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Cloth Trainers & Training Pants

Added on 30 September 2010 in Toilet training

Just because your child has started toilet training doesn't mean you need to go out and buy disposable pullup nappies. Depending on what stage your child is at and the level of their toilet awareness there are plenty of reusable options available.
If your child is really toilet aware, then the easiest option is to go straight to undies. Some children pick it up really quickly, almost overnight.
For those who are taking a bit longer, or tend to have accidents because something else has priority in their mind at the time, or who need the psychological boost of being out of nappies, but just aren't quite there yet, then have a look at reusable cloth trainers. There are several different styles.


These are designed to catch one accident, so have some absorbency, but not much - they're not designed to be a nappy! They come in pullup styles so that children can get them on and off themselves easily - a must for success! They have waterproof outers so that clothes and chairs stay dry. SuperUndies Pull Up Trainers, Bummis Trainers and Tots Trainers fall into this category. Close Parent Training Pants have a waterproof layer to help minimise accidents.

Pocket - Pull Up

These are still easy for children to pull up and down, but have a pocket between the waterproof outer and the inner. Some have absorbency built in, but the advantage of these is that you can 'stuff' the pocket with the required absorbency for your child. Boosters and inserts from your pocket nappies, or even facewashers all work here. If your child does toddler wees too large for a One-Wee-Catcher to handle this may be an option for you. They also have the advantage of being able to be 'stuffed' for longer periods when you're not sure your child will stay dry - long trips, naps and nighttime. Pea Pod pants and Happy Heiny Pocket Trainer pull ups are available in this style. Pea Pod pants are snug fitting like undies and come in sizes for older or special needs children who need something for them. Pea Pods come with absorbency. With Happy Heiny's you need to provide your own.

Pocket - Side Snaps

This have the same characteristics as the Pocket Pull Up, but with one distinct advantage if your child is one who's more likely to have messy accidents rather than wet ones. These trainers have elastic waists so they are easy for children to pull up and down, but also have snaps at the side so the trainer opens right out if necessary, making clean up that much easier - no more attempts to contain a deposit while negotiating undies down a child's legs! Happy Heiny Pocket Trainer Snaps and Superundies are the winners in this category. SuperUndies have some absorbency built in, so you only need to add more absorbency if required.

Nighttime Trainers

For those children who are toilet trained during the day but still need something very absorbent overnight, then take a look at nighttime undies or pants. These are often in a 'pull up' style and are absorbent enough for night wetting toddlers or older children. SuperUndies Nighttime Undies and Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants are both great options. See some videos on the SuperUndies Nighttime Undies here.

Other Aids

There are other accessories that may come in handy during the toilet training period, depending on your child. These include mattress protectors (we recommend Brolly Sheets) as well as car seat protectors (have a look at the Ecomoon range).

The most important thing you need for successful and stress free toilet training is patience. They'll get there...!

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