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Green Kids Giveaway!

Added on 01 November 2010

Green Kids pocket nappies have a great reputation, are a favourite of many and they're made right here in Australia!

So we thought we'd give you a bit more information about them and give you the chance to win one of your very own.

All Green Kids nappies have the same flexible one size pocket design but they come in three styles. They all have an inner layer made from soft suedecloth which keeps your baby’s skin dry.
Anytimes come in a range of colours and are suitable for day or night. The outer layer is made from polyester PUL (100% polyester laminated with polyurethane), which is both waterproof and ‘breathable’.
Funtimes come in a great range of prints for showing off and are recommended for daytime use. They are not suitable for longer periods of time or overnight. The outer later is made from cotton PUL, which is both waterproof and ‘breathable’.
Minkytimes are made with an outer layer of buttery soft, waterproof Minky fabric. Minkytimes are perfect for use during the day, especially for showing off! They are also fantastic for use at night for even the heaviest wetters. These nappies are a luxurious addition to your nappy stash.

Darlings Downunder spoke to Sasha at Green Kids and asked her a few questions about her fantastic business:

How and when did Green Kids start?
Green Kids began in 2004 when my sister in law, Ruth, and I had both given birth to our bubs within a couple of weeks of each other. We were both environmentally conscious and didn't like the idea of using disposables. At that stage, there weren't very many cloth nappy options in Australia, so we set about designing nappies for our new bubs. One of our main goals was to create a nappy that was nice and easy to use and care for, but fun and colourful as well! We started listing a few nappies on eBay under the name of Green Nappies, then opened a simple website within a couple of months. It has all just grown from there! I have been running Green Kids for over 6 years now, and still loving it!

Who makes Green Kids nappies and where are they made?
Green Kids nappies are made in Perth, Western Australia by mums who sew the nappies from home.

What's your most important business philosophy?
From a business point of view, customer service is very important to me. Cloth nappies are still a relatively new idea, and I think it is really important to provide follow up support for customers. I also strive to always use premium quality materials so that our products are of the very highest quality.

What do you like most about your work?
I love the creativity that running your own business allows, as well as the freedom to be there for my kids whenever they need me :-) I have always been very environmentally conscious, so I love being able to make it easier for others to choose cloth nappies, and help them to reduce their environmental impact :-)

Is there anything new happening at Green Kids in the future?
We have some fun new Christmas Funtimes prints coming out soon, I'm so excited! We also have some more new Funtimes prints, as well as 3 new Anytimes colours!! I also hope to release a range of Anytimes prints in the new year too, so stay tuned :-)

Thanks Sasha!

We have a gorgeous Lagoon Minkytime here with a very absorbent Bamboo Insert here to give away!

Let us know in 10 words or less why you would like to win the fabulous nappy...
We'll announce the winner 10 November!

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Posted by tamara on 01 November 2010

To make the other mums envious :)

Posted by shellie on 01 November 2010

they are the perfect nappy :)

Posted by Amelia on 01 November 2010

Great way to test out the absorbency and fit.

Posted by Joanne on 01 November 2010

to try a new brand

Posted by Maria Ratajczak on 01 November 2010

To show off to other mums
what's on my baby's little bum

Posted by Caroline on 01 November 2010

2-kids-in-one - to fit my 2yo and 3mo!

Posted by Lauren on 01 November 2010

Greenkids have outlasted all my other nappies!!!

Posted by Lauren Smart on 01 November 2010

just found out i am having twins - will have 3 kids under age of 2 in cloth and would love a OSFA nappy!

Posted by Candice on 01 November 2010

2 boys in cloth,
We'd love to show this off!

Posted by Lisa wells on 01 November 2010

we are staying near a lagoon after Christmas! I'd love to match her nappy with the place we will be staying :) it woud be the ultimate match!!

Posted by Sky Mykyta on 01 November 2010

to have 80s movie flashbacks! :))


Posted by Bronwen on 01 November 2010

A nappy to make our Darwin Bubba cool & Mummy happy!!

Posted by Alison F on 01 November 2010

My son would look sublime
in this lagoon minkytime!

Posted by Sharon on 01 November 2010

To try another brand :)

Posted by Elizabeth on 01 November 2010

I am a MCN convert without any minky nappies!

Posted by Glenys on 01 November 2010

Because a slinky minky is a happy nappy!

Posted by Melanie Cowie on 01 November 2010

My little bear needs a little lagoon to wear!

Posted by Janneke Don on 01 November 2010

Because I'd love to find a nappy that keeps my heavy wetter boy dry at night!

Posted by Bree Scott on 01 November 2010

Minky would convert my non-cloth friend!

Posted by kate robson on 01 November 2010

i love free stuff!!!

Posted by Kim Kirchner on 01 November 2010

adorable bright colours are the end of boring disposables

Posted by Kirrily McKay on 01 November 2010

Only cloth for my 3 kids
Love to try GreenKids :)

Posted by Christine on 01 November 2010

always wanted to try one, never had a chance, blue is my favorite colour!

Posted by Martina Bakker on 01 November 2010

To have something that holds nightly rivers in control.

(I have a two year old that wets trough everything at night:( )

Posted by Liz J Anderson on 01 November 2010

For gifting to my nephew, a brand new cloth convert.

Posted by olivia flanagan on 01 November 2010

to try on my newly converted bub, who suits cloth perfectly

Posted by Alison Dane on 01 November 2010

Perfect colour for summer days by the pool!

alisondane at yahoo dot com

Posted by Tam on 01 November 2010

Because blue is SO COOL!

Posted by Kate Maston on 01 November 2010

Beautiful nappies, gorgeous colour, bub and I would love it!

Posted by Rebecca Doherty on 01 November 2010

Because Green Kids are happy, dry and funky kids!

Posted by Amanda T on 01 November 2010

Need a nappy that leaves 'ME' with a dry lap :)

Posted by Carey B on 01 November 2010

A luscious Green Kids bum
makes me a happy mum!

Posted by Louise C on 01 November 2010

I don't have any pretties and blue suits my daughter :)

Posted by Bianca on 01 November 2010

Because it would suit my new boy perfectly :)

Posted by Leanne S on 01 November 2010

To convice hubby that I need to try another brand!

Posted by Katrina on 01 November 2010

I'm being adventurous and comparing different nappies :)

Posted by Melissa J Smith on 01 November 2010

So I can make other mums blue with envy!

Posted by Tarryn Weiss on 01 November 2010

I'm trying to build my stash to get rid of disposables for good!!!

Posted by Jessica on 01 November 2010

To give to my best friend to convince her to use cloth nappies!

Posted by Kylie on 01 November 2010

it would look fab on both my daughter and son and help increase my cloth stash

Posted by Amanda Carson on 01 November 2010

to have a PRETTY FLUFFY MINKY to go out in!

Posted by Jessica O'Donnell on 01 November 2010

Because hubby has banned me from buying nappies till February!

Posted by Ruth A on 01 November 2010

5 years of cloth and yet to try Green Kids!

Posted by Kristie on 01 November 2010

Babe-in-utero needs something special to start his stash!

Posted by Akiko Dowe on 01 November 2010

heard it's a nice nappy but i havn't tried one yet

Posted by Jessica Mattsson on 01 November 2010

It will fit both my boys, a great benefit!

Posted by Michelle on 01 November 2010

Fluffier than a baby duck, its a Green Kids butt!

m ich ell e at ho ot hoo t dot me

Posted by Tannis on 01 November 2010

So Cute, soft, absorbent, reusable, I am green with envy!
tannis_z at excite dot com

Posted by Emily C. on 01 November 2010

Because it's far more attractive than my other cloth nappies!

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