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Home of the Swallow Thailand - Cloth Nappy Drive Update

Added on 28 June 2013 in Darlings Downunder, Nappy charity

You may remember that last month we did a call out for cloth nappies for the Home of the Swallow - a home for disadvantaged mum and babies in Thailand. A number of you joined us in donating nappies, and they have now been delivered to the home by student volunteers from Melbourne's Maranatha Christian School.
We have received a thank you note from the Home of the Swallow to pass on to everyone who helped out:

We are so thankful that the nappies arrived to us in Thailand already!!!!! The mothers are so glad they can use them and the babies are having a great time pulling at the buttons and exploring their new nappies. I took a few photos the other day as the babies were outside. They look absolutely adorable!! Thank you so much for organizing so much for us and helping us. The donations have been coming in and we are so thankful that we can share some with the other foster homes in the village and the home for disabled children. What a wonderful month. Please thank everyone that has helped us and sent nappies to us. We cannot thank everybody because a lot of the nappies came in one big massive garbage bag but I am sure everyone knows how thankful we are!

And here's pic of some little ones from the Home of the Swallow wearing some of the new Sweet Pea nappies that were part of our own donation:

Thank you so much to everyone who donated nappies. As you can see they have been gratefully received and are making a difference already.


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