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It's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's Super Undies NEW Hybrid Trainers!

Added on 08 December 2014 in New arrivals, Super Undies, Toilet training

Due to popular demand Super Undies have released a One Size 'Hybrid' Trainer for the little toilet learners out there! And we have them in stock and ready to send off.

The Super Undies One Size Hybrid Trainer is a great option if you're toilet training this summer:

  • each trainer comes with three inserts - just replace the insert if an accident occurs and reuse the shell
  • they're easy to pull up and down
  • can be unsnapped at the back for easy removal if necessary (great for poo accidents!)
  • look like big kid undies rather than a nappy
  • can hold multiple inserts for nap time, longer car trips and even nighttime
  • they adjust to fit from 7kg to 16kg+!



We love them, and your little super hero will too!


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