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December Giveaways & Free Gifts

Added on 03 December 2010

To celebrate Fiona & Catherine's first Christmas as owners of Darlings Downunder we will be having MASSIVE giveaways throughout the month! Everyone who places an order in December has a chance to have something FREE arrive with their fluffy mail! That's right - we'll be randomly choosing orders (yours could be one of them!) to add a little present from us to you!

What will you receive in your parcel if your order happens to be one of those lucky enough to have something added?
It's a real potluck and totally random. Some presents are little, other are big - there's no rhyme or reason to it! We've got nappies (yes, you could score an FREE nappy in your order!), swimmers, trainers and wetbags to give away, and a bunch of those accessories that always come in handy!

PLUS every single day we'll be tucking a Gift Voucher into at least one parcel!!!!

We hope everyone has very happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Take care,

Fiona & Catherine

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