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Cushie Tushies Chameleon Launch Special!

Added on 14 October 2011 in Cushie Tushies, New arrivals, Sales & Promotions

The new Cushie Tushies Chameleons have arrived at Darlings Downunder and as a special launch special for TODAY ONLY we've got 20% off this innovative new nappy range!

But we know you've got some questions about this new range from Cushie Tushies, so we went to the source and asked Cath at Cushie Tushies for you!

What makes the Cushie Tushies Chameleon different to other nappies?

CATH: This new nappy design is called a Chameleon because it changes and adapts, depending on your needs – you can use the disposable core or a reusable booster. The reusable (snap-in) booster has undergone a big revamp - it now has elasticised gussets, which, in conjunction with the elastic in the leg holes, provides double the protection from leaks and poosplosions! In addition, the bamboo in the boosters is now approximately 15% more absorbent. All of these boosters are interchangeable and can be used with the original Cushie Tushies nappy design (the Coutures and Basix).

The Chameleon nappy is what we call a "hybrid" system: it can be used as all
cloth or as a hybrid of cloth & disposable. (This flexibility and interchangeability, along with our One-Size design that fits from birth to toilet training, is what gave us our new name: Chameleon!)
Our new Singles disposable absorbent inserts are completely biodegradable,
even in regular landfill, but can also be composted. They’re made with bamboo as well wood pulp, and there is no bleach or other nasty chemicals used in making them. They are also VERY absorbent, holding up to around 1L of liquid. At a cost of around 47 cents per single, they are still about 20% cheaper than the leading brand of (non-eco-friendly) disposables and they decompose around 2950 times faster! The best bit is that they are really easy to use – you just place it inside the shell of the nappy and then put nappy on like usual.

Why did you decide to go down the hybrid cloth/disposable route?

CATH: I am personally a dedicated 100% cloth nappy sort of person, as was Shell when her boys were in nappies, but we both recognise that a large number of customers (and not just of our brand) like to use a mix of cloth and disposable nappies. Whether they use a mix of both on a daily basis, or just sometimes, such as when travelling, when kids are being cared for by others (daycare, grandparents), for heavy wetters overnight, or for numerous other reasons. We know that to buy eco-disposables often costs a premium, plus most commercially available eco-disposables are not 100% biodegradable unless you pull them apart and dispose of the plastic bits separately. And really, who has the time or patience with that?
Whilst we don't have an issue with parents who choose to use a mix of both, we thought, why not make our cloth nappies a bit more versatile and allow those parents who would sometimes use disposables, continue to use their Cushie Tushies?
Also, in the recent Choice survey, my worst fears were confirmed - that 95% of Australian parents still overwhelmingly choose to use disposables even though such a brilliant alternative exists in modern cloth nappies. We dearly hope to encourage some of that 95% over to a system like ours!

Is the design, shape & sizing of the Chameleon cover the same as that of the Basix & Coutures?

CATH: The outer nappy shell is exactly the same shape and size and functions in the same way, using our own unique one-size design that folds down at the front to become smaller for a newborn.
The shell now has 3 snaps on each wing, whereas previously the wings only had 2 snaps. This extra snap helps eliminate 'wing droop' and get a more snug fitting around skinny legs.
The shell no longer contains any bamboo inside it, as we found it was not adding much to the absorbency due to it being difficult to tell if it was dry beneath the microfleece lining.
The shell has been made using the top grade of PUL, which increases the number of washes it can withstand by 400%. We have never had a big problem with PUL delaminating (when correctly cared for), but this will be even more durable :)
The booster design has been changed, as described above, plus we have the more absorbent bamboo blend. The added cotton to the blend will help the bamboo to absorb faster and also give the bamboo added strength and durability, without adding to the drying time (as cotton dries quickly).

The Cushie Tushie Basix & Coutures have been so popular, why discontinue them?

CATH: Well, we always thought the Couture and Basix were pretty great, but we thought we could make them better :)  Having just the one range makes it much easier to explain to customers how our nappy system works.

Will the Chameleon be available in more colours and designs soon?

CATH: YES! The full range of patterns from the Couture range (plus Candy Cane Christmas pattern) and the full range of plain colours from the Basix range are currently being made into Chameleons. We can't wait to have it all in stock!

Thanks Cath!

And doesn't Cath's daughter Isobel look gorgeous in her Chameleon? Happy, too!

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