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Cloth Nappy Video Competition

Added on 02 September 2013 in Giveaways & competitions

When you're new to cloth nappies, seeing a video that demonstrates a nappy is the next best thing to seeing it in real life. And there's nothing like hearing the experience of other parents to help you decide whether that particular nappy is for you.

Those of you who have used cloth nappies for a while have a wealth of advice and information for newbies, and we thought that it would be amazing if we could gather some of that great knowledge together as part of our next competition.

We have an $80 gift voucher here that we will give to the maker of the best video demonstration of a cloth nappy (or nappy accessory). Before you freak out and say 'no way!', this is a totally amateur video production we're talking about - passion about your subject counts for WAY more than fancy technology. So pick a nappy you love and share why it's so great!

To prove that it's not that scary (and that our videography standards are really low), we put together a quick video of our own about this competition (note the bad lighting, shocking quality, synch issues, low resolution and messy hair - you can easily do better!).

So, those conditions:
- entries must be received by Tuesday 17 September 2013
- you must feature a nappy (or accessory) that we currently stock at Darlings Downunder
- the focus of your video should be to demonstrate the nappy - its features and functions - to a newbie who's feeling a bit out of their depth
- the video has to be under 2 minutes in total (though we're happy with a 10 second tolerance due to the vagaries of converting formats etc)
- if a baby is used as part of the demonstration, modesty must be preserved
- you don't need to appear in it & your baby doesn't need to appear in it
- you can enter multiple times for multiple nappies if you like
- we prefer .mov or .mp4 formats, but we can cope with others - we can even convert a file that's been uploaded on Facebook
- you can email, Dropbox or Facebook pm us the video file - we're not fussy and let us know if you're having problems and we'll sort something out - and the video will be uploaded on to the Darlings Downunder YouTube account
- We reserve the right to share your video on the Darlings Downunder website/blog and social media.
- the winner will be announced by 24 September 2013
- Don't take it too seriously - have fun!


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