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Cute Tooshies Candies - Product Review and Giveaway!!

Added on 23 November 2010

Looking for a nappy that's the perfect blend of function and fashion? We think we've found it with the new Cute Tooshies Candies.
Here at Darlings Downunder, we have tried and tested the Candies on our own bubs, and we are very impressed with the results!!
It's a One Size, A12 nappy, but sooo easy to use. No folding or snapping down to adjust the rise, it has a natural fold in the fabric which naturally adjusts according to your baby's size (the Cute Tooshies Candies fit 4.5kg-15kg). This has to be one of the easiest to use One Size nappies around. Perfect if you have a toddler and a baby in cloth at the same time, you can pull it straight off the line and put it on either child without messing around or having to adjust the nappy.

The Cute Tooshies Candies come complete with 2 bamboo inserts, with a lovely soft suede cloth inner against baby's skin. I found the nappy a little bulky on my 5.5kg bub as the inserts are thick and absorbent. But I have to say I really don't mind it, as it lasted for hours on my heavy wetter and, so far, no leaks!
It is side snapping which means you can adjust easily around the legs and tummy to get a perfect fit.

As a bonus this nappy comes in an array  of beautiful candy colours in cute and soft minky.
Want to WIN a Cute Tooshies Candy?? To celebrate the introduction of this new product, Darlings Downunder is giving away 2 Cute Tooshies Candies. Two lucky customers will win 1 each! Just post a comment here on our blog, telling us why you would love this nappy, and we will randomly choose 2 winners.

Entries close Midday 2 December 2010 (Melbourne time). Winners will be announced here on our blog and on our Facebook page. Good luck!!

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Posted by Michelle Duncan on 23 November 2010

I would love to try this nappy because it looks so simple - would be great for occasional carers :)

Posted by Linzee on 23 November 2010

I love the colours of this nappy! Really eye catching.

Posted by amy pridue on 23 November 2010

these colours are so cute! they'd look super cute on my little boy's bum! and i'm a fan of AI2s!!

Posted by olivia flanagan on 23 November 2010

i would love it because it soundes amazing, and i think it would be a great addition to our stash

Posted by nicole Addo on 23 November 2010

Would love to try it, I have only really tried a blueberry and fitteds so another brand would be great to trial :)

Posted by Lisa on 23 November 2010

The colours are fabulous and it sounds like a very absorbant nappy. We definitely need that around here!!

Posted by Tracie-Lea Kuiper on 23 November 2010

Colours are fab and we love side-snapping AI2s here - best fit on my 10kg 5 month old :D

Posted by Stephanie Doddridge on 23 November 2010

OOHH< we would love to try, sounds really easy for dad and bubs has almost grown out of all her Medium nappies so we wont have many that fit her soon!

Posted by aleesha davies on 23 November 2010

i love the bright colours. and a side snap would be great fit on my tiny daughter.

Posted by Danielle Jones on 23 November 2010

A nappy that will fit my 8 kg 1 year old and my 13 kg 3 year old without adjusting it?!? This I'd love to try!

Posted by Melanie Cowie on 23 November 2010

They are gorgeous! Would love some of those bright colours on my baby boy's bum!!

Posted by Jessica on 23 November 2010

I'm loving the one size fits all for the big one, but the little one is growing out of her sized nappies. Would love to have nappies I didn't have to fiddle with between the 2!

Posted by Leanne S on 23 November 2010

OMG a cute tooshies AIO.... squeal! I love cute tooshies fitteds, an AIO would be awesome.

I would love to be able to put one of these in my bubba girls christmas sack!

Posted by Rebecca Furlong on 23 November 2010

These nappies look gorgeous, the colours are fab and we LOVE onesize nappies! Would love to try one :)

Posted by melissa white on 23 November 2010

love the colours!!

Posted by Emma Williams on 23 November 2010

The Red and Green Candies are perfect for Christmas!!

Posted by Shu-Xin Behr on 23 November 2010

I'm new to cloth and have a few different brands to trial. These ones look amazing, so would love to try them out!

Posted by Michelle H on 23 November 2010

I can't think of a better way to avoid the dreaded washing day sposie usage, than to bump up my stash with cushie candies!

Posted by Nikki Farrimond on 23 November 2010

Im new to cloth, and would love to try one of these gorgeous nappies!!!

Posted by Clare B on 23 November 2010

I'd love to try one of these out, you've got me curious as to the naturally adjusting fabric, it sounds fantastic!

Posted by Kate G on 23 November 2010

The colours look so fantastic and bright and I would love to try a side snapping nappy

Posted by Amy S on 23 November 2010

I'd love to try a Cushie Tushie nappy as I'm about to have our first baby, and with so many MCN's on the market I think this is a great opportunity to try and then purchase many many more!

Posted by Alison F on 23 November 2010

Planning a second baby and will have 2 in cloth. Would love to bulk out my "stash" with OSFM to make it nice and easy when number 2 comes along.

The cute colours would just make it even better :-)

Posted by Joanne M on 23 November 2010

i would love it because it sounds amazing, love to see how it adjusts to the diff sizes

Posted by Tanya Pfeffer on 23 November 2010

Would love to try this One Size nappy that needs no adjustment! Sounds tooooo easy, and the gorgeous colours are a definite bonus!

Posted by Donna on 23 November 2010

Would love to try one of these ... side snaps are the best fit on my skinny legged little man :)

Posted by Janneke on 23 November 2010

I would love to try it because of it's beautiful colours and to try if my heavy wetter boy doesn't leak!

Posted by Annaliese K on 23 November 2010

I'd love to try a different brand and the easy adjustment and side snaps sound like they are hubby-friendly too! Love the colours and minky fabrics are my favourites :)

Posted by Amanda Carson on 23 November 2010

I would love my lil girl to have some 'eye-candy'!

Posted by Eddie C on 23 November 2010

I'd love to try this nappy because I love side snaps and the suede cloth inner would be great for my toddler's nappy rash

Posted by Candice on 23 November 2010

I would love to win one of these Cute Tooshies nappies. The colours are funky & bright & the one nappy can be used on either of my boys as the weight range is 4.5kg-15kgs.

Posted by Sharon Gee on 23 November 2010

I've heard cushie tushies are very comfortable so I want to try one!

Posted by Monica Teale on 23 November 2010

The gorgeous colours on these look perfect for showing off in summer!!

Posted by kate Edwards on 23 November 2010

Would love to try an AI2. and the colours are great love bright colours.

Posted by Fiona Ford on 23 November 2010

With a new baby due in January and a 17 month old, I am really loving the idea of OSFM nappies as the days of changing and washing nappies are stretching out in front of me. The Cute Tooshies Candies look super easy to switch from one child to the other and beautiful colours to cheer up a tired Mama too.

Posted by Marnie Sales on 23 November 2010

I really would like to try this nappy as I would like to try side snaps on my little girl. Also the colours are wonderful.

Posted by Lisa wells on 23 November 2010

Ooh one size AND AI2 ... My two favourite things together :) plus they look oh so cute, I'd love to see one IRL

Posted by Karen S on 23 November 2010

I have a little girl with the chubbiest legs so am struggling to find a nappy that fits her well - would love it if this is the one that works!

Posted by Amanda on 23 November 2010

I think this is a great idea (yay no messing around clipping nappies down). I am new to the cloth nappy scene and have only tried one AI2 nappy but it leaked so wasnt too happy so i would love to try these nappys. The color are so cute and im sure they get lots of comments from passer bys when bubs is out and about.

Posted by Melissa on 23 November 2010

I would love one of these cute Tooshies Candies for my Bubba, I think having a nice bright soft minky MCN would be a great addition to our stash, just in time for christmas too!

Posted by Christine on 23 November 2010

I love the range of colours, and I love the sounds of it. Now I'd love the chance to try them!

Posted by Sara Reid on 23 November 2010

I'm always up for trying new nappies, and these ones look great! Love the rainbow of colours :)

Posted by Carey B on 23 November 2010

This nappy looks so yummy! And I love minky :)

Posted by Anika Montgomery on 23 November 2010

Everyone keeps telling me I wont end up using cloth on my baby when it's born, because it's too much work and apparently they are 'yucky'. If I won these nappies, I'd have to buy a few new pairs of socks to hand out to the people making these comments... because these nappies would BLOW THEIR SOCKS RIGHT OFF.

Posted by Kim C on 23 November 2010

I bought some Cushie Tushie one size fits all MCNs months ago and always wanted to try out other designs...and oh, I love the colours =)

Posted by Louise Dowling on 23 November 2010

My baby girl has the Cutest Tooshie, and I love Candie. I think it's a match made in heaven!

Posted by Kathryn H on 23 November 2010

I would love this nappy as it would be great for a first time mum as it looks simple...and the colours look fab!

Posted by Karen on 23 November 2010

Gorgeous minky, side snaps, AI2, OSFM... What's not to love?

Posted by Renee on 23 November 2010

I am really keen to try a one sized nappy for my little man who has just grown out of his smalls. My hubby and other carers aren't too keen on the "snapping down" of the other brands, so this would be a perfect compromise to win them over ;)

Posted by Sky on 23 November 2010

I have quite a few different nappies, but none with side snaps - I 'd love to see how these would work on my very active boy!

Posted by Krista Wallis on 23 November 2010

I would love to try one of these! I never had the chance to buy some beautiful MCN's like this for our little mandue to financial restrictions. All ours are quite boring.


Posted by Mel Ireson on 23 November 2010

I love these Cute Candy nappies, they look just like skittles candy! I would love to try a nappy that doesn't need adjusting to fit each child :0)
Merry Christmas :0)


Posted by Leonora White on 23 November 2010

I have 3 children that wear cloth nappies so I need all the help I can get!

Posted by Emjaen on 23 November 2010

As a very pregnant soon-to-be Mum I'd love to try this super cute, enviro-friendly, easy to use nappy!

Posted by Kathleen Testa on 23 November 2010

I have just discovered the wonderful world of cloth nappies thanks to Darlings Downunder! Such a precious gift to my baby girl. One of these cute nappies would be a welcome addition to her new 'wardrobe'.

Posted by Kate Robson on 23 November 2010

I have a heavier wetter so I am looking to try something that will last a little longer than what I have now

Posted by Karyn Peverill on 23 November 2010

After a break of a couple of years from MCN, I'm learning all the new nappies. The candies are gorgeous colours and to have something that auto-adjusts will help my SaHD husband as well!

Posted by Angela on 23 November 2010

These Candies look great and so colourful! My cheeky toddler has learnt how to undo front snaps so one of there side snappers would be the perfect addition to her collection. I'd love to be able to put a nappy on her again without covering it up. They are way too pretty to cover.

Posted by Martina on 23 November 2010

Always like to try an other nappy. I don't allow myself to buy new nappies unless they are really good or the old nappies are worn out. (Not a chance with the second reason, I just started haf a year ago) So all my hopes are on the quality of this one...

Posted by Steph J on 23 November 2010

I got raok'ed an older style of these and i love it!

Posted by sophia on 23 November 2010

I would love to win this nappy because next year I will have a new born and a 15 month old in cloth! would be good to grab a nappy and not have to worry about snapping/unsnapping rise etc :)

Posted by Mrs A.T on 23 November 2010

I want to make a RAINBOW of MCN'S! .........Oh and cause they'd be an awesome nappy to try on my bub who needs OSFM since he's a little chunky monkey and doesn't fit the 'sizes' for his age lol

Posted by Rebecca Jones on 23 November 2010

I would love to win this because I would love to try this side snapping AI2. It looks like a stunning nappy!!

Posted by Carly on 23 November 2010

Would love to try these gorgeous naps... the fit looks awesome and my little girl would look super cute!

Definitely an advantage not have to set rises too!


Posted by Shannon du Plessis on 23 November 2010

I've been a fan of Cute Tooshies for many years, and was thrilled when the new versions with PUL came out... and now the Candies! One-size AI2 - what more could a mother and baby ask for?

Posted by Courtney Fordham on 23 November 2010

Would love to try one of these nappies-currently use terry flats but want to branch out into mcn's!!

Posted by Britt Louwrens on 23 November 2010

Would love to win one of these as I am currently unhappy with our AIOs, and would love to try another brand to see if they would be a better fit for him...

Posted by Elizabeth S on 23 November 2010

Side snaps...Do you think my gorgeous little 10 month old son would find these trickier to unsnap...?!

Posted by Melissa J Smith on 23 November 2010

I would love to win one as most side snapping nappies I have come across are awful!

Posted by kerryanne on 23 November 2010

ive tried the cushie tushies and would love to try one thats not a slim fit :)

Posted by Gis on 23 November 2010

I love Cute Tooshies and recently got to fondle some of these at a market, they are unbelievably soft and trim and delicious! And side-snaps are my faves, they fit my daughter perfectly. I would love to win one of these!

Posted by kate clark on 23 November 2010

Id love to win 2 Cute Tooshies as im new to MCNing and with bub due the day of christmas im struggling to find some great nappies

Posted by Kim on 23 November 2010

because they are the best nappies ever!!!

Posted by Bronwen on 23 November 2010

I'd love to try and AI2 and I loooove the colours - so bright and happy - enough to brighten up any day!!

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