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Designer Bums Art Pop Nappy & Wetbag Giveaway!

Added on 01 September 2017 in Darlings Downunder, Designer Bums, Giveaways & competitions

It's #SpringIntoCloth time with giveaways!

Thanks to the generosity of Carla at Designer Bums, we have a gorgeous Designer Bums 'Art Pop' Modern Cloth Nappy and Designer Bums Wetbag to give away!

These are awesome reusable nappies (read a customer review here) and are available in a range of beautiful prints.

We have a nappy in 'Yoga Flow' and a wetbag in 'Sea Baths' to send to one lucky person!


To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already - we will be checking this!!!), then leave a comment below letting us know - if you could design a range of modern cloth nappies - what theme/colour/prints you would choose. 

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: And the winner is:

  • Corinne Punch

We will be contacting you soon!



Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entries close 10 September 2017
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winners will be announced here 12 September 2017




Posted by Andrea on 04 September 2017

Pretty pastels with baby woodland animals!

Posted by Vanessa Lineham on 04 September 2017

I would love to design a range with all iconic Aussie symbols - thongs, Vegemite, Skipping Girl Vinegar, lamingtons, BBQs etc. Imagine having a design for each state! Melbourne with the MCG, skipping girl vinegar sign, artists graffiti. Sydney with the opera house and bridge...we could have some beautiful, Aussie nappies covered with iconic signs, buildings, animals and flowers.

Posted by Rohini on 04 September 2017

I would design a whole series with tropical fruit! My fave is the watermelon so I'd start with that!

Posted by Cindy on 04 September 2017

Animal prints in fantasy colours

Posted by Lori Pavic on 04 September 2017

I really want to say a range of horse prints, but I'm not sure everyone would be into that I'm thinking maybe 4 seasons, 1 or 2 prints per season depending on how many designs needed. Summer could be blue skies, oceans, the beach, things like that.. autumn could be gorgeous a gorgeous browny palette of leaves or trees.. winter could be snow or skiing, or snow-covered trees or mountains, or rainy day type scenes such as something with umbrellas or gumboots and puddles... And spring could be baby animals, beautiful florals, pretty pastels. Or it could be horses on the beach for summer, horses in the autumn leaves, horses in the snow for winter, and baby horses with their mums for spring ????

Posted by Julia B on 04 September 2017

I would design a range in greys, yellows, and turquoise blues.. with arrows and butterflies and Converse shoes :-)

Posted by Lisa on 04 September 2017

My theme would be Secret Garden, involving florals, plants, trees, birds and insects.

Posted by Marisa on 04 September 2017

I would love some designs in greys, navy with pops of orange, pink, yellow and turquoise featuring dinosaurs, Bears, turtles and elephants!

Posted by Alana Torney on 04 September 2017

If I could design a range of mcn nappies I would do them in a range of boy's colours with a dinosaur print all because my nearly 3 year old son is obsessed with dinosaurs

Posted by Micaela C on 04 September 2017

Jungle theme - wild animals and exotic plants!

Posted by Sara d on 04 September 2017

A nappy with construction trucks on it for my little man

Posted by Aoife on 04 September 2017

I would do a nerdy animals range.

Posted by Cara B on 04 September 2017

Australia icons like Opera House, beaches, koalas, Uluru, etc

Posted by Kate Williams on 04 September 2017

Oh I'd love a nappy with colours seen in a beautiful summer's sunset.

Posted by Alison on 04 September 2017

Super powers.

Posted by Lauren kanowski on 04 September 2017

Pastel ice creams & milkshake pattern. Or black with gold stars

Posted by Sal on 04 September 2017

I'd have a Princess Bride theme with a mix of characters and quotes

Posted by May on 04 September 2017

Based on what my 4yo loves I'd say we'd design superhero nappies. But based on what I like I would design MCNs in various Australian animals, especially wombats.

Posted by Tammy on 04 September 2017

If I could, I would design a range of MCN's featuring a print with various models of cars in a range of colours to suit boys and girls!

Posted by Sabrina on 04 September 2017

Rainbows, fairies, motorbikes, crocodiles

Posted by Lindsay S. on 04 September 2017

I would love nappies with all things musicals! With classics represented like Singing in the Rain, Cats, and Phantom of the Opera. And newer musicals like Lion King, Wicked and Rent (No Day But Today!) Let's celebrate all that is singing and dancing!

Posted by Corinne Punch on 04 September 2017

I would love to design a range based on the four seasons and weather - that way we can show others what that day's weather/current season is ;)

Posted by Bree Handley on 04 September 2017

Australian native wildflowers

Posted by Rachel Densing on 04 September 2017

I've been looking for nappies with Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli characters design like Haru, Chihiro, Yubaba and the sootballs from Sprited Away. Or characters from The Secret World of Arrietty since I named my 3month old girl after it. Since I couldn't find one, might as well design it myself!! Oh that would be so lovely.

Posted by Cate on 04 September 2017

I think I would go crazy with sci-fi. The geek in me would love that.

Posted by Sarah Darragh on 04 September 2017

I would do an around the world theme with major landmarks in stylised or cartoon style. Each nappy would be a different country. The colours would be based around the countries flag colours.

Posted by Breanna on 04 September 2017

I would design a range based on the colours of the sky; storms, sunsets, moonlit starry night

Posted by Suzie on 04 September 2017

I would choose a Disney pixar theme, with a mix of 1. classics like little mermaid, lion king, Aladdin, 101 dalmations etc 2. Disney princesses , belle, Jasmine, rapunzel, aurora etc 3. Disney animals, like pascal, timone and pumba, dory, nemo etc 3. Newer films like frozen, cars, moana, storks etc The options are endless ????????????????

Posted by Florence on 04 September 2017

Botanical and Nature - plants, flowers, animals. I love the natural world.

Posted by Toni C on 04 September 2017

I've always loved myths and fairytales! That's the theme I would choose :)

Posted by Kerri Prossor on 05 September 2017

Australiana!! I absolutely love the DB flora and fauna and sulphur crested but would love more Aussie things! Perfect for my little one, and also perfect for Aussie mates living abroad!

Posted by Chantal on 05 September 2017

I would design a range of nappies with ducks because my lg loves them. I'd have yellow ducks in gumboots with umbrellas, ducks and drakes splashing about with their ducklings, white and black ducks gracefully gliding across the water (for peaking out under dresses on more formal occasions). I'd also try to capture the essence of her favourite songs, the six little ducks being led by the one with a feather on it's back and the five little ducks who went out one day.

Posted by Aliya Hutchison on 05 September 2017

Australian native flowers

Posted by Samantha Eatts on 05 September 2017

I'd love to see a nappy of expressions happy,sad, etc. Oh and more Aussie animals are always welcome

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 05 September 2017

My little boy loves everything farmyard and construction at the moment, so I would do a nappy with different coloured tractors, one with a selection of farm animals, another with diggers, cranes, and construction zone signs and maybe one with some trucks. Although knowing him he'd be so enthralled in the pictures of diggers he wouldn't let me put the nappy on him!

Posted by Amy Voltz on 05 September 2017

Would love a tea range, teapots and cups. So delicious

Posted by Georgina on 05 September 2017

I'd go totally abstarct and colourful. Something like the Ken Done bedspread I loved in the 80s!

Posted by Greta on 05 September 2017

I would choose a scientific theme.

Posted by Ann on 05 September 2017

I would love nappies that are inspired by traditional art styles and cultures from around the world, with vibrant and colourful prints that are inspired by Indian, Pacific island, mexican/central American and Australian indigenous themes.

Posted by Danielle on 05 September 2017

I would choose rainbow and Scandinavian inspired prints. Gender neutral and fun. Who doesn't love bright rainbow colours on lovely cloth bums?

Posted by Amanda on 05 September 2017

Subscribed I'd love to see a range of rainbow ones and ones that are different to gender stereotypes. Such as pink dinosaurs or blue unicorns etc so they are more unisex but still with cool patterns

Posted by Paris Tomlinson on 05 September 2017

I would design a fairy/elf theme range. Lots of beautiful soft colours and Australian flora and fauna.

Posted by Kerry on 05 September 2017

I would love to see universe inspired nappies with the stars, moon, and planets, maybe even rockets ships. The moon nappy would be called Luna Mia for my little girl! The sun would be Sol Mio for my little boy!

Posted by Chloe on 06 September 2017

If I was designing a range of MCN's my "theme" would be something along the lines of "Colour has no gender." I am sick of my kids being told from family, strangers and even the media in kids books and tv shows that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. I'd mix it up with other things too! My daughter loves dinosaurs, my son loves butterflies. Lots of bright vibrant colours mixed in with all the things my two love. Dinosaurs, Lions, Diggers, Trucks, Ducks, Beetles, Gumboots, Strawberries.... just all the things my toddlers adore. I'd want anyone to look at the entire range and not see Boy/Girl nappies, but just see colour is for everyone! ????

Posted by Alison on 06 September 2017

If I could design a range of prints for mcn, they would be "On the farm"/ "Country". My 11 month old loves being outdoors on our property and loves all things cows! So a cow print could be a must. I would make sure that it was Australian themes farms, not ranches and cow skulls, but rather images that depict the Australian farming scene. Some would probably even have bare dirt, as it's not always greener pastures! I can just seen my daughter now, out doing cattle work with daddy, rocking her farm based designs!

Posted by Katherine on 06 September 2017

A range of fruit nappies in unisex designs so they can be used on multiple siblings

Posted by Brooke on 06 September 2017

I would design an Australian fauna and flora range - and maybe some iconic Aussie landmarks too!

Posted by Nicole on 06 September 2017

I'm dying to find nappies with daschunds (sausage dogs)on them...I think that would be super cute!

Posted by Emily on 06 September 2017

I'd love a range made with the prints designed by artists from remote Aboriginal art centres in the NT. Beautiful, vibrant graphic prints are being produced by a number of Art Centres and they deserve a wider audience - and would look super cute on lil bums :)

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