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Close Parent Training Pants Giveaway

Added on 01 February 2011 in Close, Giveaways & competitions

It’s summertime! And that means it’s the perfect time tostart toilet learning (AKA potty training). To help you start we have two pairsof Close Parent trainers to give away to two lucky little ones!

Close Parent’s new reusable training pants make the transitionfrom nappy to potty easy and hassle free. With cute embroidered characters,Georgie the Giraffe and Ziggy the Zebra, the pull-up style pant is designed tohold ‘little accidents’ while allowing your toddler the feeling of wetness tohelp little ones stay dry sooner. Super-slim, just like real undies, thetraining pants have snug-fitting leg cuffs and waistband.

There are two versions: the Cosy Fit, which is lined withsuper soft soy velour, and the Cool Fit lined with CoolPlus polyester.

For a perfect fit, these trainers come in four sizes:

- Small: 12-18mths / 10.kg-11.5kgs

- Medium: 18-24mths / 11.5 kg-12.5 kgs

- Large: 2-2.5yrs / 12.5kg-13.5 kgs

- Extra large: 2.5yrs+ / 13.5 kgs+

Let us know which size you’d need for your little learnerand you’ll be in the running to win one of these cute and functional trainers.

We’ll announce the winners on Wednesday 9th February, so youonly have a little over a week to enter!

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Posted by Sara Reid on 01 February 2011

So cute! I think we'd need a medium, please!

Posted by Jade on 01 February 2011

Would LOVE a pair for my 5 year old.
In the Extra Large! xx Fingers crossed!

Posted by Marika Honkanen on 01 February 2011

A Large would be fab :)

Posted by Eddie C on 01 February 2011

A large please! We are hoping to start toilet training for our two year old this summer

Posted by Cindy on 01 February 2011

Oh yes please, a large would fit perfect!

Posted by Tina Jenkins on 01 February 2011

I would like Medium please.

Posted by Amanda on 01 February 2011

I think X-large for us... he's right on the border, but I think the larger size will be fine as he tries to learn. Sadly I think we have a fair bit of work ahead. He understands it, is enthusiastic about it, but just can't 'make it happen'!!

Posted by Krista on 01 February 2011

Extra large here! Looking for options for daycare.

Posted by Sarah on 01 February 2011

I'm just starting to get my son interested in toilet training so medium would be perfect for him. I'm hoping he is not a terror to train!

Posted by Katie on 01 February 2011

Extra Large Please!!!


Posted by Cin on 01 February 2011

Smalls please!


Posted by Donna on 01 February 2011

Would love an Extra Large for my boy!

Posted by Sarah on 01 February 2011

Georgie the Giraffe and Ziggy the Zebra look like very cute characters to assist the toilet trainee! Medium would be perfect for my Anwen, please. Little miss is not quite comprehending having to get to the potty for #1s and 2s.

Posted by Treens Bricknell on 01 February 2011

These look sooo cute - just what we need when we start TTing our little man in the coming weeks!! He's be size large at a guess (he's quite skinny and inbetween size 1 and 2 in clothing)

Posted by Anna Simpson on 01 February 2011

Fantastic! Large please for my nearly 3yo daughter who is maybe possibly sort of could be thinking about it!

Posted by Skye on 01 February 2011

medium please!


Posted by Lana Irvine on 01 February 2011

So Cute! My boy is so so close! Medium Please!


Posted by katreena Walters on 01 February 2011

x-large please! what great timing!

Posted by Kristy on 01 February 2011

Medium please


Posted by Jess Bernard on 01 February 2011

My darling 2nd daughter has decided to toilet train herself, refusing nappies and wearing sis' undies, not much success but does exactly what her older sis does...!

Small Pleeeease!


Posted by Team Darlings on 01 February 2011

Just checking that the sky is blue

Posted by sophie sl on 01 February 2011

clever idea! medium would be lovely!

Posted by Aleisha on 01 February 2011

I just bought the start of my nappy stash from you this month and I need covers. Baby #1 is due in Ausust and I am so excited to try MCN, much to my mother in laws disbelief "I can't believe any modern girl would use cloth Nappies". I would love to show her just how great they are now and would love to do that with the raved about Thirstirs covers.

Posted by Bree scott on 01 February 2011

They look great! Extra large please

Posted by Rikki Shinners on 01 February 2011

I'm loving ziggy the zebra - large size please xx

Posted by Melissa Brooker on 01 February 2011

I've got a tall little girl with skinny legs who is 11kg so i'll go for the small please. At only 16mths she's already aware of her motions "pooey" covers wee and poo! So toilet training is next on the agenda!

Posted by Melissa Thomas on 01 February 2011

I've been looking at these as they have been recommended to me! I think Extra Large would fit my little one :)

Posted by Carey B on 01 February 2011

My little boy is only 9.5 months old, but he's already doing well on the potty. So maybe it's time to start using training pants - he would need a small one!

Posted by Julie S on 01 February 2011

Oh just what we need and sooo cute!!

Large please

Posted by Amanda on 01 February 2011

Medium please for my little boy!

Posted by Melissa on 01 February 2011

Wow, gorgeous! Large please :)

Posted by rakster on 01 February 2011

gorgeous. We're 19months and on the potty doing poos and wees but sometimes we have mishaps.

Medium size sounds about right.

Posted by Jaynie on 01 February 2011

Perfect timing - Small please

Posted by Alexandra Grove on 01 February 2011

Great invention! Large for us please ;-)

Posted by Joanne M on 01 February 2011

perfect timing we are trying TT at the moment :) a large would be great !!

Posted by Anonymous on 01 February 2011

Perfect timing for us too!
Large please.

Posted by Kate Robson on 01 February 2011

They look so cute - medium please

Posted by Tam Bell on 01 February 2011

Xtra large please (wonder if that's the incentive my DD needs to go on the potty!)

Posted by Elizabeth Bowman on 01 February 2011

small please

Posted by Jo on 01 February 2011

Adorable! Small please.

Posted by Gemma on 01 February 2011

Medium please!

Posted by Marnie on 01 February 2011

Small please!

Posted by Cassandra Hay on 01 February 2011

I love these, my fave training pant, beautiful fit but I need more in a large please! :)

Posted by Candice on 01 February 2011

These look great and just what we need atm. Im toilet training my 3yr old boy. We have been having a few problems and he is a little behind but we are slowly getting there. He gets very upset when he accidently wet his jocks but these would help as it would hold the little accidents and give us time to get to the toilet to finish the job :) Extra large would be great please.

Posted by Kate Heffer on 01 February 2011

Extra-large please - thanks!

Posted by Leonora White on 01 February 2011

medium please! A much better idea than pull-ups!

Posted by jade on 01 February 2011

They're both so cute since going to the zoo my daughter loves safari animals, need a medium please:)

Posted by Dianne on 01 February 2011

These look great - I love Ziggy the Zebra.
Extra large would do for us. Thanks

Posted by Elizabeth Soper on 01 February 2011

Extra large please. Our 3 year old is due to start kindy in term 2. We need all the help we can get :)

Posted by Tat on 01 February 2011

I've seen these at an Expo, they are great! Small please.

Posted by Ruth A. on 01 February 2011

Ooh I'd love to try these. Small size. :)

Posted by AManda on 01 February 2011

Medium please :)

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