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Designer Bums Art Pop Modern Cloth Nappy Review

Added on 15 February 2017 in Darlings Downunder, Designer Bums

Lori was the lucky winner of our Designer Bums Giveaway last month, and she's now back with a review for us!

Designer Bums 'Art Pop' AI2/Pocket Modern Cloth Nappy: Lori's Review

Hi I’m Lori, previously a nurse and now a stay at home mum to 4 beautiful kids. My littlest ones are 2 years old and 8.5 months old and both in nappies, so I was very excited to be chosen to review the Designer Bums AI2/Pocket nappy as it meant I could review it for both a younger baby and a toddler.

I have always wanted to try Designer Bums as it’s one of the few brands I haven’t yet tried, and the first thing that drew me in was the amazing prints! The new Art Pop range is just stunning, and also really different to a lot of the other usual prints you see around. The new range appeals to a broad range of people with additions such as the Australiana (which I was lucky enough to review) in honour of our beautiful country, and Carried In Love for all the avid babywearers out there. And who can say no to a whimsical unicorn print?? It’s safe to say you will find it difficult to narrow down your print choices!


The Basics

The Designer Bums AI2/Pocket nappy has a printed PUL outer shell with a suede cloth inner, and comes with both a larger and a smaller bamboo insert. You have the choice of either stuffing the inserts inside the pocket (opening at the back of the nappy) or just laying them on top of the shell and using it as an all-in-two. The inserts are very thick and thirsty, and are topped with suede cloth on one side so you also have the choice of using either the stay-dry suede cloth or the natural bamboo fabric against your baby’s skin. Great for those who have babies with a sensitivity to suede cloth. There is also the option of snapping the smaller insert in using the snap at the front of the nappy.

I really like how the large insert fans out at the back, as it makes for a lot of extra absorbency and also great for catching poop when using it as an AI2. My only problem with these inserts is that the slim fit of this nappy paired with the thickness of the inserts did make it hard to use both inserts at once and still get a good fit around the legs. However in time the inserts should soften up, so that will hopefully resolve the problem.

There are two rows of rise snaps with 3 rise settings in total, and the weight range states that it will fit babies between 3.5-15kg. Great news for those who want to start cloth from the newborn stage!


When I first received this nappy I thought it seemed a little on the small side for a one size nappy, so I compared it to a few of my other OSFM (one size fits most) nappies. It is definitely a little shorter in the rise than the BumGenius 5.0, Thirsties Natural OS AIO, and GroVia ONE so that may be something to think about for parents with bigger bubs. However for those wanting to use cloth from the beginning, or for those with smaller/skinnier babies this nappy may very well be for you!

I first tried it on my 8.5 month old (roughly 8.5kg) and after a few adjustments I had it fitting very nicely on her on the second rise setting and without the smaller insert. I was concerned it wouldn’t fit on my 2 year old (roughly 14kg), but I was pleasantly surprised that it did fit her on the last waist snap setting and the rise fully unsnapped (without the extra insert). So I can’t speak for the lower half of the weight range, but for the higher end it would appear that the approximate weight range for this nappy is fairly accurate.

One thing I love about this nappy is that the leg and back elastics feel really nice and strong, which really help to get a nice seal around the legs and back and stop any potential leaks.


I really love the extra absorbency that bamboo gives you, and these inserts are really nice and thick. So even though I didn’t use the extra insert on my little ones I had absolutely no problem with absorbency. The good thing about it being a pocket nappy is that if you do want to add some more boosting for nap time/car trips etc it is very easy to do and you can pretty much use whatever you have on hand.


The design of this nappy, along with the trimness of bamboo inserts, means it is super trim and fits very neatly under my girls’ clothes. The crotch part is very trim and there’s not a lot of bulk around the hips and waist part of the nappy which makes it very easy to fit under pants etc.


At a retail price of $34.95 it is in the mid to high price range, however the quality of this nappy is outstanding making it well worth the cost. Designer Bums (like Darlings Downunder) is also an Australian owned and operated company, so it’s really nice to be able to support an Aussie company. The fabulous designs will also really appeal to those who like to collect all the prints!


I have tried a lot of different nappies over the years, and can safely say that the Designer Bums OS Pocket/AI2 definitely lives up to its hype of being one of the best quality nappies on the market. I absolutely adore all the amazing prints, and am so impressed with the great quality of these nappies. I love that it’s super trim yet so absorbent at the same time, and the snug fitting elastics give me peace of mind that there will be no leaks or blow-outs when out and about. Whilst it may not fit larger toddlers, this nappy should definitely fit the majority of toddlers until toilet training. The bonus being that I predict its smallest setting really will start at the newborn stage for the average baby, where a lot of OSFM nappies often don’t fit until a few months old.

I can’t wait to see the next lot of adorable Designer Bums prints that come out!




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