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Cloth Shot A Day Competition 2016

Added on 25 October 2016 in Australian Nappy Association, Cloth Shot A Day, Giveaways & competitions

If you weren't already aware, the Australian Nappy Association's Cloth Nappy Photo-A-Day has been happening this October. That means heaps of gorgeous reusable nappy photos being posted around the internet, and over $1,000 in prizes to be won!

It's easy and fun to take part: just post a cloth nappy related photo online using the theme of the day. You can post on whatever social media you fancy, or your blog (if you have one!). Just use the hashtags #clothnappies #clothshotaday and #getintocloth. Check out other people's photos and comment and share (and we will too!). Events like this really help spread awareness of just how cool cloth nappies are!

In order to enter the ANA's competition, you'll also have to post your photo either on the ANA's Facebook timeline, or on Instagram (using the above hashtags so they can find your entry and tagging the ANA in @australiannappyassociation).  You can find all the details here: www.australiannappyassociation.org.au/cloth-nappy-photo-a-day.

So here are the themes for each day - some of them are quite tricky - and good luck! There's only a few days left to take part if you aren't already!






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