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GroVia Hybrid Nappy Cover & Wetbag Giveaway!

Added on 04 September 2017 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions, GroVia

It's #SpringIntoCloth time with giveaways!

Thanks to Cass at GroVia Australia, we have a 'UR the One' GroVia Hybrid Shell/Cover with hook & loop closure (love the red/blue combo!) and matching wetbag to give away to a lucky person!

The GroVia Hybrid Shell/Cover can be used over fitted nappies, prefolds or the GroVia Soaker Pads.


To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already - we will be checking this!!!), then leave a comment below letting us know what you'd put the GroVia Hybrid Shell over - flat, prefold, fitted nappy, or soaker pads (or something else!).

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: And the winner is:

  • Kerri Prossor

We will be contacting you soon!



Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entries close 14 September 2017
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winners will be announced here 15 September 2017


Posted by Vanessa Lineham on 04 September 2017

I would put the shell over a fitted nappy. I love being able to make nappy changing fun when we have beautiful, bright shells to use!

Posted by Julia B on 04 September 2017

I'd put it over some Grovia Soaker pads or Grovia prefolds... They can last for hours on my kiddo!!

Posted by Alana Torney on 04 September 2017

I would put the grovia hybrid shell over the soaker pad or a fitted nappy as I just ordered both from you today and have never used them. I'm super excited to put my daughter in them

Posted by Cara B on 04 September 2017

I would put it around flats in a trifold. Loving my flats right now, so easy to clean and dry.

Posted by Fiona S on 04 September 2017

I love Grovia hybrid shells over fitters nappies for bedtime - never get leaks!

Posted by Amy on 04 September 2017

It's a soaker pad or kiwi pie for us, depends on how bootylicious we feel

Posted by Sam Kost on 04 September 2017

I would use the shell over my grovia prefolds. My daughter LOVES whales and the ocean and would absolutely love helping to help change her brand new baby brothers nappy if he is wearing this!

Posted by Corinne Punch on 04 September 2017

Love using the combo of hybrid shells and soaker pads - so easy to snap it on or off! Especially with a squirmy wormy baby ;)

Posted by Aliesha Stroombergen on 04 September 2017

I use fitteds at night so would use over that. i also have lots of boosters that dont get used very often so could use 2 instead of a prefold.

Posted by Cate on 04 September 2017

I've a few prefolds that would pair up perfect with a Grovia shell.

Posted by Amy on 04 September 2017

I'm still a newby to the nappy world & researching which options will work best for us when my baby arrives in December. Grovia has come highly recommended so I'd happily try this cute shell over each option while we're figuring out what works best for us!

Posted by Lucille on 04 September 2017

I'd be using it over the no prep soakers. Love this pattern!

Posted by Sarah Darragh on 04 September 2017

I would put these gorgeous cover over my daughters fitted nappies.

Posted by Toni C on 04 September 2017

Prefolds :)

Posted by Kerri prossor on 05 September 2017

I'd put the cover over flats. I've just started cloth with my newborn and so far only have a few plain coloured covers, so this would bring some excitement to my change table!

Posted by Georgina on 05 September 2017

I'd pop it over a prefold. A seriously useful nappy system :)

Posted by Greta on 05 September 2017

Prefold for my newborn and the soaker pads for my toddler.

Posted by Ann on 05 September 2017

I'd use them with the various inserts that I already have on hand :), would love to use the wetbag when going out and about, it's perfect for when our bub goes swimming!

Posted by Zoe on 05 September 2017

I don't know what I would use the Grovia over as I'm still cooking my baby and don't know what will work best for them! I have a collection of flats, pre-folds and soaker pads so could try it over each to work out what fits the little bum best :)

Posted by Danielle on 05 September 2017

I would use prefolds underneath - they are convenient and versatile but best of all they pack a punch on the absorbency!

Posted by Cindy on 07 September 2017

We'll put it over a fitted nappy or flat. I love this print ????????

Posted by Melony Pedersen on 07 September 2017

I would use this with a grovia soaker pad through the day and over a fitted nappy at night

Posted by Michele O on 07 September 2017

No prep soakers or prefolds :)

Posted by Rachel Tindall on 07 September 2017

I'd use it over either s fitted nappy or prefold

Posted by Sabrina Bell on 07 September 2017

I would use a flat nappy as I have used flat nappies before and the extra work of folding is worth it because of zero leaks and can custom fit with fold size and type of fold

Posted by Anneke on 07 September 2017

I would love to pop this gorgeous cover over some soaker pads. So simple to use - even my husband can figure it out!

Posted by Lori Pavic on 07 September 2017

Although GroVia shells can really be used over the top of any kind of nappy or insert, I absolutely love the GroVia no-prep soakers. They are so convenient, really trim and soft against bub's skin, and I love that there is a little section between the two layers that you can put some extra boosting without laying them on the top. And you really can use anything absorbent, my favourite is to tri-fold a bamboo wipe and place it in there. Love these nappies!

Posted by Duanne Hibbert on 07 September 2017

I'd put it over flats, I'm keen to give flats a go!

Posted by Alison on 07 September 2017

Probably a prefold. But if it goes over my fitted that's a bonus.

Posted by Hope on 07 September 2017

I would use prefolds and the soaker pads underneath. I love using the hook and loop covers on my 9 week old, they are the perfect fit.

Posted by Julia on 07 September 2017

I would put this amazing shell over an organic cotton soaker pad!!!

Posted by Sonia on 07 September 2017

I love using prefolds on my 6 month old

Posted by Loren Wall on 07 September 2017

Soaker pads or prefolds!

Posted by Rebecca on 07 September 2017

I would use the hybrid soaker pads. They are so amazing and give such a slim fit on my little miss

Posted by Katherine on 07 September 2017

I would put it over soaker pads. Love the print on this one!

Posted by Iram asif on 07 September 2017

I love my grovia hybrids with organic cotton soakers

Posted by Tara on 07 September 2017

Soaker pads!!!!!!

Posted by Kylie on 07 September 2017

I would love this shell as I think the pattern is darling and would look too cute on my bubs bum! I have a Fulltime stash of GroVia Organic Cotton soakers to use with it!

Posted by Mahla on 07 September 2017

I adore this pattern and have been trying to get one second hand for ages! Will go over a prefold, but hoping to go ocerseas next year and will be taking some of the disposable inserts. It will be the first time our 18 month old has had to wear disposable! Quietly hoping she is TT'd before then!

Posted by Emily on 07 September 2017

I would love to put the shell over a soaker pad for my 18 month old, and then save it for prefolds and our next bubba at the newborn stage! Love the fit I can get with h&l on a newborn! ????????????

Posted by Emma Speedy on 07 September 2017

I'd put it over a Grovia Prefold or a cotton soaker pad ????

Posted by Lucy on 07 September 2017

Will be using over Grovia soaker pads! :)

Posted by Laura on 07 September 2017

I would put it over a grovia size 2 prefold with a snappy for me little 9 week old, this is our new go to nappy because her newborn grovia nappies don't last as long as they use to. Bub currently has this combination on the butt as we speak, with a Rose h&l cover ????

Posted by Paola Bowker on 07 September 2017

I would put this gorgeous nappy over flats with my NB, I will use it witj my Grovia soakers when baba is bigger and then also use it as a swim nappy on the hot public pool days. Oh how I love Grovia, its beauty and diversity. Yes please!

Posted by Miriam Reger on 07 September 2017

I'd use it over prefolds, but would love to try out the Grovia soakers later on ????

Posted by Phillipa on 07 September 2017

We use our Grovia shells over soaker pads and fitted nappies (incl Grovia kiwi pie) at night time; never a leak, they are our go-to nappy, esp for car rides. We even use them over disposables when we're travelling ????

Posted by Button on 07 September 2017

Prefolds! First time Mum and cloth nappy-ing..loving it! Especially love the Grovia products.

Posted by Lucinda on 07 September 2017

I would put the shell over a size two prefold.

Posted by Tracy Jacques on 07 September 2017

Organic cotton soaker pads!

Posted by Kim Broerman on 07 September 2017

Snap in soaker pads with a booster for out and about times.

Posted by Dawn Taylor on 07 September 2017

I'm entering because a dear friends daughter is expecting her miracle baby. , but I know nothing about these environment friendly nappies. When I had my babies they had the white cloth nappies with plastic pants, yes that's how old I am.

Posted by Charlotte on 07 September 2017

Bub is only coming in January, so not sure what would work best for us - I reckon a prefold underneath will be cheap and easy!

Posted by Alison on 07 September 2017

I'd put soaker pads. I've been wanting to try grovia for ages!

Posted by Angela on 07 September 2017

I'd love to win this shell to pop over some soaker pads I've just gotten. Wish I'd found Grovia earlier in my nappy journey

Posted by Heera on 08 September 2017

Pre folds here! Would love to try this brand over my pre folds. And of course, show that cute booty off with that print!

Posted by Tanya on 08 September 2017

fitted nappies here as they are best nappies for night time and this Grovia shell looks amazing to put on bub.

Posted by Elisa on 08 September 2017

This gorgeous shell would go over grovia size 3 prefolds for my boys. Love love love this print! Winning this would be the perfect way to celebrate my little boys 1st birthday next week

Posted by Helen on 08 September 2017

I'd love to put this over a soaker pad.

Posted by Cat on 08 September 2017

Straight over a soaker pad

Posted by Bek marshall on 09 September 2017

I would put it over soaker pads

Posted by Samantha Ng on 09 September 2017

I've only ever used with the snap in no prep soaker but I've noticed it's a larger fit so could probably easily do over a fitted!

Posted by Paige on 10 September 2017

I would use this gorgeous shell over the GroVia soaker pads - I just love how easy they are to snap on- makes changing so easy!

Posted by Renee Kininmont on 12 September 2017

I would put the grovia hybrid shell over a grovia prefold or a sloomb snapless mini.

Posted by Samantha Borchers on 12 September 2017

Baby is still in production, but my plan would be to use this shell over a prefold!

Posted by Andrea Robertson on 13 September 2017

I'd love to put this cover over our fitted or terry flat nappies!

Posted by May on 13 September 2017

Oh Grovia UR the One, You'd make soiled soaker pads more fun! Thanks for the chance!

Posted by Kate on 13 September 2017

I'd use the Grovia shell over flats.

Posted by Lulu Garcia on 13 September 2017

I will be using it over my baby bare bum when swimming! I like using the hybrid GroVia shells as swimming nappies and the adorable whales are just the best! and of course, carring it back home inside the matching wet bag.

Posted by Lara on 13 September 2017

I would put the cover over my soakmaster 1000 RAWr night nappies and my BBH night nappies, I love a bit of mix and match!

Posted by Carol on 13 September 2017

Would love to use with either prefolds or soaker pads

Posted by Amanda on 13 September 2017

I would put it over a Grovia size 2 prefold or use it as a swim nappy

Posted by Dioh Paguia on 13 September 2017

For our shells I alternately use prefolds and soaker pads.

Posted by Abigail Leed on 13 September 2017

A trifold or fitted nappy

Posted by Iram on 13 September 2017


Posted by Lilian on 14 September 2017

I would use the shell with a prefold. They last hours, bomb proof and the velcro is awesome to adjust just perfectly on bub leg and waist. Just great!

Posted by Lettica Welsh on 14 September 2017

Initially I would put the Grovia hybrid cover over a flat on my Bub when he arrives in November. Then I would use it with soaker pads once he is bigger.

Posted by Katrina on 14 September 2017

For normal use I use the soaker pads but my latest hack has been to use just the cover as a swimming nappy for my little girl who loves the pool

Posted by Katie on 17 September 2017

No prep soakers!

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