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Freebies with every Close Pop-In Newborn Pack

Added on 03 August 2016 in Close

We have a very special bonus for everyone who purchases a Close Pop-In Newborn pack during August: a two pack of Close Burp Cloths valued at $24.95 will be added FREE!!!


The Close Pop-In Newborn Nappy is a pint sized Pop-In and is awesome if you have a premmie or little newborn who's just too small to fit in the birth-to-potty One Size Pop-In nappy as they fit from 2 to 5.5kg. They come in an economical pack which provide 10 nappy changes for $129.95 so are very good value.


The Close Burp Cloths are the bee's knees when it comes to burp/spew cloths. They are contoured to fit on your shoulder (and stay there!), have bamboo absorbency, and are waterproof to protect your clothes.

For a closer look at the Close Pop-In Newborn Nappy, have a look at our video demo:



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