try one! I'm not in the tropics, but it can sure get hot where I am in summer and freezing cold in winter.. My youngest is her fathers daughter and is a very "hot" baby. I'm constantly getting strange looks when everyone elses baby is rugged up and mine is in a singlet and nappy! She gets too hot otherwise.
These nappies would be great for her!!

Posted by Melissa B on 04 January 2011

Well we are not in the tropics but it has felt like it recently! The humidity has been insane and my poor toddler is getting rashes along the legs of current nappies. I would love to try the Mandy Mac Tropics nappy and help relieve her pain (and mine as I am 17 weeks pregnant and letting her room naked means wee on the floor, which means I need to get on the floor to clean it up)

Posted by Kelly K on 04 January 2011

I use one size nappies on my 21 month old son and am expecting another boy in 12 weeks time. I am currently having trouble with them leaking while he's in the creche and I'm at the gym. I would love the opportunity to try out a new, innovative one-size nappy so that I can keep going to the gym - for my sanity's sake! We don't live in the tropics but my husband has applied for a number of jobs in tropical WA and we'll be finding out in a fortnight's time about them - and so with that possible move imminent drying nappies in humidity has been on my mind, particularly because I will have two in cloth for awhile!

Posted by Kelly Evans on 04 January 2011

Well we had 90% humidity yesterday and I am so over it! Please please please send me a MandyMacTropic!


Posted by Clare B on 04 January 2011

Would love to give one of these a go, they sound fantastic!

Posted by Akiko Dowe on 04 January 2011

In brissie, we are experiencing heavy rain, and my nappies get dry sooooooo slow( we are using mostly bamboo).
it sometimes takes one week to dry!!!

I would love to try a Mandy Mac Tropical.

Posted by nicole blears on 04 January 2011

i have a friend who is having her first baby this year and would love to give it to them so she doesn't have to go back to work to soon.

Posted by Jude Dickson on 04 January 2011

These nappies look amazing!

Posted by Kate Robson on 04 January 2011

I love my Mandy Mac nights but they take soooo long to dry. I would love a quick drying nappy as I live in rainy vic. Drying nappies inside takes forever and sometimes results in having to use disposables if I have been slack with the washing.

Posted by Kirrily McKay on 04 January 2011

With three in cloth & already a fan of Mandy Macboos, would love to try these, especially for the adjustable leg elastic, and quick drying time :).

Posted by Kalynda Madge on 04 January 2011

Being a Queenslander, it is so frustrating trying to get my nappies dry - especially lately with all this rain. I would love to try a Mandy MacTropic and see the difference in drying time :)

Posted by Kate on 04 January 2011

With two children in cloth nappies a quick-drying nappy that can fit either of them would be great to add to our stash

Posted by Martina Bakker on 04 January 2011

Would love to win those nappies!
Since we are going to sere with MAF in Arnhemland with three kids in nappies a load of quick drying nappies will be really good. Our oldest girls have pretty bad nappy rash, so I have to ptu them in disposables at night :( Hope those will work well for them and give their skin a break.

Posted by Martina Bakker on 04 January 2011

AND it is my birthday friday the 14th!

Posted by kj phillips on 04 January 2011

Would love to enter your competition to try these out, I live in tropical Nth Qld, with very wet summers.

Posted by Katreena Walters on 04 January 2011

I would love to win some of these! who wouldn't it's summer and no one wants to be sweating it!

Posted by Emma Hanson on 04 January 2011

We use the Mandy Mac purple nights and love them so I'd like to try these. Love the colours!

Posted by Melissa White on 04 January 2011

Would love to try as I love th features and the colour range


Posted by Dominique on 04 January 2011

These look like a fantastic solution to reduce nappy drying time in tropical climates! :)
I'm very keen to try some, I'm in Brisbane and we've been having the wettest summer in about 5yrs or something, it's horrible trying to dry nappies lately...

Posted by Cassandra Hay on 04 January 2011

The humidity in Syd is tropical enough and drying anything in Winter is just painful. With a baby due at the end of the year I would love to be able to try such a cool nappy on a little bottom to help keep baby cool and mum and dad happy.

Posted by Kristin on 04 January 2011

Wonderful idea for thous humid days. Would love to try one

Posted by cindy on 04 January 2011

its so humid here in vic at the moment my poor girl is hot all the time. maybe opne of these will help her to stay a little cooler than having a huge nappy on her bum.

Posted by Sara Reid on 04 January 2011

I'd love to try the adjustable elastic! Sounds perfect for my bubba who is skinny with chubby legs :) Hard to get a good fit with that combination!
We haven't had a completely rain free day in I don't know how long.... our nappies are drying on a little line on our (tiny) backstep, and with the humidity it's just taking days for them to dry at the moment (even longer than in winter). A quick drying nappy perfect for humid conditions just sounds divine!

Posted by Roxi Johnson on 04 January 2011

I'm just starting my nappy stash for DD and that was with two MandyMac Purple Nights !!! I'm hoping to add more MandyMacs to my collection (of 2 nappies haha) but DH is constantly complaining about how much money I'm spending on nappies !! It would be lovely to see his face when I told him they were free !!! :) Love your work ladies :)

Posted by Susan Nixon on 04 January 2011

I am pregnant with my first child due in 6 weeks. I live in Brisbane - with the weather and amount of water around at the moment it would be great to try out these nappies!!

Posted by Vanessa on 04 January 2011

I'm in NSW but a quick dry nappy sounds good for anywhere! Count me in!

Posted by Jacinta on 04 January 2011

I love in Kununurra WA (we are 32km from the NT border right at the top of WA) - very hot and sticky at this time of year. My little girl has very chunky legs but quite a small waist so it would be fantastic to be able to adjust the leg elastic separate to the waist and she also suffers from eczema so she often gets itchy arund the nappy area (and at the backs of her knees and the folds of her legs) during our wet season. Would love to try them as everything takes so long to dry in this weather!

Posted by Laura on 04 January 2011

I have been wanting to get back into MCN, we used MCN till our second daughter was around 8 months however she has such chunky thighs that no nappies fitted her both in thigh and waist after this age, I am still looking for that perfect fit for her. Living in Queensland, the tropical and adjustable nappy would be ideal.

Posted by Jessica Markham on 04 January 2011

Hello, thank you so much posting this contest! We would love to win cloth nappies. We're in the process of starting our collection, so we'd love to get a jump start!

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