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Introducing Softbums - Exclusive to Darlings Downunder!

Added on 16 September 2011 in New arrivals, SoftBums

We are so chuffed to be able to bring this great US brand to Australians. Softbums has boomed in the US due to its fabulous Slide2Size size adjusting system, so we got some in to test.

And we LOVE them! We'd heard so many rave reviews from overseas, we thought we might have got our hopes up, but no - these nappies have quickly become favourites. Check them out here. And for this weekend only we have the Softbums range at a 15% off introductory offer!

There are two types of Softbums 'shells' (the outer waterproof part), the Echo, which is a trim All-in-2, and the Omni, which runs slightly larger (though still trim) and can be used an All-in-2, a Pocket nappy or even as a cover. Here's a bit about the Omni:

The shells and the inserts (or 'Pods') are sold separately, so you can chose which will work best for you, and of, course, you can mix and match!

But how does the patented Slide2Size size adjusting work? Each nappy has a tiny toggle (just like on a jacket, only really little) that can be accessed from inside or outside the nappy, in order to adjust the leg elastic to the perfect length for your baby. It can even be adjusted while the baby is wearing the nappy! You're probably wondering whether the toggle is uncomfortable for the baby - nope, they don't even feel it, it's that little!

Anyway, some video demonstrations are always good when it comes to a new way of doing things, so here is the SoftBums Dad showing how to adjust the leg elastic (this was before they changed the name of their adjusting system from 'Drawstring' to 'Slide to Size'):

Want to see a Softbums in action on a real baby? Here it is on 5 week old Susan:

You can find some independent reviews of the Echo and the Omni on YouTube. Here are some of them:


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