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Making cloth nappies easier: Diaper Dawgs

Added on 28 September 2013 in Cloth nappy accessories, Diaper Dawgs, New arrivals

When we first saw Diaper Dawgs™ we thought they were cute, but also possibly an unnecessary novelty. After all, both of us use our own fingers to pull nappies apart and then wash our hands, and there are always rubber gloves when it gets seriously bad, right? Surely there wasn't demand for a specific product to protect your fingers when separating nappies?

But then...

...we thought about all the times we hear concerns from parents about having to deal with poo if they used cloth nappies

     ...and all the parents we talk to who don't like the idea of using Pocket or All-in-2 nappies because of having to disassemble them when wet and pooey 

          ...and those parents whose partners refuse to separate nappies before putting them in the bucket because it meant touching poo or wee

               ...and then there was that time I dropped a really disgusting nappy in the toilet (and had to fish it out!), because I was trying to hold it with only the very tips of my fingers while I was using the Little Squirt               

                    ...and the more we talked about it, the more we realised that there had been plenty of times when we'd cringed while separating nappies - and neither of us are squeamish and we've used cloth nappies forever.


So, maybe a product like this isn't strictly necessary, but I can think of plenty of occasions when having one available in my laundry or bathroom would have been handy! And the perceived 'ick factor' seems to put a lot of people off considering cloth nappies, so anything that helps reassure people that using cloth nappies doesn't mean having to touch poo more than you would using disposables, is a good thing.

And Diaper Dawgs aren't just handy for pulling inserts out of a wet or pooey pocket nappy. You can also use them:
- when rinsing a nappy in the laundry sink
- to hold a nappy or microfleece liner over the toilet to shake poo off
- to transfer a pooey flushable liner from the nappy to the toilet
- to hold a nappy over the toilet when you're using a nappy sprayer
- when dealing with other poo-ey or vomit-y laundry

Oh, and kids love them! They make very cute little puppets!

They'll still be people who think that Diaper Dawgs are a pointless accessory, and it's certainly not essential nor for everyone, but we want to make using cloth nappies easy for everyone - so if Diaper Dawgs will help make it easier for someone to use cloth nappies, we're all for it!

Interested in some Diaper Dawgs for your washing? Or perhaps for a friend? Purchase a pair of Diaper Dawgs here.


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