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Frugi - Jeans & Pants that fit over Cloth Nappies!

Added on 12 March 2011 in New arrivals

We're excited to introduce you to the newest brand we stock at Darlings Downunder - the fabulous Frugi!

Frugi don’t make nappies. But... they make clothes that fit over cloth nappies.


We’ve had LOTS of queries from people asking where theycould get pants to fit over cloth nappies. This isn't a problem for everyone - it comes down to the size/shape of the baby and the nappy. But we heard the question enough times that we thought we should do something to fill the need. So we went straight to a business which started offwith a couple of parents asking exactly the same question: Frugi.

In 2004 Lucy and Kurt had their first baby, Tom. Theydecided to put him in cloth nappies as part of their attempt to help the planetout a bit. But they soon discovered that it was hard to find clothes that would fit his big cloth nappy bottom. All the baby clothes seemed to be designed for smaller, disposable nappies.

The only solution, they decided, was to make their own babyclothes, and sell them to other people experiencing the same problem. Theirbusiness was born…and they named it Cut4Cloth.

It was a roaring success and was eventually extended beyond babywear, which is when the business became Frugi (‘fruits of the earth’ in Latin).

Here's why we love Frugi and why it stands apart from many businesses:

Frugi do loads of good stuff,but most importantly they make sure that everybody gets looked after.

- All their clothes are made fromorganic cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard so farmers and their families don't run the riskof being poisoned by pesticides and are paid a fair wage.

- All the peopleinvolved in making Frugi clothing are fully grown adults who receive a fair,fixed salary and work decent hours.

- All Frugi clothesare packaged in fully compostable, non-GM potato starch bags.

- Frugi also support an orphanage in India anddonate 1% of their turnover to environmental charities.

Apart fromall this, of course, they make clothes for little ones that lookgorgeous, don't irritate the skin and are well designed and hardwearing. And fit cloth nappies!

We’re a cloth nappy store. Well…duh! But we want to stay acloth nappy store – we’d rather bring you a wider range of nappies and nappyingaccessories with the expertise that specialisation brings, than expand into toysand clothes and gifts and so on.

But we figure we can make an exception for Frugi and theirCut4Cloth jeans and pants! We love Frugi and think you will too!

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