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Happy Birthday Baby Beehinds Giveaway!

Added on 21 April 2020 in Baby Beehinds, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

Baby Beehinds have been celebrating their 16th birthday this month and we're getting on board with a giveaway!

Baby Beehinds is officially the longest continuous brand that we've had in our lineup at Darlings Downunder and were the first Australian cloth nappy brand we stocked. They came on board with us in June 2005 (with their Hemp Honey Fitted nappy - a handmade/WAHM nappy sewed by Davina at her own table) and we've stocked Baby Beehinds nappies ever since!

To celebrate Baby Beehinds' birthday, we have two of the super popular Baby Beehinds All-in-2 multifit nappies (RRP $36 each) to give away to two lucky winners!

To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already - we will be checking this!!!), then post below letting us know your favourite Baby Beehinds product and why (or if you haven't used any of them, which one you'd love to try).

If you make a purchase of any Baby Beehinds product from our website or in store before 30 April, you'll automatically get a bonus entry in this giveaway.

This competition is now closed.

And the winners are:

Merinda & Shelley!

Some conditions:

Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years

Entries close 30 April 2020   

Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry

Winners will be announced here 1 May 2020



Posted by Susan on 24 April 2020

I haven’t tried many baby beehinds, but I love the bamboo fitted. They are so absorbent and breathable on bubs. I would absolutely love to try some velcro AI2’s though, they look so trim and the velcro would make it so much easier for those quick crocodile roll changes!

Posted by Maï on 24 April 2020

I would love to try the fitted nappy, it looks like it would be nice and soft on my boy's bum!

Posted by Jade Erickson on 24 April 2020

Magicall multifits AIO in velcro. Gorgeous rich colours, super absorbant and a system that seriously doesn't get any easier (aka husband proof with guarenteed no leaks)!

Posted by Katie Cornelius on 24 April 2020

I actually haven’t tried baby beehinds yet. However I would love to try the Velcro all in ones nappy. My mother in law is quite skeptical about cloth nappies and this looks like the perfect nappy to introduce her to the world of cloth.

Posted by Heather on 24 April 2020

I love bbh, we bought quite a few osfm and newborn nappies for our first baby 2 years ago. Now we have our second and would love to have some of the new designs because they have been such a reliable nappy! Also, we swear by the nbg night nappy with a wool cover! This is a wonderful nappy brand :)

Posted by Liia on 24 April 2020

I loved using our large Wet Bag. It fit so much in it, the kinky was lush, and it felt like excellent quality.

Posted by Nicole on 24 April 2020

I just love the BBH Multifit pocket nappies. Super easy to use, always a good fit and as hardy as they come! Pretty prints too! BBH night nappies are pretty awesome too...

Posted by Steffi on 24 April 2020

I haven't tried any baby beehinds yet but would love to give the AI2s velcro a go! I don't have any velcro nappies but I think they would really encourage hubby to get on board more!

Posted by Gemma on 24 April 2020

AI2. Super easy to use. Great colours and prints.

Posted by Sarah Kennedy on 24 April 2020

I've a newborn trial pack at the moment and really enjoy these. Not to mention, hubbies favorite! So time to build our own stash now

Posted by Jen K on 24 April 2020

I love the sized magicalls with a large wetbag for daycare as they were so easy for our wonderful educators to use and help support us reduce the use of disposables.

Posted by Katie Kalms on 24 April 2020

I love Baby Beehind's night nappy with their wool cover. We've never had a leak and little Miss had been in them for 2 years now! They are fantastic.

Posted by Ramneek kair on 24 April 2020

Magical multifit pocket nappy is my favourite,superabsorbant,easy to use

Posted by Eleni on 24 April 2020

I haven’t tried bbh but I’d love to try their swim nappy, I’ve heard it’s great and love the idea of Velcro!

Posted by Silv on 24 April 2020

im new to mcn, haven't tried baby beehinds mcn yet. if i will be the lucky winner i would luv to try the all in 2 multifit nappies on my bubs bum and see how it goes from there! heard so much positive reviews on their products so I am keen to try it for my bub

Posted by Schayne George on 24 April 2020

I haven't tried Baby Beehinds yet, but I'd love to try the Magic-all Multi-Fit pockets.

Posted by Bree on 24 April 2020

I’ve only recently got myself some BBH nappies & im already obsessed! The quality is incredible & the absorbency is the best I’ve tried yet! Would love to be able to cloth full time but need to add more to my collection

Posted by Catriona on 24 April 2020

Baby beehinds all in 2 is my fave because it is Velcro closure (perfect for grandparents or babysitters), can use as a pocket nappy or just lay inserts on top if you prefer, and the absorbency is amazing! The snake is longer than some other nappies I own so I only use the snake, don't even need to add the booster. And they have some great prints too!

Posted by Rowena Metcalfe on 24 April 2020

I love the BBH all in one when I forst started out using cloth nappies. Super easy to fit and super trim. Love it, would reccomend!

Posted by Mindy on 24 April 2020

I love the baby beehinds sized covers- we use them over flats and find the fits easy and reliable. Definitely the covers we reach for.

Posted by Meagan on 24 April 2020

I love the magicall multifit Velcro because the grandparents and child care love the Velcro and the inserts are super absorbent and customisable. BBH are excellent quality!

Posted by Michelle on 24 April 2020

I loved the bamboo fitted as night nappies on my now 12yo. They’ve been handed down to my Grandsons. Fourth Grandchild is due very soon and I know my Son and Daughter in Law would really appreciate this prize. It was a proud moment when they were having their first baby and my son asked for my advice on cloth nappies ??

Posted by Kelly Bricknell on 24 April 2020

I haven’t used Baby Beehinds yet but all their nappies look really good! I’d most like to try the fitted nappy as I’m on the hunt for a good night nappy and they look like they’d be perfect. And so soft too!

Posted by Radka Dojcanska on 24 April 2020

We love Magicalls. They arw the best, easy and pretty prints!

Posted by Saskia on 24 April 2020

I have the fitted nappy and a cover which have been a great versatile nappy for car trips and nights. My favourite nappy is their Velcro Magical AI2. The inserts are so absorbent and it has been so easy to use it convinced me (and my husband) to do full time cloth. Just building my stash so any more Baby Beehinds are welcome additions!

Posted by Rebecca on 24 April 2020

I am a first time mum and have a two week old and am about to start on my cloth journey. I have 5 of your MCN and like that the have a pocket you can stuff into if you want. I also have a swim nappy and once all the Iso from Crona over I’m looking forward to going swimming with my baby.

Posted by Shelley on 24 April 2020

Our first baby due early August 2020 will ve comjng home in the beautifully soft baby beehinds newborn nappies. They are already my favourites from our stash because they are so soft and wash and dry so nicely. I cant wait for our little one to finally be here and to enjoy them too!

Posted by Cat Robertson on 24 April 2020

I love LOVE their wool covers and night nappies. They are massive, so absorbent and never leak! My bub is so funny waddling around with a giant bum right before bedtime ????

Posted by Kristin Fildes on 24 April 2020

I would love to try magic alls!

Posted by Lynn V on 24 April 2020

We love our magicall multifit pocket nappy as it fits and absorbs well since birth! Would love to try the AI2 version!!

Posted by Heather on 24 April 2020

Baby beehinds night nappies and wool covers are amazing! I think my fifteen month old probably only uses 25% of the absorbency available!

Posted by Renee Baker on 24 April 2020

I've only tried one BBH nappy so far, AI2 Magical Velcro. My mum wants me to buy more as she finds it super easy to fit. They are really high quality nappies, the PUL is buttery soft. Looking forward to trying more very soon.

Posted by Lauren on 24 April 2020

I haven’t tried any BBH as yet but I’ve heard their night nappy is the best! I really would love to try it out with the hope to then be in cloth 100%

Posted by Rita on 24 April 2020

The overnight nappies are the bum-diggity!

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 25 April 2020

I have tried a few BBH products. I think my favourite, because they are so versatile, has to be their cloth wipes. Smooth on one side and terry on the other they grab everything and wipe it away. Great for cleaning faces or bottoms alike and they are hard-wearing even with hot washes.

Posted by Mim on 25 April 2020

Loving their PUL covers at the moment. My 3 month old is a super heavy wetter and and is wetting through all my nappies my other kids wore - an extra BBH PUL shell over the top gives me so much more security.

Posted by Sharnie Lovi on 25 April 2020

We currently just have a couple of large AIO nappies. Perfect soft snugly elastics on chunky thighs, especially for napping! Would love to try the AI2 and wool covers I think.

Posted by Danielle on 25 April 2020

I love the Magicalls Aio. I have a couple older, Velcro ones and they are still going strong. I love how absorbent they are.

Posted by Kate on 25 April 2020

BBH night nappy and wool cover. Stopped me worrying whether I had to wash clothes, sleeping bags and sheets in the morning. Tried a lot of nappies before we found this magical combo.

Posted by Alison on 25 April 2020

I haven't tried BBH yet. I try to limit the number of styles/brands we use to keep it simple. My go to brand is often out of stock and I'd like to top up our stash. I'm interested in the BBH magic-all multifit pocket. The training pants also look great to me (I have a feeling we could be toilet training by the end of the year).

Posted by Connie on 25 April 2020

I love our BBH covers, they are extremely versatile however my favourites have to be the newborn covers, it just makes life so much easier to change the insert and if you go.

Posted by Nicole on 25 April 2020

I’m about to become a mum for the 5th time. I’ve never used cloth nappies but I’d love to start up. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Posted by Dot Georgoulas on 25 April 2020

BabyBeeHinds bamboo fitted nappy with their PUL cover is my favourite nappy as it doesn’t leak and it’s a OSFM which allows us to use it as our baby grows! I started with preloved nappies and now I’m adding new nappies to my stash. They are so soft and absorbent!

Posted by Melanie on 25 April 2020

I love my bbh nappies! We find the AIO Velcro are super easy to use and the multi fit pockets are great too because of their slim line fit

Posted by Trica on 25 April 2020

I don't use the products myself as my kids are all adults but my daughter does for her baby. I've bought the woollen nappy covers (we used to call them pilchers) and the lanolin for them. Magic.

Posted by Candice on 25 April 2020

I love the hemp fitted. They work as a night time solution for our 6month old without all the bulk of most night nappies. ????

Posted by Sophie on 25 April 2020

We have a number of bbh fitted nappies with covers. I've never had a leak and they have been my workhorse nappy since birth. I'd love to try some other styles!

Posted by Alicia McQueen on 25 April 2020

My current favourite baby Beehinds product is the AI2. I love the snap in inserts and love how easy the Velcro is for wriggly tiny humans.

Posted by Ange on 25 April 2020

Their night nappies are awesome. Super absorbent and super easy to use.

Posted by Annika on 26 April 2020

The multi booster insert! It’s do easy to use, with the pop snaps holding it in place and the ability to fold it to suit absorbency requirements.

Posted by Jade on 26 April 2020

My first bub is due in 4 weeks. I’ve recently bought some covers and an AI2 from Baby Beehinds, based on excellent reviews. They also just look like a really easy and sensible design. I’m starting small as there I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the brands, but would love to add one or two more AI2s.

Posted by Kim on 26 April 2020

I'd love to try the bbh all in ones - we've got an all in two and it's great but and all in one sounds so easy!

Posted by Talitha on 26 April 2020

I haven't tried them yet bùt have just ordered some nappy covers from them to use over my terry towels. I would love to try their night nappies and fitted hemp nappy too.

Posted by Faye on 26 April 2020

I love the bamboo fitted nappy. After buying another popular brand and struggling to get a good fit, changing baby's outfit after outfit every hour or two, cot sheets every nap, day after day, I was ready to give up on cloth nappies. I fortunately managed to sell the lot considering how new they were and bought Baby Beehinds bamboo fitted nappies instead. They work a treat! I am so glad I tried them or I would be back on disposables right now!

Posted by Eliza Miskiewicz on 27 April 2020

Would love to try Baby Beehinds Magic-all All-in-2 Nappy

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