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Just Arrived: RAWr Stuff n Snap ONESIZE Pocket Nappy

Added on 29 July 2013 in New arrivals, RAWr Nappies

The NEW Adaptable Stuff n Snap Onesize Pocket Nappy from RAWr Nappies has arrived! A great Onesize pocket nappy from the clever girls behind the RAWr Snap n Stuff Night Nappies. Everything you love about the RAWr nappies, but adjustable to fit from 3.5kg to 20kg!

The RAWr Stuff n Snap ONESIZE nappy has an outer layer of minky with hidden polyurethane laminate waterproofing. The inner layer is high quality bamboo velour (70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton) and it comes with a three layer trifold bamboo insert to insert inside the pocket.

One concern we hear a lot about the RAWr nappies is the fact they have bamboo/cotton velour as the inner layer rather than a synthetic staydry fabric so seems like it would feel wet against the skin. But because the bamboo velour absorbs quickly and has a soft nap, it doesn't tend to hold the moisture against baby’s skin like cotton or bamboo fleece would. In fact the moisture is drawn quickly through the velour to the absorbent layers underneath. It's also less allergenic than some synthetic fabrics, so is more comfortable for those babies with eczema or fabric sensitivities.

Try this Australian designed pocket nappy today!


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