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Fathers' Day Giveaway WINNER!

Added on 06 September 2010

And the winner of our Fathers' Day Giveaway is....(drumroll please)... is Jessica Carew.

Here's Jessica's story:
"When I announced to my hubby that I wanted to use cloth on our 2nd child, he was dubious. He didn't have to say it, but I knew he thought this was just a passing fad and I wouldn't stick it out. I had every intention of using just flats, as to me, simple was easiest and best. But I thought I'd better get some MCN's (Bubblebubs and Baby Beehinds) for him to use, as I was sure he'd give up if he had to fold flats and put covers on. I soon discovered simple WASN'T easiest and ended up using MCN's full-time. Our flats were soon relegated to the back of the cupboard. I noticed every couple of days that a few flats would end up in the nappy bucket, I assumed hubby was using them for nappy-free time, until one day I changed our son and he was actually wearing one! Apparently he'd always been using them, but would always swap him back at the next change, as he knew I didn't changing the squares! Even now with our third, he always reaches for a flat, and puts some woolies over the top, as woolies are 'more natural and much more comfy'... DOH!!! He is such a hippy now!! We haven't had a disposable in this house for nearly 2 years, on his say so!"

Thanks for your story, Jessica! What a great hubby! Please email us to let us know your details and your colour preference and your new Sweet Pea nappy will be on its way to you very soon.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories of Dads and cloth nappies. They were great and it was REALLY hard to pick a winner.


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