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Itti Bitti Modern Cloth Nappy Giveaway!

Added on 21 February 2018 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions, itti bitti, New arrivals

itti bitti is back at Darlings Downunder and to celebrate we're giving away an itti bitti Tutto One Size Cloth Nappy, an itti bitti d'lish All-in-One (AIO) nappy (your choice of small, medium or large size), and an itti bitti Luxury Wetbag to one LUCKY person!!!


To enter to win this fabulous itti bitti bundle, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already - we will be checking this!!!), then leave a comment below letting us know which one of the three itti bitti nappies - the Tutto, the d'lish All-in-One (AIO) or the d'lish Snap-in-One (SIO) - you would choose, and why.


And the winner is Allira J!

Congratulations, Allira! We'll be sending you an email shortly.


Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entries close 28 February 2018
  • Winner will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here 5 March 2018


Posted by Andrea Edyvean on 21 February 2018

The d'lish snap-in-one please

Posted by Emma on 21 February 2018

I’d choose tuttos for birth to toilet training versatility!

Posted by Rachel Hayman on 21 February 2018

I would definitely choose the Tutto as I've have such great success with other brands of OSFM nappies. The thrifty mum in me also thinks about the longevity of the nappies and how it can be used when bub no. 2 (eventually) comes along!

Posted by Jessica Marshall on 21 February 2018

Snap in one

Posted by Jacqueline on 21 February 2018

I would love to try the Tutto - we have a newborn & a toddler who are both in nappies & it would be wonderful to have an option that could work for both :)

Posted by Yulia Taylor on 21 February 2018

The Tutto because we need the hidden snaps for our super active monkey baby

Posted by Kristie on 21 February 2018

The tutto for long term use and ultimate adjustability

Posted by Amy Jenkins on 21 February 2018

I’d choose the Tutto for it’s OSFM longevity of use & ability to customise the absorbency.

Posted by Jessie Hay on 21 February 2018

I would choose the d’lish sio nappy for several reasons: Firstly, I love the fit of sio, they seem to be slightly bigger than aio and I prefer a sized nappy because they fit better, especially when younger. Also, sio dry a lot faster than aio- important when we get a lot of rain or when it’s cold in winter. Another reason is that it is possible to just replace the soakers and reuse the nappy without washing which is great when baby is little and lots of nappies are needed. I also find the d’lish soakers more absorbant than the tutto soakers and much prefer them. I’m a long term cloth nappier- I have used them for my last six babies and have tried many different nappies over the years and the d’lish sio is a definite favourite for the reasons above.

Posted by Megan on 21 February 2018

The snap in one. We need quick drying and the snaps make it easy for hubby to use too

Posted by Alison on 21 February 2018

Tutto. Love osfm for longer use.

Posted by Jessie Bennett on 21 February 2018

The tutto- I have a3 week old and want to use only OSFM to avoid waste. Plus, super cute!

Posted by Sarah Smith on 21 February 2018

The tutto please! It was the very first MCN I ever bought for my first daughter back in 2012 and it’s a beauty. Such nice memories of starting out my fluffy bum journey too!

Posted by Lana Hunnibell on 21 February 2018

The Tutto! I love OSFM and would love to give to my pregnant friend who is keen to use cloth from birth!

Posted by Eliza on 21 February 2018

Tutto. I love OSFM nappies.

Posted by Breanna Johnson on 21 February 2018

The tutto! I’m new to cloth but love the sound of hidden snaps to get the perfect fit!

Posted by Melissa on 21 February 2018

I would choose the tutto as I like the idea of being able to adjust the sizing to best fit my baby. I also live in a cold climate where it is impossible to dry washing in winter time and having the ability to separate the inner and outer layers is a huge bonus!

Posted by Pia on 21 February 2018

I would choose either the tutto or the d’lish SIO. I love love love the fit of the d’lish but the fact that my baby girl Sheva will grow out of it makes me sad that I’ll have to stop using a gorgeous itti nappy with all of its glorious minky fluffiness. The fit of the tutto is also fab (two & a half loves) and not only will Sheva be able to wear it until toilet training, but our babes-to-be will too!! Pick me, pick me!! ?????

Posted by Rebecca Georgiou on 21 February 2018

I would love to try the delish AI1 because I love my tuttos but think the Ai1 would make wash and fold day super quick and easy, also fool proof for hubby

Posted by Miriam on 22 February 2018

I would choose the Snap in One for easier drying through winter and ease of use for my husband and MIL (so I can delegate some Nappy changes ????). I have OSFM nappies currently in use on my toddler, but would prefer a sized option for my newborn.

Posted by Fei on 22 February 2018

Tutto because I'm obssesed with MCN and have been collecting each style and baby is due in 2 months! Would love to try out tutto because I don't have that style and think the trim fitting would be wonderful for a newborn's belly button, and the poo fence will catch all the newborn poop!

Posted by Valene on 22 February 2018

Tutto would be something I’d love to try as I have had success with using OSFM with my first till potty trained!

Posted by Stacey on 22 February 2018

The d'lish snap in one - I've only recently tried my first sized nappy after always using OSFM & I love the trimness of the fit so would love to try some more!

Posted by Kirsty Simpson on 22 February 2018

I would definitely choose the tutto. Love how versatile it is for so long, from birth through to potty training.

Posted by Lydia Campbell on 22 February 2018

I'd get the Itti Bitti D'lish AIO. So sad my LO has grown out of the one I had.

Posted by Alana on 22 February 2018

Tutto! Perfect money saver to help convince hubby MCNs are the way to go

Posted by Kristy on 22 February 2018

Tutto, really keen to use cloth nappies from newborn stage right through to toilet training. I love the beautiful colours. They look so soft and snuggly!!

Posted by Cindy Ribbr on 22 February 2018

D’lish sio, because of the trim fit

Posted by Sarah Dewar on 22 February 2018

AIO please as trying to get my husband to grab the cloth not the disposable!!

Posted by Mel on 22 February 2018

For me you can't beat an OSFM so I would go with the Tutto!

Posted by Hayley Franz on 22 February 2018

I'd choose a Tutto, simply because they're osfm, so I'd get longer to use it.

Posted by EMMA on 22 February 2018

My newborn has so far been in disposables because the MCN I have are too big to fit yet. This is why I would love to try the Tutto OSFA to give my newborns bottom the softness of a cloth nappy without all the harsh chemicals!

Posted by Rebecca Schumann on 22 February 2018

The D’lish snap in one because it’s trim and I love that you can change the absorbency to suit your needs

Posted by Corinne Punch on 22 February 2018

I'd "tutto"lly pick the Tutto for my numero duo, as not only can it "grow" with her but its poo fence can also stop poosplosion "oh noes"!

Posted by Violet Le Mura on 22 February 2018

The d’lish but oh we really really need a wet bag. Hehe

Posted by Jessica Casey on 22 February 2018

As we are trying for our third and my first two grew up on bum genus’s I would like to try a new brand for bub#3 and you can never have enough wet bags

Posted by Anna on 22 February 2018

The Tutto - I've loved other OSFM and the extra adjustment and gussets on this nappy look fantastic and could be very useful!

Posted by Kate M on 22 February 2018

I'd love the tutto as will last a long time being a OSFM

Posted by Lynnette Simmons on 22 February 2018

I would try the AIO because I already use the close pop in and wouldn’t mind seeing how an aio works for ease and usability

Posted by Jenna on 23 February 2018

I would choose the Tutto!! I love my OSFM nappies, and prefer an AI2 over an AI1 as they seem to do quicker :)

Posted by Allira Julius on 23 February 2018

I’d love the Tutto for the versatility, with an 18mo and a new baby on the way.

Posted by Charlotte on 23 February 2018

I'd love a Tutto as it's a OSFM.

Posted by Samantha Borchers on 23 February 2018

I would have to say d'lish All-in-One (AIO) please! 99% of my stash is terry flats, so it would be lovely to be able to just put on a nappy for once with no prep!

Posted by Stephanie on 23 February 2018

I’d love a tutto - I like osfm nappies and have really been wanting to try a tutto for a while.

Posted by Rachel Lewis on 23 February 2018

I would love to try the tutto. So far, I’ve only got one MCN and I want to try a few other brands and types before I settle on one for my baby boy. The tutto would be perfect because it would grow with him and then I can eventually use it for our next baby in a few years time :)

Posted by Amie on 26 February 2018

Itti Bitti d’lish SIO please! I love the the fact that the insert snaps in but can be taken out to dry quicker

Posted by Catherine on 26 February 2018

I'd love to try the tutto. Just starting out and OSFM seems like a great way to start with a growing boy!

Posted by Sarah on 26 February 2018

Would love to try a dlish as my girl is very petite and i think a sized nappy may be a better fit

Posted by Amy on 27 February 2018

SIO! I love the trim fit and the ease of drying.

Posted by Ashlee Gadsby on 27 February 2018

I'd love to try out the Tutto for two reasons. One, we live in a very hot climate so I like the option to hang liners/boosters out in the sun but keep the cover inside to dry so I can protect the PUL. Two, the fact that it would fit from infant to newborn is great because you get a long life out of the nappy! I also love how they have colour coded snaps! Thanks!

Posted by Alanna on 27 February 2018

The SIO...as a new mum I'm a little bit nervous about the whole thing so this seems like a good intro!

Posted by Ashleigh Parsons on 27 February 2018

I love the Tutto as it lasts from birth to toilet training! So convenient!

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