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Cloth Nappy Week 2020 Giveaway!

Added on 20 April 2020 in Australian Nappy Association, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

It's Cloth Nappy Week for 2020!

Unfortunately, thanks to coronavirus we can't host a Nappycino this year, but we can still get on board with the Australian Nappy Association and have some fun.

To start with, we have a giveaway! Who wants to win a gorgeous Peekaboo Nappy in either All-in-One or All-in-2 style (you choose!)?

This competition is NOW CLOSED

The winner is: Saskia L

Just let us know in the comments below your number one piece of advice or encouragement for people thinking about switching to cloth nappies but are a bit scared to take the leap...

We'll choose the winner at the end of Cloth Nappy Week!

Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entries close 26 April 2020
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winners will be announced here 27 April 2020


Posted by Caryn Chan on 21 April 2020

Start simple, even if its a nappy or two a day. Don't overwhelm yourself or feel pressure to go too hard or fast too quickly. Baby steps will get you there and seek good advice from the right sources :) You'll find such joy and satisfaction in the cloth world soon enough

Posted by Linda on 21 April 2020

A lot of the guides online make it a lot more complicated than what it is. Don't be scared and take the plunge

Posted by Kate Alexander on 21 April 2020

Get a small amount to trial and just do it. Once you actually put one on bubs you'll be hooked.

Posted by Shelly on 21 April 2020

It's not hard!

Posted by Schayne George on 21 April 2020

If you're worried about starting it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Grab a handful of cute nappies, a few different styles or brands and just try one here and there until you find something you like enough to commit to.

Posted by Diane Kwok on 21 April 2020

Just start with one nappy at a time! It can be the first one of the day or any other one. Each cloth you use saves a disposable going to landfill. How great is that!

Posted by Jessica on 21 April 2020

Yes please.????

Posted by Madison on 21 April 2020

It’s really not as hard as you think or as people make out (people that don’t use cloth)

Posted by Jaren Hadley on 21 April 2020

Get a hand sprayer for the toilet- total game changer.

Posted by Tahlia on 21 April 2020

Visit the clean cloth nappies website for everything you need to know cleaning wise. There is also a Facebook group, and the admins are an absolute wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful. It’s a community that I’m extremely glad I joined before my baby was born.

Posted by Liia on 21 April 2020

Just take it one nappy change at a time! It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Take your time and do what fits with YOUR family!

Posted by Persha olson on 21 April 2020

I’ve been doing cloth for one month now. The best piece of advice I could give to a parent who is thinking about starting cloth is to just DIVE IN. I was so scared and the entire process overwhelmed me to the point of not knowing. I eventually overcame all the feelings I was having towards doing the cloth. Since I’ve dived straight in I have had non-stop support from so many mcn mummy’s that just want to help or lend me an ear. I encourage you 100% to try as we all know it’s better for the environment but also knowing that you have support from everyone in this community is amazing ????

Posted by Aleisha Gibson on 21 April 2020

With parenting, I've found it's very much a trial and error environment. So, I've decided to trial and error with nappies this time around, what's the harm? I'm sure it beats trying to fight the shops to get nappies, finding the right size and having half empty packets that they have grown out of.

Posted by Kim Oakley on 21 April 2020

Just jump right in! Everyone has to start somewhere...

Posted by Marina on 21 April 2020

Using cloth nappirs for a month now and was a bit scared to take the leap, still scared to take the leap for night nappies but I love choosing the pattern on the nappy for bub to wear. Makes it exciting..then love taking photos of him wearing it. Also loving that not needing to buy many disposals and so much better for the environment. It's not as scary and actually really fun too!

Posted by Katrina Lee-Randone on 21 April 2020

My advice to anyone wanting to try cloth nappies but feel overwhelmed is to take it one nappy change at a time. Sometimes you’ll have a leak, other times you won’t and eventually you’ll be full time cloth nappies and won’t bat an eye at using them. You just need to start somewhere!

Posted by Katie Cornelius on 21 April 2020

I was super nervous to switch to cloth nappies. With my second baby I decided the time was right and I would give it a go! I started with just 3 nappies to see if I liked it and within 3 weeks I had 16 nappies! It is so easy and washing is a breeze. I actually enjoy washing them. When I first started I also still used disposables overnight but a month later I have decided to go completely cloth. They told me people get addicted to new prints that come out and I laughed it off. Now I’m one of those people that can’t wait for new releases.

Posted by Kirby on 21 April 2020

It’s good to have a range of brands. Bubs will grow and change and so having a variety means you can swap between different types.

Posted by Tiffany Pintaudi on 21 April 2020

My advise to anyone thinking of starting cloth nappies is not to try and go all in at once. Give yourself time to realise how easy it really is. Start with however many days a week your are comfortable with and you will see how easy it is and can grow your collection once you feel more confident in the process.

Posted by Kristy Good on 21 April 2020

Second hand nappies are a great way to try different brands and types without too much out of pocket, and then you can resell them when you figure out what you like and what you don't.

Posted by Sherri Rochford on 21 April 2020

Due August with first baby and have not considered anything but cloth. Looking after my soon to be number 1 in health and wellness plus helping the environment is a bonus.

Posted by Rachael Kemp on 21 April 2020

Using cloth looks and sounds a million times harder than it actually is.

Posted by Lauren on 21 April 2020

Just have a go! Baby steps and you will be suprised what you can achieve!

Posted by Jemma on 21 April 2020

When you think about it which seems more gross, having contact with your babies poo, or using a disposable nappy for 2-4 hrs which will outlive your babies grandkids, grandkids in a hole in the ground in a landfill. Make the swap. One nappy at a time. You've got this in you. Do it for them.

Posted by Breanna Johnson on 21 April 2020

Try to slow down and enjoy what you are doing. Routines can seem overwhelming at first but once you find what works for you you won’t look back!

Posted by Nicole on 21 April 2020

Sounds hard but it's not! One foot in front of the other just like anything else!

Posted by Catriona G on 21 April 2020

Cloth nappies these days are definitely a lot easier than what my parents had to do when I was a baby. No soaking required, your machine does the bulk of the work. Clean Cloth Nappies website contains a wealth of information to help with cleaning (and facebook group) so definitely worth checking them out! It can be confusing hearing different reviews and knowing which brand is 'best' or what to buy to start with, Keep in mind that what suits one baby may not suit another and everyone has their own preferences. A great way to start is to get 3 or 4 nappies of different types/brands and trial them to see what you like, then you know where to start with and buy more of the ones you like. The terminology and acronyms surrounding cloth nappies can be a bit confusing too but don't worry it all becomes second nature soon enough!

Posted by Eleni on 21 April 2020

Just do it! Work out a washing routine, have enough absorbency and fine tune your fit.

Posted by Dana on 21 April 2020

JOIN A CLOTH GROUP!! They're full of fluff mamas who are online at all hours of the night! Who can answer all your questions!! Even the niggly little questions you might have xx we're eager to help you embrace cloth!! Xx

Posted by Eliza on 21 April 2020

It’s easier doing full time cloth than part time until you get into a good routine.

Posted by Faye on 22 April 2020

Try to start with a mixed brand starter pack. Every bub is different. What fits and works well for 'most' babies may not for your bub. The beginning may be tough trying to find the right fit. Don't give up. There will be something that works for your bub. Don't buy a huge amount of the 'most popular' nappy without first trying it on your bub more than a few times.

Posted by Shayne on 22 April 2020

Moden cloth nappies can become a fashion statement. Match your babes mcn with their outfit, perfect for those hot summer days!

Posted by Ellen on 22 April 2020

Just do it! Even if it's one a day, that's one less disposable in landfill!

Posted by Hannah on 22 April 2020

Pre stuff the nappies ready to go in your change station and it's just as easy as a disposable!

Posted by Jessica on 22 April 2020

You got this! One nappy at a time or full time, cloth becomes a lot easier, cleaner and nicer for everyone. Bonus they look great on bubs bums

Posted by Angie Brooks on 22 April 2020

It’s so overwhelming to start with, I put it off for a long time! But the CCN website is a god-send, once I worked out a cleaning routine I felt confident to take the leap and never looked back!

Posted by Jade Erickson on 22 April 2020

Keep a level head - with so much cuteness its easy to get addicted! This sounds weird, but its got me hook, line and sinker!

Posted by Kimberley Watson on 22 April 2020

Try not to get too overwhelmed. Do some research, ask questions, maybe get a mixed started pack as not all nappies are equal. If in doubt ask again. Preserve as it's worth it

Posted by Monica Taylor on 23 April 2020

1.) Start preloved, but make sure you get good inserts. 2.) Join Clean cloth nappies down under 3.) Don't be scared of the washing, it's really not that time consuming

Posted by Casey on 23 April 2020

Ask questions!!! None are silly, because chances are someone else is thinking the same but hasn't thought to ask yet!!!!

Posted by Alicia Everingham on 24 April 2020

My advice would be to be prepared. Have your nappies set up and ready to go for the day have a bucket next to the change table and place them in after each change. This make it easier at the end of the day to soak and wash. NOTE from Darlings Downunder: There's no need to soak nappies any more! See our washing guidelines for details.

Posted by Jen K on 24 April 2020

Start with a few different types (different babies have different sized bums so it is just like adults and finding a good pair of jeans!) and use them as you have time. Even 1 less disposable a day is a win!

Posted by Saskia on 24 April 2020

This was me just a few months ago. I was so overwhelmed by the Facebook groups and found nappy websites confusing. Best thing I did was attend a cloth nappy info session at Darlings Downunder. Having someone talk me through the options and seeing what the nappies were made it so much easier. It might be harder to attend in person now but Darlings Downunder had lots of YouTube videos too that helped explain things as well. Get a trial pack and start from there to work out what suits you and your family. One change at a time!

Posted by Cat Robertson on 24 April 2020

Haven’t had to try and panic buy one single packet of disposable nappies during COVID-19!!! Surely that’s reason enough. Not that we plan to go through too many pandemics, but geeez it’s easy knowing you’ll never run out!

Posted by Kristin Fildes on 24 April 2020

It’s not that much more work - one load of washing every two days. And the cuteness overload is totally worth it!

Posted by Lynn V on 24 April 2020

Don’t be put off by other people’s comments or experiences! Cloth nappies have come a looooooong way and there are a lot more people who use it than you think so there is a wealth of information out there for you to get started. Even the people who initially responded negatively to my decision to use cloth have actually ended up impressed by it! Give it a go, once you get the hang of it, you won’t regret it!

Posted by Kayleen on 24 April 2020

Take it slow. Try one nappy a day or every other day. Don't get discouraged if you get leaks to start with. Ask for fit advice in the Navy Facebook groups. Try different brands because some fit different babies better than others. Read up on how to wash correctly. Most importantly, don't get too overwhelmed with all the information out there.

Posted by Maddy on 24 April 2020

Start with just a few and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Posted by Lauren on 24 April 2020

My advice; reach out to the cloth nappy community! No one is more helpful and passionate about cloth nappies than these people and they offer some great advice. Through your local ‘bricks and motor’ cloth nappy store you can see many different brands and get a wealth of knowledge. The online cloth nappy community is then a wonderful place to follow up and continue to learn and reference. My top resources - Nappy Leaks podcast Clean Cloth Nappies website

Posted by Rita on 24 April 2020

Once you cloth, you can’t stop! Be prepared to fall in love and become obsessed with using cloth nappies

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 25 April 2020

My advice is, give cloth a go and keep calm it's only poo!

Posted by Danielle on 25 April 2020

Just do it! I gathered enough nappies and then purposely didn't buy more disposables and forced my family to all get into it. I don't know what I was scared of! It is SO easy and you somehow fall in love with them, literally!

Posted by Kate on 25 April 2020

Don’t be put off by all the specifics of washing. Sit down, write it down and you’ll realise it isn’t as overwhelming as it seems

Posted by Connie on 25 April 2020

Chatting to a friend who uses cloth and not setting yourself a rigid routine, just give it a go, enjoy their gorgeous wombat bum and adjust fits and wash routines as you go.

Posted by Kate Marconi on 25 April 2020

My advice is to start small - try with a small amount of nappies and see how you feel afyer using that. Find a style that suits you and stick with that initially until your confidence increases.

Posted by Dot on 25 April 2020

Start with one. Try a couple of different nappies to find out which nappy style works for you and your family. Buying the same nappy style for day or night allows your family members to get use to using them when they start helping you with nappy changes. A bidet spay and a good wash set up is your next step and there’s lots of great advice to help you online or you can contact ddu or cloth nappy companies.

Posted by Trica on 25 April 2020

You have to wash your baby's clothes so why not wash the nappies as well. It's no more work and it's much better for baby and the environment. There is not need to use harsh chemicals - plenty of eco friendly soakers on the market or just soak in plain water and wash in warm/hot water with normal detergent and hang in the sun. Happy nappy and happy bum.

Posted by Candice on 25 April 2020

A really simple way to start is cloth wipes! After you’ve got that happening adding nappies is easy.

Posted by Ange on 25 April 2020

Keep it simple and stick to 1 or 2 brands. It can get tiresome trying to put nappies together when you have too many brands with different inserts and you spend more time matching inserts with nappies.

Posted by Chelsea Miller on 25 April 2020

It's SO easy. Look up info online or do a workshop and then just dive in. You can figure the rest out as you go along.

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