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Happy Heiny's Giveaway!

Added on 20 June 2010

Do you want to win a Red Happy Heiny’s One Size Pocket Nappywith two microfibre inserts? Read on for the details.

A Bit About Happy Heiny’s

Happy Heiny's is known all over the world as a dependablecloth nappy manufacturer with all the company's products made in the UnitedStates by working mums. Happy Heiny's nappies come with Aplix® brand hook &loop closures-- making nappy changes fast and easy. The One Size Pocket Nappiesare made of custom-milled fleece and 100 percent laminated polyester outerswhich keep you and your baby dry. The wide pocket design means those withbigger hands have no trouble stuffing the nappy and the sizing fits from 3.6kgto 17kg. The One Size Pocket Nappy comes with two microfibre inserts – one largeand one small.

Happy Heiny's did not start as a business venture. Linda and Mike Byerline created theirown cloth nappies in January 2002 in response to the birth of their thirdchild, Sarah Grace, who was born prematurely and developed chronic lung disease. Due to the chemicals in disposables, doctors recommended they consider switching to cloth nappies in hopes of decreasingtheir daughter's need for further medications and potential hospitalisations.

After switching Sarah Grace to cloth nappies, doctorsdocumented a 50 percent decrease in her need for assistance. However, the clothnappies that Linda and Mike were using at the time did not fit Sarah Gracecorrectly due to her petite size. As a result, Linda created her own clothnappies that fit Sarah Grace comfortably and didn't cause rashes. 

While Linda was sewing her own cloth nappies for herdaughter, she made extra that she soldon eBay. These nappies proved to be popular and Linda quickly realized that othermums were interested in providing their children with safe and easy-to-usecloth nappies. Within six monthsof creating Happy Heiny's, Linda began selling her nappies to wholesalers andwithin a year Happy Heiny's nappies were being sold to retailers all over theworld. Now she provides cloth nappies to parents around the world andemploys working mums in a growing business that is run with a family friendlyfocus.

How to Enter

Here are four different ways to enter to win a Red Happy Heiny’s One SizePocket Nappy:

  1. Become a Follower of our Blog (there's a subscribe button on the right hand side of this page under the calendar), or
  2. Become a Liker on our Facebook page, or 
  3. Subscribe to our monthly email Newsletter (the signup should be down on the bottom left of the screen), or
  4. Buy something from Darlings Downunder between 20th & 26th June (inclusive)

In order for your entry to count, you MUST post back at this blog leaving a comment letting us know how youentered. Each one of the above counts as one entry, so you can do more than one of themto increase your chances of winning.

Are you already a follower, liker or newsletter subscriber? Make a comment on this blog letting us know and you will be automatically entered.

Entries close at midnight on Saturday 26 June and the winner will be announced on Monday 28 June.


Posted by Rebecca Jones on 20 June 2010

I am a Facebook fan, a news letter subscriber and follower of your blog. I may still make a purchase yet.... (despite spending $100 a month ago!!!)

Posted by Vaness Luck on 20 June 2010

Avid Facebook follower and newsletter but if If buy more cloth nappies hubby may just cut up my credit card....

Posted by Sarah Robjent on 20 June 2010

I am a facebook follower and if I can work out how, I will become a blog follower too!!!

Posted by Holly Rodway on 20 June 2010

Facebook follower and about to subscribe to blog and newsletter. Not sure that it will help with getting my mcn addiction under control...

Posted by Erin Phillips on 20 June 2010

I'm a FaceBook follower and I subscribed to your newsletter :) I am also a big MCN addict, my very first MCN's were brought from Darlings Downunder :D

Posted by Nicole Taylor on 20 June 2010

already a FB fan, but subsribed to the RSS feed and the newsletter :)

Posted by Alison Dane on 20 June 2010

I'm a Facebook fan, blog follower and newsletter subscriber! Just bought some nappies off you last month and they are great!!

Posted by Hannah Penaluna on 20 June 2010

I'm a liker of your facebook page, have just signed up for the newsletter and a follower of your blog. Considering buying some nappies too!

Posted by kirsty ellis on 20 June 2010

I am a facebook fan, and also a newsletter subscriber :)

Posted by Jane on 20 June 2010

I am a Facebook 'liker' and have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a while now. I bought nappies from your store a few months ago and am looking at getting some night nappies as soon as I work out which ones I want!

Posted by kirsty Ellis on 20 June 2010

just subscribed to your blog. Hmmm, one of the reasons I was initially using cloth was to save money...not sure that is going to happen!!! :)

Posted by tamara McMaster on 20 June 2010

hey i would like my extra entries for fb and newsletter :P

Posted by Kate on 20 June 2010

I am a facebook fan, a newsletter subscriber and I just signed up to the rss feeds :)

Posted by Bree on 20 June 2010

I am a facebook fan, a newsletter subscriber and now a member of your blog!

Posted by Kate on 20 June 2010

Facebook follower, newsletter subscriber & now blog subscriber.

Posted by Carey B on 20 June 2010

I'm already a facebook fan and newsletter subscriber, and I'd love to try a happy heiny :)

Posted by Sarah A on 20 June 2010

I am already a face book fan, i love darlings down under! I just signed up for your newsletter too :)

Posted by Kris Merritt on 20 June 2010

I am already subscribed to your newsletter and blog and a liker on facebook also long time customer. Love my monkey doozlez and kissaluvs from DDU and eagar to try the Happy Heinys

Posted by Ruth Ament on 20 June 2010

I am a facebook fan!
And a subscriber to the newsletter!
And a subscriber to the blog!:)

Posted by Kim on 20 June 2010

After many years as a customer i didn't even know there was a newsletter, so have signed myself up, subscribe to the blog and liked you on facebook...all set now.

Posted by Louise C on 20 June 2010

I already like you on facebook, and subscribe to the newsletter :)

It was at your info day that ?I stocke dup on different brands to try when my bub is born - but Happy Heinies isn't one I got then.

Posted by Clara McG on 20 June 2010

I have become a follower of your blog, liked your Facebook page and subscribed to your monthly newsletter :)

Posted by Annie Turner on 20 June 2010

Am also already a fb liker and newsletter subscriber :)

Posted by Kim K on 20 June 2010

I'm a FB liker and make regular purchases (with my first baby due in one month!)

Posted by Ange on 20 June 2010

Facebook follower & newsletter subscriber.

Posted by Bridie on 20 June 2010

I am investigating alternatives to disposable nappies and have stumbled across this fabulous site. Super keen to try reusable nappies on my beautiful 10 day old girl. I now subscribe to the monthly email newsletter. I want to know more!

Posted by Bridie on 20 June 2010

I am a newsletter subscriber and now a follower on Facebook. My friends that a soon-to-be mums or new mums will love Darlings Downunder.

Posted by Tennille on 20 June 2010

I have just signed up as a newsletter subscriber and a follower of your blog.

Posted by martinaroepert@hotmail.com on 20 June 2010

Done it!
Look forward to try out the next nappies!

Posted by anita on 20 June 2010

I've become a Follower of your Blog, subscribed to the newsletter and also a liker on FB, why? Cos I love this site and I love cloth nappies. They are so cute on my little boy, who wouldn't want to use them

Posted by Sophia on 20 June 2010

Facebook follower, trying to curb my spending addiction but can't guarantee anything hhehehehe.

Posted by Aaron on 20 June 2010

OK i might be the only man but my wife is out of hospital and out of order since her surgery and I am the man of the house trying to run a house and keep up her MCNs. So she has told me to resize the nappies from a small to a medium for our son. So here I am looking, signing up and enjoying looking at sites and buying mediums for our son. Not only has it been fun but so intersting. So have signed up to win this Happy Heiny (which we havent tried before) and continue to look for nappies to increase our stash to save money and save the environment.

Posted by Elizabeth Doolan on 20 June 2010

I'm a facebook liker and just signed up for the newsletter! I've got 2 in cloth nappies (2 year old and a 3 week old) and am struggling to keep up. So an extra nappy is always welcome and I'd love to try these. My husband has banned me from buying more :)

Posted by jade on 20 June 2010

hi facebook follower, blog follower and signed up to your news letter. :D

Posted by Kate on 20 June 2010

I'm a facebook follower & a newsletter subscriber.

Good Luck everyone.

Posted by Kate Schurch on 20 June 2010

Just occurred to me that you might need a full name, not just my first name - as I said above I'm a facebook fan & a newsletter subscriber.

Posted by Sarah May on 20 June 2010

I just became a liker, and am hoping to build on my MCN stash for my second bubs!!!!

Posted by KIRRILY MCKAY on 20 June 2010

I am a FB liker, a newsletter subscriber, and now a follower of your blog. With one in MCN full time and another 2 in MCN for sleep times, my stash is always put to good use and is desperately in need of some newbies!

Posted by Kylie Jarvis on 20 June 2010

Facebook follower :)

Posted by shellie drysdale on 20 June 2010

i am a facebook fan!

Posted by Winny Prasetyowati on 20 June 2010

I'm a facebook fan! :)

Posted by Bao Ng on 20 June 2010

I follow your blog. Thanks for this giveaway!
giabao.ng @ gmail dot com

Posted by Bao Ng on 20 June 2010

I'm a Facebook fan!

giabao.ng @ gmail dot com

Posted by Bao Ng on 20 June 2010

I subscribe to your newsletter!

giabao.ng @ gmail dot com

Posted by Organic Girl on 20 June 2010

I'm not after anything for free. It's suprising though how many comments you get when you have a good offer. You have some great baby nappy products.

Great baby newsletter.

Posted by cloth nappies australia on 20 June 2010

Thank you for sharing the information with us. There are so many cloth nappies brands in the market that we should compare the quality and other issues before making the decisions. It will impact the kids health, so we must be careful for the final decision.

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