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Fathers' Day Giveaway

Added on 30 August 2010

As it's Fathers' Day next weekend, we thought we'd focus on Dads for this week's giveaway. And we've got a pocket nappy here that fits man-hands! So - perfect match!
So if you've got a great story about a Dad and his experience with cloth nappies, we'd love to hear it. The one that makes us laugh (or cry) the most will win a one size Sweet Pea pocket nappy (your choice of colour and inserts).

The Sweet Pea nappy is a great, economically pocket nappy which comes with 2 microfibre inserts or 1 microfibre and 1 hemp for those who need extra absorbency. It's easy to stuff these pockets since they can fit man-hands! The pocket is open both ends, making it easy to get the inserts flat and because of the openings, you don't have to pull out the inserts before you put them in the washing mashing - the inserts agitate out in the wash!
So, if you've got a story, please post it here at the blog, or pop over on to our Facebook page and share it there. Entries close 6pm Saturday (Melbourne time).


Posted by Shannon du Plessis on 30 August 2010

It had been five days since our two-month-old daughter Paige had done a number 2, and my husband (who is regular like clockwork) was worrying. "Should we take her to the doctor?" he asked innocently. I explained that breastfed babies quite often go for days without pooing, and not to worry. Each time she let out a little fart, he would start rejoicing: "I think she's finally doing it!" But no, at nappy change time, there was nothing. My husband has taken very well to using modern cloth nappies, but rarely changes our daughter because he has been working long hours. On this particular day, he had the day off, and after I breastfed Paige and burped her, he said "how about I change her nappy for you?" So he took her into the room, and I could hear lovely baby talk coming from the baby, and even more baby talk from him, until suddenly there was screaming... "AAARRGGH!!!"
It was a number 3.
The amount of poo on my daughter and on him was unbelievable! How can a tiny baby create so much mess?
The only solution was to put both of them in the shower. Now my husband has become quite skilled at nappy changing and this poo incident didn't send him scurrying out to the shed! He really does love his little girl, even when she poos on him!

Posted by Jessica Carew on 30 August 2010

When I announced to my hubby that I wanted to use cloth on our 2nd child, he was dubious. He didn't have to say it, but I knew he thought this was just a passing fad and I wouldn't stick it out. I had every intention of using just flats, as to me, simple was easiest and best. But I thought I'd better get some MCN's (Bubblebubs and Baby Beehinds) for him to use, as I was sure he'd give up if he had to fold flats and put covers on. I soon discovered simple WASN'T easiest and ended up using MCN's full-time. Our flats were soon relegated to the back of the cupboard. I noticed every couple of days that a few flats would end up in the nappy bucket, I assumed hubby was using them for nappy-free time, until one day I changed our son and he was actually wearing one! Apparently he'd always been using them, but would always swap him back at the next change, as he knew I didn't changing the squares! Even now with our third, he always reaches for a flat, and puts some woolies over the top, as woolies are 'more natural and much more comfy'... DOH!!! He is such a hippy now!! We haven't had a disposable in this house for nearly 2 years, on his say so!

Posted by tamara McMaster on 30 August 2010

Hubby was giving me some mummy time when DD was about 11 weeks old, I had just drifted off to sleep and heard "oh what the hell?" then stomping up stairs, nappy change, dady change....
9while i pretended to be fast asleep) this happened another couple of times until a fed up dad comes in and says "ok what have I done wrong this keeps happening" holding a wet baby out revealing a very wet daddy.... SO he came and watched me doing one and said "oh thats not how i did it, thats very different" He hadn't realised trhat just "shoving" the insert in would not work... and hadn't realised that he needed to make sure the leg elastic was in the crease not half way down the leg.... and he hadn';t done the waist up tight enough. I was impressed he hadn'y cracked it after 1 leak and put an emergency stash spossie on!

Posted by Sara Reid on 30 August 2010

We live in Canberra, so it is quite cold in winter, and we dress our kids in lots of layers to keep them warm. And I dressed my youngest bub in layers, as normal one morning, and then my husband changed her nappy before she went down for a nap. He put a babybeehinds bamboo fitted on, did her clothes up, put her sleeping bag on, and she went to sleep. When she woke up, I took her sleeping bag off preparatory to having a breastfeed, and I noticed that she was all wet. We have found BBHs never to leak, so I was quite surprised, until I undressed her and found that Daddy had accidentally tucked her bodysuit into the nappy (I'm not sure how), and the body suit had wicked all her wee up onto the rest of her clothes, and the back flap of the suit was covered in poo. Taking off the pooey bodysuit also resulted in pooey back, hair, arms.... and a bath. And when I asked my husband about it, he said "she wasn't wearing a bodysuit, was she?"

Posted by Fiona on 30 August 2010

My husband has been hugely supportive of my decision to use cloth nappies. What I am most impressed by is that many other women have said they will buy certain types of nappies that are easier to use simply so their husbands only have to deal with one type... but mine has braved all types, including but not limited to prefolds (with and without snappis), pocket nappies, AIOs and even trying to help me fold terry flats!

At night time, we put our bubs in slightly bulkier nappies just to ensure she doesn't leak overnight and thus avoiding having to change her clothes, and yesterday my husband made the funniest comment - "maybe the reason she doesn't like to lie on her back is because the nappy is too big on her bum!"

I don't know why but I just found that hilarious. Our bubs is almost 3 weeks old (and already a moderately heavy wetter) and doesn't seem fussed about having wet or pooey nappies right now, so I don't think she really cares about the bulkiness either.

Posted by Emma on 30 August 2010

My husband was also dubious about me using cloth nappies, trying to ascertain whether the cost effectiveness was true or just a marketing ploy used by MCN companies.
He has converted though, seeing our baby only gets (nasty) nappy rash after wearing disposables. It took several goes at putting on a prefold before he could get it, using a snappy, I tried to show him how to spread your fingers so that you hold the middle of the snappy in place whilst you "clip" each side in and then do the bottom.
He attempted to copy me, and found it difficult to place his fingers in the same position so said, "Can't I just do it my way?" I relented, maybe he had a point........but because he didn't put enough pressure on the middle every time he "clipped" the second side on the first would bounce off because there wasn't enough stretch and he would be back to the beginning. After a few weeks though he mastered it, although he kept mumbling about using the tailored nappies. "Yes, but what will you do when they're all in the wash and he (our son) needs to wear a terry towelling nappy?" A bit more grumbling and the terry towelling nappy was mastered!

Posted by Anonymous on 30 August 2010

Ahh - not so much poo involved in my story, I am afraid. Mine is more about my sweet husband and his very serious approach to the impending arrival of our first baby. Not only has he been reading maternity magazines, worrying about episiotomies (HE needs to worry? Haha) and translating medical terms from Japanese into English (he is Japanese), but just tonight, he took a tour of the different types of nappies I have prepared. We took a close look at the flannel prefolds I am making, some towelling "modern" towelling nappies that we received and different types of nappy covers, and he was very interested and concerned about which would be the best (and where the poo would go!) I'd love to be able to introduce him to yet another kind to wrestle with...

Posted by Elyse Singleton Okuda on 30 August 2010

Oops - sorry - was so busy with the above story I forgot to leave my name....

Posted by Bree Scott on 30 August 2010

My hubby has managed to escape most nappy changes in our sons 2.5 year mcn wearing life! The other day I was out and there were no folded nappies, he apparently spent 25 minutes trying to put a pop in together when my 5 year old said " gee dad, mum doesn't take that long" and promptly took the nappy and snapped the inserts into place. My hubby proudly showed me "his" achievement when I arrived home only to be undone by my 5 year old boy saying "daddy had no idea mummy so I had to help him out"! Sigh.... At least I will have a grateful future daughter in law :)

Posted by Victoria Brown on 30 August 2010

We've been using a variety of MCNs, including some which needed covers and some that didn't. Anyway, one afternoon, when it was time for Miss P to have her nappy changed, I took off her clothes and burst out laughing. I realised my dear husband had put on a Baby Beehind Magic-All and a cover on her. She didn't need that cover but bless him for making sure she was extra absorbent.

Posted by Janneke Don on 30 August 2010

I'm new in cloth and so my hubby is too. Building up my stash I'm trying out all different brands. I'm washing my nappies together with a friend (cause we live on campus) so every morning I need to get my nappies and sort them out so my nappies won't be mixed up with hers. One morning when I was sick I asked my hubby to get them. I explained which nappies I had, told him the brands, told him the colours and that I marked them.There were about 5 in the washing. When he came back he only had the wipes with him! He said he couldn't find a way in 'all the itti beehinds, baby boo's, sweet pods etc'. So he just left them. Oh how I love him!

Posted by Emma Someone on 30 August 2010

My husband could be the pin-up child for many things with baby Sally. He was an advocate for me while pregnant, and supported me literally when I pushed our daughted out into the world 6 months ago, at home. He's an avid baby wearer and I bought him his own soft structured sling for Father's Day. But the biggest thing he loves about our babe is... the MCNs we've used since day 1.

He loves the giraffe-patterned nappies, the spots and stripes, the bright colours and funky patterns! He can't wait for it to be warm enough for her to just be in a nappy and singlet, so he can flash some of them around!

He is a proud cloth-wearing papa and I'm sorry but I don't have any "mere male" type stories to relate because he's probably more competent with them than me! There is the poonami that struck at 3am the other day - but that was me in need of a shower. There is the tucked in singlet adventure we had the other day - but that was me at home with Sally, not him. He is quick to offer to change, gentle when she's fussy, in awe of the amounts that can come out of her, amused when he takes off her nappy and she promptly pees on the change mat, and always happy to sit and watch TV at night when I've taken her to bed, and fold nappies ready for the next few days. He is happy to share advice with other dads who ask, proud of her never having had nappy rash, has never bought disposables and has a great relationship with her.

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