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Gift Registry

Added on 23 August 2010 in Darlings Downunder

Are you, a friend or a family member having a baby shower? Do people keep asking what they can get for a gift? Interested in cloth nappies and want to get a few to look at?
Why not set up a Gift Registry with Darlings Downunder? This way you can select all the different sorts of nappies you're interested in and your friends and family can log on to your registry and buy them for you!

Step 1

Click on 'My Account' in tiny writing located at the very bottom of the Darlings Downunder homepage, or on the 'My Account' on the left hand sidebar of any of the other pages of the website.
If you're already a member, log in, otherwise set up a new account.

Step 2

Go shopping! But instead of clicking the 'Buy Now' button, scroll down to the bottom of the product description and click on the little heart and the teeny writing that says 'Add to Gift Registry'.

Step 3

Just below the category list in the left hand sidebar there is a 'My Account' box. Click on 'Gift Registry'. There you'll see all the items you've selected along with your colour/size choices. It should look a bit like this for each item:

Super Undies Pocket Trainers v2
Super Undies Pocket Trainers v2
Remove item
Small, Blue Bandit

Step 4

Copy the link on your Gift Registry page and email it to all your friends and family. They can use this link to access your gift registry and buy the items for you!

How easy is that?


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