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Cushie Tushies Tadpole Nappy - New Colours!

Added on 29 January 2014 in Cushie Tushies, New arrivals

Cushie Tushies 'Tadpole' nappy is an All-in-2 One Size nappy designed for the budget conscious parent who doesn't want to compromise on function. A seriously absorbent bamboo prefold tucks neatly inside a waterproof PUL outer. The Tadpole cover is also compatible with Cushie Tushies' Chameleon cloth boosters and Singles eco-disposable nappy inserts. How versatile is that?

And now they're available in three bright new colours: Yellow, Green & Purple (as well as Red, Blue and White)!

Sally from Cushie Tushies kindly demonstrated the Cushie Tushies Tadpole One Size Cloth Nappy for us while we were both at the PBC Expo. The Cushie Tushies Tadpole nappy adjusts to fit a newborn just like the Cushie Tushies Chameleon Nappy does by folding down at the front.



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