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Comparison of BumGenius 4.0 Pocket, Freetime, and Elemental Cloth Nappies

Added on 08 July 2015 in BumGenius

BumGenius have three different cloth nappies in their lineup (their parent company, Cotton Babies, also manufactures the Flip brand, which have the same colours and look, just to confuse matters!) and we're always being asked what the differences are between the 4.0 Pocket Nappy, the Freetime All-in-One Nappy and the Elemental All-in-One Nappy.

Let's start with the similarities:

  • these are all One Size nappies fitting from birth (or close to) to toilet training and adjust to fit with a snap down rise at the front of the nappy;
  • snaps closure (the 4.0 and Freetime have been available in hook & loop, but this is being discontinued);
  • stretchy front tabs and the same soft waterproof outer fabric;
  • most components are manufactured in the USA (some inserts are made in China)

So what's different?

Take a look at our video that compares these nappies side by side - a picture definitely is worth a thousand words!

Some things that aren't mentioned in the video:

Trimness: In spite of its extra width, the Elemental is actually the trimmest of the three nappies (assuming the large insert is being used in the 4.0). The lightness of the fabric allows it to 'bunch up' between the legs. On the smaller settings the Elemental can seem to have some excess fabric not noticeable on the other two nappies.

Absorbency: The Elemental is the most absorbent of the three nappies, but that isn't to say the other two don't have decent absorbency - they all do. All three of the nappies have the ability to have additional absorbency in the form of boosters added to them easily.

Drying Time: The Freetime is one of the fastest drying All-in-One nappies around. The Elemental, due to its organic cotton, takes the longest to dry. The 4.0 (as the inserts are dried apart from the shell) is also fast drying.

Prepping: Both the Freetime and 4.0 can be used after washing them once to remove manufacturing residue. The Elemental will not reach full absorbency for several washes, though you can use it before then (watch out for leaks, though!)

Sizing: A major difference is the fact that the Elemental has a wider cut that means it can actually fit a larger weight range than the 4.0 or Freetime. It has a longer rise, fuller coverage across the backside and a wider crotch. The photo below is of a 5 year old boy, about 19kg and average build wearing an Elemental nappy on the largest setting. It's on the last snaps as the side, but there is no 'builder's crack,' and there's adequate coverage across the bum and crotch. Neither the 4.0 or Freetime fit at all.

 We hope this makes it easier to work out which BumGenius nappy will be the right choice for you!


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