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Little Extensions Bodysuit Extenders

Added on 27 September 2011 in Little Extensions, New arrivals

We know you love to find out about the businesses behind theproducts we sell, and in honour of our WAHM Week, where we're highlighting some of the products we stock that are made by Work at Home Mums, we're taking a look at Little Extensions bodysuit extenders that have been made at home by Franca Caradonna in Melbourne for the last 5 years. This is a great product that extends the life of your baby's bodysuits and onesies - and it's fabulous for cloth nappy users.

When so many of today's baby clothes are made to fit over paper thin disposable nappies, it can sometime be hard to find clothing that fits adequately over a cloth bum (especially a night nappy!) and body suits that gape at the crotch while fitting baby perfectly elsewhere are common. Instead of upsizing (so the suit fits the bum and nowhere else!), you can use Little Extensions to, literally, close the gap.

Here's a little bit about Little Extensions, straight from Franca herself.

How & when did Little Extension start?
In 2006, when my son was 4 months old he had a gorgeous little onesies suit that I wished he could continually wear. I loved it so much and realised all the outfit needed was a little extension to add more length, a light bulb went on and "Little Extensions” was born.
I decided to hand-make a few extensions at home and then ran an Australian wide trial. Once mothers began using the Little Extensions they found them a tremendous help and were impressed with the handmade quality. After the trial had ended, many mothers kept using the them. So, I had made Australia’s first ever clothing extender for babies' ‘onesies’ suits.

Who makes the Little Extensions and where are they made?
I personally hand make all the Little Extensions myself, at my home.

What's your most important business philosophy?
Personal growth plays a big part in running a business, supporting my clients, family and friends aside from my own personal purposes for starting a business and to make a mark on society, it’s also important to listen, to grow with everyday needs, but also keep a balance with family life. 

What do you like most about your work?
What I like most about my work is when I hear from satisfied customers that have used "Little Extensions” and love the many benefits they have received from using them!

What's in the future at Little Extensions?
To design and create fantastic products, that are well made, but still affordable and that parents need and can benefit from.

Thanks, Franca!

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