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Cushie Tushies Bulk Pack Nappy Guarantee

Added on 08 July 2014 in Cushie Tushies

Exciting news from Cushie Tushies! They now offer a money-back Nappy Guarantee on bulk packages - and that applies when you buy one of our discounted Cushie Tushies nappy packages! So here it is:

Cushie Tushies Nappy Guarantee

Here at Cushie Tushies, we sincerely appreciate your business and want you to know that we are here for one reason...to serve you. Our goal is to create high quality products and back them up with all the help and support you need.

Would you like to try Cushie Tushies but feel a bit unsure if they'll work for you? Would you like to save money by buying a bulk pack, but worried you'll be stuck with products you don't like and won't use?

Don't worry, you're not the only one! Cushie Tushies understand that choosing the right nappies is one of the most important decisions you can make for your baby, who will be in them around the clock for 2+ years. So you want to make the right decision for you and your baby.

Cushie Tushies' promise to you: We reckon when you try our nappies you'll love them just as much as we do. But, on the off-chance that you don't, we'll give you your money back. If you buy a bulk pack and you find, for whatever reason, you don't like them, simply return it for a full refund. So, if you want to use modern cloth with your baby and you're pretty sure Cushie Tushies are the way for you, now you can try them out, risk-free!

There are a few conditions that come with this guarantee:
1. Only 1 nappy from your order can be washed and used in order to get a refund on your whole order. If you purchase a bulk pack, please wash and try only 1 nappy first. If you like it, great! Go ahead and use the rest to your heart's content. If you don't like it, return the 1 used and remaining unwashed, unused items (including the free accessories) from your pack for a full refund.

2. The Cushie Tushies Nappy Guarantee is valid for 2 weeks after you receive your order. This will give you enough time to wash and use the nappy several times.

*Note: Cushie Tushies assume you will trial your nappy as soon as it arrives; if you are pregnant and not due to give birth before this guarantee period is up, please ensure that you provide us with your EDD so they will extend this guarantee to 2 weeks after your baby's expected birth date.

3. Cushie Tushies Mini nappy is guaranteed to fit your newborn from 2kg to 4kg.

4. Cushie Tushies Chameleon and Tadpole nappies are guaranteed to fit your baby from 4kg to 17kg.

5. Cushie Tushies Nappy Guarantee assumes you are committed to using modern cloth nappies, that you understand a one-size-fits-most (OSFM) nappy requires adjusting to fit a newborn and, if you need help to use the products correctly, then please contact Cushie Tushies Customer Service hotline on 1300 887 443.

Why are Cushie Tushies offering this money-back guarantee?
Simply because Cushie Tushies believe 100% in their nappies and want you to feel that confident too!


Posted by Marion on 14 July 2014

Have always loved Cushie Tushies. They have been around for so long now and have a great reputation. Thanks for the great review and conditions for their guarantee. Marion :)

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