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Ergobaby Carrier Giveaway!

Added on 15 January 2013 in Carriers/slings, Ergobaby, Giveaways & competitions

We love the Ergobaby Carriers here at Darlings Downunder. And we love their new logo - very swish!

Fiona got her first Ergo 4 years ago, after a friend travelled around Europe carrying her 2 year old daughter in one. Fiona didn't get to do the Europe thing, but she never regretted getting the Ergo - it became indispensable over the next few years. And because we had such a great experience with the Ergobaby Carrier, we stock it!

To celebrate Ergobaby's rebranding, we are GIVING AWAY AN ERGOBABY ORIGINAL CARRIER! It will be one from out of our first delivery of the new carriers (due in just a few days - so stock will be available on the website very soon!). The carrier that one lucky person will WIN is this gorgeous one: the Ergobaby 'Galaxy Grey' Original Carrier:

To enter, have a look at the features of the Ergobaby Original Carrier here, and comment below on what you like best about the Ergo and why you think your family would be a good home for this fabulous carrier.

The junior members of Team Darlings will choose their favourite entry to be the winner.

Entries close midnight AEDT Tuesday 22 January 2013 and will be announced 23 January. Don't forget to check back to see if you've won!

Open to Australian residents only. All decisions are final.

The winner of this gorgeous Ergobaby Carrier, chosen by the junior members of Team Darlings, is (drumroll, please...)

TASH - Mum of Elliott

Congratulations, Tash!
Please email us with your postal address and we'll arrange to get your carrier to you soon.
Thanks to everyone who entered.


Posted by Fiona on 15 January 2013

I like that the Ergo carrier has a wide weight range. I have a 2 and a half year old and a 7 month old. The Ergo would have a good home with our family as it would allow me to travel out and about with both children on my own. It would also help if I need to breastfeed my daughter while we are out. Thanks.

Posted by Charlotte E on 15 January 2013

My favourite features are the Ergo's easy adjustability, so Dad can do some carrying too, and the hood because living on the coast there are some great scenic walks to do but you are exposed to the elements (but not if you're in the Ergo).

As baby number 2 is planned for later this year I can't be confined to just pram pushing as I've also got a toddler to run after. The Ergo would be a huge help to me and my daughter.

Posted by Simone spark on 15 January 2013

I have a heavy 9 month old and a back that can only hold him for a short time. I miss the closeness - and I love that an ergo will allow my husband and I to carry him as much as he would like. I also love that you can carry more than one baby using two ergos - so no child misses out on a ride with mum or dad (because of the new bub). And best of all - they look wonderful on this tired mummy!

Posted by Belinda on 15 January 2013

I love baby wearing and was given a different brand carrier for my baby shower so never really looked into the benefits and disadvantages of the different brands. At 9 weeks of age, my son was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was put into a pavlik harness. About 6 months of age, he then went into another type of brace as his hips were still not forming. He came out of the brace a few weeks ago, just after his first birthday. I plan to babywear for him for a few more years but will not use the ocarrier I was given as I have since found out that they do not promote heathly hip development. The chance to win a carrier that will keep his hips in the optimum position is wonderful.

Posted by Alisia Cameron on 15 January 2013

I love the range of carries - it's the perfect "all in one"! I have a newborn and the Ergoo is just what I need - infant front carry, breastfeeding, and hip or back as well once she gets bigger. With my older daughter I trekked around with many different carriers for different purposes! My family would be the perfect home because we don't want to have to lug around different carriers for different occassions, we want more space in the nappy bag for books and toys!

Posted by Aleksandra Delic on 15 January 2013

i would love to win this carrier as we plan another baby soon. We have an 18 moth old and i had to give up breastfeeding her when she was just 3 months old. I am determined to breastfeed my next one for as long as possible and give it my best. i think baby wearing will help me greatly to achieve this as i will have a toddler running around and ergo is just the best carrier around!

Posted by Yen Vuong on 15 January 2013

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Ergo Galaxy there you are!
Your style and comfort can't be beat
Especially when carrying tired, little feet
We can take you anywhere we go
And you adjust when baby grows
And even daddy loves wearing you so!

Posted by Emma on 15 January 2013

Love the idea of 'hands free' time but still close to bub! Also like the idea of safe developmental positioning of hips. On a more superficial level love the galaxy print! Expecting our first baby 28 the March, and as we are keeping the gender a 'surprise' it's great to see a gorgeous pattern that is not gender specific :)

Posted by Anonymous on 15 January 2013

The best thing about the Ergo is the cuddles! Closely followed by the correct hip positioning for baby. Our little one had hip displaysia and the Ergo was recommended by the orthopedic specialist. We used it every day until a week ago when I left it behind at the beach! I'm really sad as it gave us so many cuddly memories. I just hope whoever found it will put it to good use. So we'd love to win another!

Posted by Jacqui Lachmann on 15 January 2013

I forgot to leave my name! Mine is the 'anonymous' entry above!

Posted by Lucinda Matthews on 15 January 2013

Our little baby, William, loves being carried and especially loves facing away from me so he can see everything that's going on. But sometimes it's all too much and he needs to be turned around, away from the world, to snuggle into Mum or Dad and have a snooze. So his favourite thing about the Ergo would be that he can be in it either facing out or in. My favourite part would have to be that handy zip pocket. Our house would make a very good home for the Ergo - when it's not being worn it'll have a luxurious cupboard space all of it's own to rest and relax...but we hope it doesn't mind a bit of baby drool now and then...

Posted by Kellie on 15 January 2013

I love that the Ergo has the front, back and side carry hold positions as when I carry my 17 month old (without a carrier), it is always on my hip and that is what we're both used to and comfortable with so to be able to do it with a carrier would be perfect especially as baby number 2 is due in only 10 weeks, so I will be able to carry either one of them (the toddler on the hip hold, or the baby with the insert in the front) to always allow me spare hands for the other child. Going out with both of them is already a slightly daunting feeling, so to have this carrier would make our life so much easier and more enjoyable (being able to get out of the house without too much angst would be enjoyable in itself!). Plus when I'm out and about with my husband, then one can carry one child in the Ergo while the other carries or walks etc with the other so again making life easier. It would definitely be made at home with our family!

Posted by Shannon on 15 January 2013

My baby is due in early March and I have been coveting an Ergo since my last baby was born! It is hard to point out just one feature that appeals but the thing that stands out for me is that it allows for three different carry positions yet all of them are ergonomic - good for baby and good for me. I have only ever read good things about Ergo, so I hope this year will see me (and my husband) wearing our baby in one!

Posted by Elesha on 15 January 2013

With a six month old baby boy and abother on the way, I have found myself as an ergo 'dreamer' ever since seeing a friend of mine comfortably wearing her bulky two year old son, while I struggle to get comfortable with my 4kg newborn in our budget carrier. The thing I like most about this carrier is how supportive and comfortable it looks for both the baby/child AND the baby wearer!!....and this particular model of the ergo is oh so pretty!! I think the ergo would be right at home with us in helping us to get out and about once there are two little piglets for me to wrangle!! :)

Posted by Melissa on 15 January 2013

What's not to love!!
I have HUGE babies so the ability to carry them up to 20kg is AMAZING!!
I LOVE BABYWEARING!! I'm now onto my 3rd reflux baby and first time babywearing, it has saved my sanity!!
I also love that it's adjustable. I currently use a peanut shell sling for my 7 month old, but it doesn't fit my husband. He said he would only carry bub in a 'manly' carrier, so I showed him an Ergo and he said 'yes like that!' (secretly I think it's just because I showed him photos of Orlando Bloom and Carey Hart carrying their bubs in one!)
We are off to the South Pacific in March and will have to exclusively baby wear 16 odd hours a day for at least 12 days. I was saving up to buy an Ergo for this trip but then I noticed a suspicious freckle on hubby's arm, a quick trip to the Dr confirmed skin cancer so straight into a specialist to have it removed. Thankfully they got it early so he has a clean bill of health now but it took all our savings and with me on unpaid maternity leave we won't be able to save up for another one in time. So it will mean me being the exclusive baby wearer with my peanut shell trying to keep bub covered on the beach with a muslin wrap, whilst carrying a nappy bag as the peanut shell has no storage pockets, whilst also looking after my 5 year old son and 6 year old daughter.....note I didn't say we're going on a 'holiday' as although that's what we need I don't think I'm going to get one :-(

Posted by narelle Schwartz on 15 January 2013

Love the choices if colours and the unisex colours the wide straps and how comfortable it sits I have been collecting certain different carriers in hopes of having a rainbow baby soon been ttc for a rather long long long time now hoping fertility meds commence again soon

Posted by Laura Highgate on 15 January 2013

I seriously luuurve Ergos!! I am currently borrowing a friends, but live in fear that she will need it back!! My little one has literally lived on me since she was born, and if it wasn't for the super comfy Ergo, I don't know how we would have survived!! Comfortable 3 hr naps in a 'crotch-dangler' carrier?!? I think not!!!
And, as an added insult, my 4 year old just got the same ergo for her doll at chrissy... I have serious carrier envy!!
So, aside from the comfort for parents (my crappy shoulders are v happy customers!!), superior hip support for babe, and downright gorgeous-ness of the galaxy grey Ergo, I seriously need this carrier if for no other reason than to match my daughter as we stroll down the street wearing our babies!! ;-D

Posted by Karrie on 15 January 2013

As a carrier that can accommodate from newborn through to toddlerhood (well actually my 6 year old would still fit in the amazing weight range :-)), it is very attractive to a family like ours that is always on the go, loves exploring the outdoors and loves to travel.

The knowledge that its reliability can serve us well from doing the weekly shopping, a stroll around the markets with friends, to a weekend bush walk is a comfort indeed, all the while keeping precious bubs close to your heart where they belong.

We are currently undergoing IVF for number 2 and the ergo is no. 1 on my list of things to buy for our new addition!

Posted by Aisha on 15 January 2013

Hi everybody!
I have really established an amazing babywearing relationship with my bub. Since he was a newborn he has been wrapped close to me and it has provided both of us the benifits of bonding, comfort, security and convenience. My beautiful boy is 9months now and although I've used a cloth wrap up until now I have been contemplating getting snap Ergo carrier. I've been eyeing the Ergo because it looks like a sturdy carrier that, with the padded straps and waist belt, would provide the same weight distribution as the wrap. It's a lot easier to get baby in and out of usthan the wrap and is perfect for all weather. And it's so darn cute!
I think the Ergo carrier would be perfect for our family because we are getting a lot more physical these days, we've just started hiking, and I go everywhere with my little guy so the Ergo carrier would get tons of use and exposure! :)

Posted by Lauren Cope on 15 January 2013

We've been wanting to get one for an upcoming holiday, it would allow us to be able to participate in the group activities & walks where the pram is unable to go. It’s so frustrating being excluded for such activities because you have a child. I love that using the ergo means we can be included

Posted by Erin Phillips on 15 January 2013

I love that the baby’s weight is evenly distributed across your hips and shoulders. I would love to give this a home with my dearest friend who's just had her 1st bubba. I already own an Ergo and used/use it for both my girls (3y & 8.5m)

Posted by Rebecca Cooper on 15 January 2013

I have severe sciatica & 3 buldging disc the Ergo is the number 1 carrier for me as it's supportive not only of me but my precious child. The Ergo is truly adaptive that can be used from birth with the infant insert up until toddlerhood! My Ergo is now 5 years old & I would love to win another for our baby due in June.

Posted by Ali on 15 January 2013

My favorite feature would be the light weight and compact, we are traveling to Fiji this year and we have been looking for a carrier for our bub, the ergo looks amazing!

Posted by Tanya Berglund on 15 January 2013

I love how it's lightweight and comfortable for both baby and Mum/Dad. Broad shoulder straps and extra zip pockets are a wonderful idea. My brother is due to have his first child in May and I would love to present him with such a practical and lovely gift!!

Posted by Jackie on 15 January 2013

Oh my I would LOVE this! I think I'd love the fact i could carry my 3 month old daughter either front, back or hip. I have a torn labrum in my hip which makes holding her very hard and sore so I think the Ergo would be perfect to help me out with my pain. Plus, I want to have my baby as close to me as possible of course!! And I love the new logo!

Posted by Leah on 15 January 2013

I like that the baby's head is close enough to cover them in kisses while wearing them cause we all know kissing little squissy bubbas is extremely addictive!

Posted by Briony Thoolen on 15 January 2013

I love the stylish design. As a mum, you don't always feel and look your best. So to be able to carry around bubs in a comfortable manner, have gorgeous cuddles AND look so damn good(!!)... Sounds like a winner to me! :-)

Posted by Kate Robson on 15 January 2013

I love that bubs is not dangling from their crotch! surely those crotch danglers can't be comfy for bub. The position of bubs in the ergo not only looks comfy for bub but is better for them and they are closer to mum or dad

Posted by Rebecca Jones on 15 January 2013

I love that this carrier is suited for the older baby and toddler as well. I would like to continue baby wearing but my 12 month old and the slings I have are really starting to hurt. So much in fact that I haven't worn him in about 3 weeks. I also love that it is a naturally breathable 100% cotton fabric and filling. That is perfectly suited for our hot and humid summers up north!!

Posted by Kate on 15 January 2013

I have a beautiful little girl who will only be carried in my arms-I have heard only the best things about the Ergo but unfortunately have never been able to afford one :(
My favorite feature would have to be the way the ergo evenly distributes babies weight across your hips and shoulders as after nearly 12 months of carrying Bubs in my arms my back is doing poorly- please save my body :)

Posted by Tanja Wray on 15 January 2013

Oh, I would love to win this for my Husband !!! We have 2 under 2 and only 1 carrier and my husband is forever jealous that I get to have snuggles and kisses with our baby while our toddler is being carried on his shoulders. Money is tight, so we can't really afford another carrier , so this would be perfect. Plus he is a star gazer ( fanatic), so I think the design couldn't be better too.
Love Babywearing for the tight hugs and kisses and the convenience of course :)
Thank you Darlings and thank you Ergo xxx

Posted by Katherine Lang on 15 January 2013

I know many before me have said it but my fav thing about the ergo is the weight range, closely followed by the ability to use it on my back as well as my front.
we have fast growing tall and heavy kids, with number 2 due in March, and number 1 nearly 3yrs, this cute carrier would be a Godsend. our family would be an awesome home for a new carrier, i can carry bubs close through the daytime, still keep up with my son and swap the ergo cuddles with daddy when he gets home in the evening. we do lots of bushwalking and camping adventures too, this cool carrier would be getting out and about with us all the time :)

Posted by Chelsea Grills on 15 January 2013

One word- comfort! Comfort for mummy (me) and comfort for baby Lucas. He hates the pram! Master 5 year old starts school in 2 weeks, so I'd love to hold his hand walking to school while baby Lucas has mummy cuddles in an Ergo!

Posted by Emma Fahy Davis on 15 January 2013

I would love to gift this to a friend whose bub has grown too big for her stretchy wrap, but who wants to keep babywearing. I love that Ergo is comfy for mama, and comfy for bub, not to mention pretty styley :)

Posted by Jodie Dean on 15 January 2013

100% cotton is the way to go,
Recommended by health professionals don't you know?
3 carry positions which are so great,
And breastfeeding on the go for the baby that can't wait!
Compact and lightweight, it is easy to see,
An ergobaby carrier is the one for me!
Lots of mobility inside and out,
Although rockclimbing and trapeze swinging might be in doubt..
Storage compartments for all those things we need,
But fairtrade Ergobaby is the best thing indeed!
Highly adjustable for short little me and hugely tall hubby,
And ergonomic sitting position for a healthy bubby.
Safety tested and gorgeous too,
Please choose us and we will all shout WOOHOO!

Posted by Michelle Patterson on 15 January 2013

Sometime in the next 10 weeks I will be the proud mumma to 2 under 2. I can only begin to imagine how much easier this will make daily life for our little family. In fact I have been lusting after an Ergo ever since my first babe was born.
How fantastic that it would allow me to carry either of them, given me hand free for whichever babe needs me at the time? I love the galaxy colour as I am sure hubby would happily wear this also. My favourite feature in the Ergo though is the ergonomic way it supports my babies. What a great opportunity!

Posted by Elaine Wilkinson on 15 January 2013

The ergo baby is hands down my favourite baby purchase! The hood to hide away a sleeping bub or protect her from the sun is so convenient. I love the storage compartment...I can pop the keys and money in there while I grocery shop, 2 hands free. I would love to win this for my best friend who's just had her very own little baby girl.

Posted by Ellen Witham on 15 January 2013

OH wow it looks so comfy and I absolutely love that you can breastfeed while bub is in there and that there is a weather/privacy hood..... Would love to have one of these for our next baby xx

Posted by Sabrina Goodingham on 15 January 2013

I have only heard good things about ergos, but have yet to try one. I love the fact that the weight is evenly distributed so as to not cause pain. With a bad back since I was seven, carrying my cuddly chubba bubba around makes daily life hard. I would love to be able to cuddle and comfort my little one pain free. I also love the fact that the ergo makes it possible to breast feed on the go. I think anyone would find it hard to find a bad thing about the ergo!

Posted by Christianne Schultz on 15 January 2013

I would love to win an ergo carrier as we are on a very limited budget since my car died and I've been trying to repair it before baby comes. I love the idea that baby can be with you where ever and whenever they need you as my first was super clingy. The hands free is the best feature I can think of, it means I can spend as much time with Mr. 3 year old and still be close to bubs at the same time hopefully limiting any jealousy issues before they arise

Posted by Jenna on 15 January 2013

I love the fact that the ergo is fair trade, that it holds baby in the recommended carry position from the Hip Dysplasia Institute and that it can be used for small babies right up to large toddlers :)

Posted by Suzanne Burke on 15 January 2013

I'm pregnant with my first child and my husband and I have looked at heaps of baby carriers. The Ergo is the only carrier that fits both myself and my husband with the easy to adjust straps, without having to get a wrap. (I'm a size 8-10 and hubby is built like a tank, and I'm afraid of dropping my baby with a wrap.) I also like that it has a great reputation for carrying bub is the best position for both the parent's back and the baby's hips and back. This particular ergo is absolutely stunning with the star print too. :)

Posted by Megan Ahier on 15 January 2013

We would love to own an Ergo carrier for our first born baby girl of 3 months. The features we love include, the breathable fabric, the fact we know it was made under fair trade conditions as we want the best for all children & adults around the world. Also the versatility of carrying positions - for now nice and close on the front, in a little while on the hip to start exploring the world around and then a little later to be carried on the back for closeness but just the right amount of independence too. Dream, Explore and Discover is what we could do as a new little family with an Ergo carrier.

Posted by Melinda Walker on 15 January 2013

I love how versatile the Ergo is for fitting newborn to toddler and also adjustable for different size parents

Posted by Katherine on 15 January 2013

The Ergo is perfect because its been made to carry a child in the most natural way possible. It's often just the 3 of us (9 month old & 2 yr old) adventuring and it would be nice to be more mobile without the pram. The Ergo gives mothers and babies the freedom to travel comfortably without restricting the places we can go. My family loves to go on adventures & the Ergo would help us be part of the action

Posted by Alicia on 15 January 2013

I used 2 other baby carriers with my first baby, who is now 2yrs. Even though she was not a heavy baby, the design of these carriers meant her weight was not evenly distributed and placed too much weight on my shoulders.

I saw an Ergo being used by a friend - it looked comfortable with the weight distributed on her hips and shoulders. I have been eyeing it ever since and with baby no. 2 coming in 5 months, I would like to avoid bulky,double prams. The breastfeeding feature is also very practical for me.

I enjoy nature walks like Cradle Mountain's Dove Lake curcuit and I would love to pass this passion onto my kids. The ergo carrier would help me with increased mobility.

Posted by Emily on 15 January 2013

There's a boy called Hamish and he's a wriggler and a squirmer and he likes to see the world from the best vantage point.
Prams are so tiresome, low down and cumbersome, while being carried by Mum or Dad is a much better choice.

He tried a Baby Bjorn we he was a tiny tot, but now at 18months he's much too big.
He travelled around Europe in a old handmade mei tai that his mum used to ride in when she was a babe,
but the mei tai is "vintage" and well past it's prime and not awfully comfortable for the parents or the boy.

Oh an Ergo would be fabulous, so ergonomically comfortable, breathable and light.
Hamish would absorb the world around him from Mummy's front or Daddy's back, held in the correct position, secure and tight.
Best of all is it's extensive weight range, from a big'ish' boy to a tiny newborn child.
because one day... if he's lucky... Hamish may have a tiny brother or a sister to share his stylish Ergobaby "Galaxy Grey" Original Carrier.

The End


Posted by Stacy Frogley on 15 January 2013

I love the ergo baby's sleeping hood feature so that if you are out and about and carrying your baby, you can let them sleep comfortably. My husband and I used to regularly go hiking and so if we had an ergobaby we could take our 6 month old son with us on hiking adventures!

Posted by Briony Thoolen on 15 January 2013

Ergo baby say it true:
3.2kg to 20kgs it's the only carrier we'd ever need.
Cotton and Canvas so it breaths and wouldn't constrict our baby. High Density padding and adjusting straps so that Mum or Dad would be just as comfy as baby.
We know that it's well designed, health professionals have had their say.
Carry baby on front, back or hip, breastfeed on the go.
Not that we need to listen to Koschy, but hood would allow for discreet breastfeeding and keep baby protected from sun, wind and rain!

How can we pick just one of these fabulous things? How can we tell you how much we would appreciate one? We can't, words aren't enough.

Posted by Tash on 15 January 2013

For our family, the ergo ticks all the boxes!
Our son Elliott was a long time in the making, and being able to wear him close brings both of us a lot of joy. We used all of our savings on multiple IVF treatments, so the budget now that we are so blessed to finally have our baby here has been very tight! I made myself a wrap-style carrier, which while warm over summer, was sufficient when he was tiny, but now that he is growing so quickly I am having trouble getting him (and myself!) comfortable. I asked a physiotherapist friend, who uses and swears by the ergo for her baby, then showed my husband who was excited that he would be able to start wearing our baby as well!
Prior to having Elliott, my husband and I would spend a lot of time bushwalking and taking our dog to the beach, and we can't wait to do these things as a family. Having such a comfortable carrier (and who can deny how gorgeous they are?) would help us do this again.

Posted by Lori Pavic on 15 January 2013

I love that it's so adjustable and can be used for both Mum and Dad comfortably, and that the weight is distributed through the shoulders and hips rather than all through the back.

I would love to win one of these for our very good friends who are expecting their first baby. She has a history of back problems from work (nursing), so this would be perfect for her to be able to wear her baby comfortably. Her husband has also said he'd love to wear the baby in a carrier, so something that suits them both would be an added bonus. I would love to see the looks on their faces if I gave them an ERGObaby carrier! =)

Posted by Nicki Hawort on 15 January 2013

I love how the ergo is, "ergonomic"! Carrying baby with their knees higher than their bum is so important for their developing spines and muscles and not all carriers support this. This flashy new design is sure to be a conversation starter to help spread the word about ergonomic baby carriers!

Posted by Heidi Barden on 15 January 2013

I Love the convenient lightweight, compact, easy to transport. I keep mine in the back of the car and it takes up no room, it also goes on a chair when we stop for babycino and we use the highchairs. Would love to win one for my bestfriend due with no. 3 baby.

Posted by page shelton on 15 January 2013

i love that the ergo has a nice wide padded support belt (looks like it would hide the baby belly nicely) and that they seem dad friendly, if we had an ergo even my hubby would give baby wearing a go, which would give me a chance to do things with our other 3 kids without a clingy 3 month old on me!

Posted by Katrina Mansell on 15 January 2013

I love the shade cover of the Ergo. I had my newborn in my non Ergo sling the other day and he got sunburnt from being fully exposed to the sun! With 4 boys under 7 I need my hands free, but I can't continue to risk him in the sun like that!

Posted by Dan Forrestal on 15 January 2013

I like that an Ergo will make my baby (and me as a Dad) look fashionable. Nothing says "I can accessorise" and "Hey world, I'm wearing a baby!" like an Ergo. And you can now wear your baby, up, down, forwards, backwards, or even sideways, and whichever angle baby is at they'll always be comfortable and radiate that calm exterior that increases the cute factor of even the ugliest babies. Everyone looks good wearing a baby, and babies look doubly good wearing an Ergo.

Posted by Dan Forrestal on 15 January 2013

Frankly, I need one to make my ugly baby look good.

Posted by Jessie Hay on 15 January 2013

I love that the Ergobaby is comfortable for both baby and babywearer up to 20kg.
This amazing carrier would be perfect for us because we have a gorgeous little twinkle toes (17 months) who absolutely loves being carried around but at 10kg is too heavy to be carried in our arms. It would mean the world to us if you sent our little star a Galaxy Grey Ergobaby!

Posted by Anonymous on 15 January 2013

I would love the new ergo. I want a carrier that is made for carrying a sleeping baby. I have used a carrier for all my kids but found it hard when they fell asleep. Number 5 is due soon and i really want the closeness of using a carrier and think the ergo will help us best. I also love the zippered pockets and adjustability.

Posted by Kiri on 15 January 2013

I love that the ergo can easily carry a larger child as well as a newborn. My 19 month old daughter no long fits comfortably in my peanut shell sling and it really hurts my shoulder. I borrowed a friends ergo for a long day of shopping and it was ideal - she fell asleep on my back!

We are now trying for our second baby, and I would love an ergo to keep baby close and my arms free to play with my daughter/cook/do housework.

Posted by Jo on 15 January 2013

I have one and I have used it so much for both my boys. I would love one for a pregnant friend about to have her first any day now! I love that they are mutual fit, that there are three carry options and most of all that they hold bub in a natural position.
A fabulour product!

Posted by Hannah e on 15 January 2013

The things I like best about this ergo carrier are:
-the versatility being able to carry bubs on front or back
- the well known trusted brand (I bought an ergo for a friend if mine and she loved it
-I love that it mimicks how babies are carried in some places but also gives greater security (I used a sling /tie type situation when travelling in Africa and ergo very similar to principle
-the larger covering and that it keeps bubs close so that sticky stranger fingers are less likely to touch your bubs whilst in (I don't mind people looking at or talking to my little one but touching I don't like..)

I would love one of these as sadly I was given a pouch as a baby shower present with first and it nearly killed my back by the time bubs was 3 months, I'm also planning on travel later this year so an ergo would be awesome for airports and keeping baby close.

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