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Earth Day - Cloth Nappy Social Media Flash Mob!

Added on 21 April 2014 in Darlings Downunder, Out & About

April 22 is Earth Day and we're going to flashmob social media with lots of nappy photos!

Take a photo - actually take LOTS of photos! - of cloth bums at your place today, and post them everywhere you can with the tags #earthday #clothnappies #mcn.

Post on your own social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, blogs - whatever social media you use), and share with all your fave cloth nappy pages! Search those tags, and share, retweet, like and plus them.

Apologise to your non-cloth friends first if you have to, and then go crazy! Let's see if we can get this trending!

Tag us in, and we'll share your pics too:
Facebook: @DarlingsDownunder
Twitter: @DarlingsDownund
Pinterest: @darlingsdu
Google+: +DarlingsDownunderAu

Oh, and some environmental facts about cloth versus disposable nappies from the University of Queensland for those people who tell you that cloth nappies aren't any better for the environment! You can share this one, too!


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