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Designer Bums Giveaway!

Added on 13 May 2013 in Giveaways & competitions

UPDATE: Find the 2017 range of Designer Bums Nappies here.

Designer Bums have recently released their newest range of funky prints! These OSFM Pocket Nappies are available in both snap and velcro closure - in stunning prints as well as luscious minky. They come with thirsty quality bamboo inserts. Check out some of the new range of gorgeous designer prints.

We have a two Designer Bums nappies here to give away - a Rainbow Minky and a Pink Lace:

Aren't they gorgeous?

To enter, comment below letting us know which one you'd like to win and why. The junior members of Team Darlings will choose the two winning comments.

Entries close midnight AEDT Sunday 19 May 2013 and will be announced on Monday 20 May. Don't forget to check back to see if you've won!

Open to Australian residents only. All decisions are final. This giveaway is now closed.

The winners of the Designer Bums nappies, chosen by the junior members of Team Darlings, are...

Rainbow Minky - SHANNON YOUNG

Please email us with your postal address and we'll arrange to get your new nappy to you soon.

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Posted by Corinna W on 13 May 2013

Ooohhhh the Rainbow Minky!! Less is more! Simple yet stylish and unisex to boot!

Posted by jessica P on 13 May 2013

Rainbow minky! Love, love, love rainbows!

Posted by Briony T on 13 May 2013

After trying for my first born for 6 years, I've had a lot of time to think about their first birthday party. My favourite is a rainbow themed party, as this would suit a boy or girl. So I have most things planned and ready for my son's upcoming party. But what nappy to put them in to make them look the part? Why, of course! A rainbow minky from designer bums would be perfect!!

Posted by Johanna C on 13 May 2013

Rainbow Minky :) because my little boy is like a rainbow, he lights up and colours even the dullest day!! And it would match his new rainbow leg-warmers perfectly :)

Posted by Bronwen L on 13 May 2013

Definitely pink lace for my little princess Abigail xoxox

Posted by Louisa S on 13 May 2013

The rainbow minky is awesome!! Can be worn with anything and will go nicely with my bubs new rainbow legwarmers!! So cute!!

Posted by Julia B on 13 May 2013

I am a huge fan of colour, so the rainbow minky would be perfect for my little boy!

Posted by Hayley on 13 May 2013

It will have to be the rainbow minky for my lol man.
As much as I like a boy/man wearing pink I think my
Husband will disagree.

Posted by page shelton on 13 May 2013

the pink lace is gorgeous! my hubby (and i) would love to have this nappy for our little girl, after 3 boys he loves anything pink, even nappies! a big yay for me! hahaha.

Posted by Kellie Banyer on 13 May 2013

The rainbow as it is so gorgeous and unisex and although there isn't a pot of gold at the end, my boys are my own pot of gold so they'd suit this nappy perfectly!

Posted by Emma Sayers on 13 May 2013

Rainbow minky - Gorgeous fluffiness to brighten up our day!

Posted by Jade Hunnisett on 13 May 2013

Rainbow!! You never can have too many rainbows!

Posted by Belinda Baker on 13 May 2013

The rainbow one. I am just in love with it, especially the coloured press studs. Plus I'm not quite sure I would put my bubba boy in pink lace ;-)

Posted by Shannon Young on 13 May 2013

Wow! The rainbow minky is so cute and would be perfect for my girl's first birthday party that is rainbow themed. We chose the theme because of the Somewhere Over the Rainbow song...dreams really do come true. Our little miracle was after 8 years of trying. She is our dream come to life. Plus I love MCN'S and try to show how practical & cute they are whenever possible. XX

Posted by Helen Jones on 13 May 2013

Rainbow minky. My mum calls her rainbow socks 'happy socks' and she would love to see my little one in this 'happy nappy'

Posted by Charlotte Feeney on 13 May 2013

Pink Lace please!! I am due to pop out a little girl any day now and for some reason my husband thinks she will fare just fine wearing her big brother's old clothes. So I have spent the pregnancy walking past all those gorgeous pink outfits. If I win this at least her booty will be girly :)

Posted by Meredith on 13 May 2013

The rainbow one is gorgeous, but I really want to try the print. I've always wanted to try these nappies and I love the new 'critters' print. My 13month old boy loves all bugs, and his first word was 'buzz'. He points to any bug and says 'buzz'. I reckon that print would keep him busy for at least a minute after each nappy change while he identified all the bugs on his bum. I reckon my fellow wouldn't mind a pink bum if it led to me getting him some bugs.

Posted by Lid on 13 May 2013

I would love to try the rainbow one! I have just brought my little boy home and would like to try a variety of nappies, and lets face it rainbows brighten your day :)

Posted by Heidi Barden on 13 May 2013

I would love the Pink Lace - My little girl would look so cute in that under a dress. Love it :)

Posted by Fiona Rainey on 13 May 2013

How could you go wrong with smarties on your bum? Rainbow minky all the way!

Posted by Elaine W on 13 May 2013

The rainbow minky would go so well with my little one's rainbow 1st birthday party! We've never tried minky before and a friend keeps telling me that she loves, loves, loves, LOVES it!!!
Thanks for having such a great giveaway :-)

Posted by Anna Killen on 13 May 2013

decisions, decisions.... i think the white minky with the rainbow snaps would be wonderful because my little angel hasnt any white nappies because i am colourful person. its the best of both worlds

Posted by vicky deller-smith on 13 May 2013

I would love to win the pink lace nappy. My daughter has inherited my sons collection of "boy/unisex" coloured nappies so a pink nappy in the mix would make a nice change :)

Posted by Emma Hinchliffe on 13 May 2013

Have to go with rainbow- love things with rainbow colours! My daughter is toilet trained now and we don't know what we are having for #2. Only 2 weeks to go until we find out :)

Posted by Catherine To on 13 May 2013

The rainbow one! The wonderful colours can be matched with any clothing.

Posted by Sarah on 13 May 2013

I love love love the rainbow one. It reminds me of rainbow bright. I love how the white makes the poppers really pop!

Posted by Bel O on 13 May 2013

I am just starting my stash before bubs arrives and would love to try a rainbow

Posted by Samantha S on 13 May 2013

I would love to win the rainbow one as my daughter is my little rainbow that lights up my day when it is not going well or when I am sad.

Posted by Amber Watson on 13 May 2013

Rainbow would look lovely on my belly baby due in August!

Posted by Samantha Vogel on 13 May 2013

I'd love a chance to wiin a ranbow minky one! How can you ever go wrong with rainbows? They match everything! And DBminky is so soft and lush

Posted by Chantelle Docherty on 13 May 2013

Rainbow kinky - because my little man brightens up my day like a rainbow!

Posted by amy gormley on 13 May 2013

would love rainbow as i will be doing a rainbow birthday theme for my daughter, i love everything bright and colourful and love something a bit different than pink for her. Bub number two is due soon as i could use it for them too if they are a boy or another girl!!

Posted by Lisette on 13 May 2013

The Rainbow Minky! Our first baby is due soon. His dad loves bright colours, so the Rainbow Minky may cheer him up when he is sharing the nappy duties :-)

Posted by Jana H on 13 May 2013

A rainbow minky would help to brighten our day with all this gloomy winter weather we've been having. My problem will be deciding if it is used for my son or daughter. It could be my daughter's night nappy!!! She LOVES rainbows but as she's toilet trained (except nights) she refuses to wear a cloth nappy to bed... but a fluffy minky RAINBOW... might just do the trick!

Posted by Zoe Reed on 13 May 2013

Oooohhhh Beautful Pink lace for my Beautiful Daughter to help us on our way to full time cloth !!!!!
Pretty Please & Goodluck picking a winner!! :)

Posted by Jess Hall on 13 May 2013

The rainbow minky - so simple yet so colourful and reminding if beautiful summer days :) (especially with how cold it is now)

Posted by Ang McLeod on 13 May 2013

LOVE love love the rainbow nappy!!! My almost-2 year old son would look oh too cute in this, and with baby no 2 due in 5 weeks, this would be the perfect addition to our cloth nappy collection - especially since we haven't found out if it's a "blue or pink" one on the way!

Posted by Jill Welch on 13 May 2013

Rainbow Minky! Beautiful unisex design.

Posted by Julie Brown on 13 May 2013

Houndhog day all the way. My baby girl Penelope loves dogs! Hehe and I love the name ;-)

Posted by Stacey Shailer on 13 May 2013

I'd love the Pink Lace, I'm sure my little girl would love a pretty, feminine nappy to brighten up the stash of mostly blue nappies that she inherited from her big brother!

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